36 Milwaukee, WI
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My self-summary
I hope to be a part of a better, not merely a bigger future.

As for myself I am an interesting, eccentric, and dynamic young man. Fairly attractive, in a American mutt sort of way I tend to dress for my self rather then what I then other people will resonate with. Sharp features, skinny but toned, not to tall, but not really short either.

Some what well read, and a bit of a renaissance man I often have a lot to offer to conversations. I earn my bread and salt talking for a living. I love to listen to other people. To see what inspires and motivates them giving purpose to their lives. I am a bit of a rogue philosopher, passionate and sincere about find meaning in life. I do my best to be a conscientious citizen contributing to a better community. I strive be a gentlemen, in genuine effort to be respectful to others.

I love the outdoors, and love little more then a quiet walk by the river, or out in the woods. I sometimes preform with my brothers circus group, the Dead Mans Carnival, in Milwaukee. With a back ground in theater I do some performance on stage and have working in street theater. However I primarily work in stage management and helping make shows happen. I seem deceptively extroverted when you meet me, really i am more reactionary social. I spend much of my time at home reading, thinking, and writing. I tend to be introverted at home most of the time. When in a social environment I thrive however.

I have a son named Jacob, who lives with me full timeexcept during the summer when he is with is mom in Seattle. While a huge part of my life I am not looking for a replacement mother for him. I am looking for someone to date for now, and will see where it goes.

I am looking for someone who really cares. About themselves and others. Good physical, mental, and philosophical chemistry are important to me. I loving dancing and having someone who enjoyed that would be a plus. I am not to worried conventional looks, every one has their own beauty, the real question is if if resonates with me or not. I more interested in you attitude and out look on life then how you dress or present yourself. That being said I do tend to date primarily eccentric girls who take my own eccentricity's in stride if not love me for them. If you do not take your self to seriously, are a bit weird yourself, and like going on adventures I think you would like hanging out with me.

I am living in Riverwest, on the east side of Milwaukee, but for a good adventure have no problems going further a field.
What I’m doing with my life
Focused on growing myself in my career, networking, and looking for interesting projects to do as I go along.

I been working with the Dead Man's Carnival for over 7 years as a creative outlet. The DMC is a Vaudeville, Burlesque, and theater troop that I have the pleasure of acting, dancing, and help run part time.

I am working a few part time jobs and am working full time at a country club through the summer. I tend to work sales/marketing, but take any interesting work to pay for school and cover my overhead. I am out here focused on my son, school, my friends, and having adventures when logistics permits.
I’m really good at
Facilitating others. In a good way. I am energetic and focused, I have at any times in the past helped others accomplish their projects. I am also often asked for advise. I have had a lot of experience with problems solving in the past so people turn to me for solutions. I try to make others face there problems and resolve them on their own. With my help as a catalyst, rather then stepping in solving them for them. This is so they grow as people. I find it important to have other value themselves and their skills, resolve. If I can encourage them to expand the boundaries of what they are capable of then i have truly helped them. I tend to take some form of leadership role if there is a void, but am willing to follow others with good plans.

In general I am a dabbler rather then an expert and any one thing. Thus why a larger measure of traditional success has eluded me thus far. Though to be honest until recently I have had little to no desire to pursue many established bench marks of achievement. I tend to be a quick study, and rarely have trouble thriving in new tasks.

My ability to relate to other people, sincerely listen, and quick thinking has helped me thrive in sales and customer service/sales over the years. Though my inclination to be honest means I have never been extremely successful as I do not like to thrive at others expense.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am very passionate, as well as energetic. This reflects in my speech and how I carry myself. Perhaps the way i move, I have a love of kinetics so dance a lot and people say they can tell that from the way i move. I have been lauded on my eyes, a dark green with specks of brown. So I will say my eyes as well then.

I have been told often that people like the way I dress, I think is merely because it is different rather then some inherent fashion sense on my part.

If you know me for any length of time you will see i strive to be a genuine gentleman. I attempt to be respectful and sincere in all my interactions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Any thing that helps me escape to, or from reality. I read far too much fantasy, and sci-fi when I was younger. So I still have a deep love for that type of escapism. Without sounding to general, I like good things. One of the best things in life is to be introduced to new things done well and discovering that you like them. As this is clearly a place for a short list or summery i guess I will capitulate to that aim.

I tend to read either old text books, classic novel, a Zine, or some fun distraction.
I like to be reading at least a few books at a time to give me a better preservative of the world as a whole.

Some of my favorite books over the years: The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, Ishmael/The Story of "B" by Daniel Quinn, The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, The Lord of the Rings by J. R. Tolkien, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and many more unlisted to be sure

Any thing not to blockbuster. I like movies that are more deep then cameos and one liners. Not a movie snob, I just prefer a movie that makes me feel something about it. I do like just vegging out watching a comedy though as well.
Some films of note: Ghost in the Shell, Gattaca, Logan's Run, 1900, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Clue, Bamboozled, The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Akira, Streets of Fire, The Seventh Seal, Seven samurai, Ran,

I like any thing you can dance to, i used to go the punk,/ska/swing shows nightly when I was younger so am into a lot of that. My favorite band in high school was 5 O'Clock Charlie, of which I was friends with. Some Punk I was into was The Broadways, The Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, other then punk am a fan of They Might be Giants, the Aquabats, Cake, Rogar Miller, Signal Drift, Saul Williams, The Weakerthans,

Mostly I am playing with live band, and going to shows, so really i listen to whatever show I am at, circus gypsy, ragtime, soul, blues, hypnotic, jazz most of the time.

my brother and half my close friends are vegan, i used to be for a while as well. I am a bit less particular about my diet now. though I do tend to eat meat very rarely. I would like to eat mostly fresh organic, but that rarely happens. I had worked at several restaurants so i prefer cooking my self to going out most of the time. I am a capable cook willing to try any thing, but tend towards dishes I know i can make well.
I have a sweet tooth to sure, so baked treats ALWAYS make my day better.
The six things I could never do without
Reading/Books, my bike, something to write in, a home I am welcome in, green forests, comfortable hat, a walking stick, and a handkerchief.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life, what it is, and our place in it.

How the mind works, what makes up our personalities, and the essence of our unique existence.

Social reform, what needs to be done to make it work, how to go about it.

How to be an individual yet still have the social affluence to catalyze change.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, playing a show, or nesting at home with my son.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I only got my drivers license in my late twenties, and had been biking to get every where for my first decade of being an adult.
You should message me if
Want a good conversation about philosophy, to go dancing/on an adventure, or if you just cannot pass on a chance to live.

I am open for friend/play dates, hanging out, casual dates, show buddies, and friendships to see where they lead ;)