34 Pittsburgh, PA
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My self-summary
So first thing that anyone should know about me is that I am a very very proud father of a 6-year-old. My son is the shining beacon of my life and will do any and everything plausible for him. In terms of priorities, its him...then a giant gorge of nothingness before we get to another topic.

Thankfully the dad category is the easiest box to try to put me in because im kinda all over the place after that.

I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and love my home and my state. I am a DIE HARD LSU fan. I love every sport...sans nascar (its not a sport its turning left), but turn on golf and I'm good. Love tennis. Love the Olympics. I grew up all about college football and openly wept when the Saints won the super bowl. I was a Steelers fan back from when I played football in middle and high school (i played full back and wore 36 so you can imagine my love for Jerome Bettis) and I can appreciate the Pirates but will always love my Braves. As for hockey, its still a sport that I am learning but going to games has really helped this out to become a fan of that sport. I could use a good tutor though. Just saying. I really can't downplay how much of a sports fan I am because I've been co-hosting a sports podcast and writing for several different sites for the past 5 years now. We have a decent following but mostly its just a really fun hobby.

I have a great job in a very successful restaurant that I work exceptionally hard at. Its a taxing profession but its something I take a lot of pride in. I have some great people around me and its always going to be different from day to day which keeps me interested.

I absolutely cannot take myself seriously. My biggest philosophy is that if you can't laugh at yourself than you don't get to laugh at anything. I'm just a goofball and I have a smartass answer for everything. I'm always tell people to never expect a yes or no answer for me, I dont know how to do that. I'm a talker, what can I say?

I'm an active person who likes to find things to do. Plays, museums, concerts, sports, a nice walk along the river, go see a band at a hole in the wall...Im pretty much game for anything
I want someone who has that same mentality of lets just go and do things because...they are there and why the hell not? That said I won't turn down a night on the couch with some netflix either. I do love those nights.

I hope that this helps describe who I am. If you want someone who's gonna turn on Toby Keith and go mudding in a jumped up 4x4...its just not me. While I would never ever come down on someone's religion or their choices, its also a choice of mine to abstain from it. I grew up in the church and even wanted to be a pastor in my early 20's before I made some very introspective decisions and came to my own conclusions. Sorry if that offends some, but I would also never think less of you for your religious choices and in the end we all have to make up our minds on what will get us through the day.

I think that kinda covers it. I genuinely believe that there's not another person like me. I've worked very hard to be my own person, to have a strong sense of individuality, and think that after a lot of fine tuning I'm becoming that person.

I want someone to talk to again. I love my friends and they are all amazing but I miss that bright light of planning a future with another person. I want to be able to lay down next to someone and just smile to myself because everything feels right. I want to not go to a Horror movie with another dude. Its weird and unnatural.

So who knows, maybe you're that other person who wants to have a wine and cheese night while singly loudly and offkey to Rocky Horror Picture Show.
What I’m doing with my life
I love being a dad. Its the most important thing in my life and all I ever want to do is do right by him in every feasible way. I also work very very hard in my job as a restaurant general manager. I love my job, have a good time with it, and try to do my best at it.
I’m really good at
talking. I love to talk about anything, fun stuff, serious stuff, movies, sports, politics, religion, ideals, animals, kids, books, it doesn't matter at all. I just love to talk to people.
The first things people usually notice about me
I think I have a fun energy. I like to smile and laugh and dont take myself seriously so I can just be goofy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Im a movie guy so I watch just about anything. Die Hard's my favorite Christmas and action film. I watch it every Christmas Eve. I enjoy romantic comedies unless Katherine Heigl is in it, big blockbusters like the Avengers, dramas, foreign films, indies, and classics. I pretty much run the gamut. My absolute feel good movie is Singin in the Rain and my fav of all time is Network.

Again, I'm really open in what I listen to. Literally in my car right now I have Fall Out Boy, Glee, The Best of U2 1980-1990, Adele, The Carter IV, Magna Carta, 20/20 Experience, Fun. Mumford and Sons, and The Book of Mormon soundtrack.

I try to read and wish I had more time to. I like the Hunger Games series, anything by David Sedaris or Chuck Klosterman is great too. I like some political non fictions by Fareed Zakari or Michael Eric Dyson. I just got a book by Joe Hill on a recommendation so gonna tear into that.

As much as I love to pick up a book, writing is what gets me through the day. I don't care if its something stupid like a blog post for sports or something big like a script, its what I went to school for and have a very innate desire to always be writing.
The six things I could never do without
My son.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
stuff I want to write about. The future. I dunno. Everything? Kinda vague I guess but I tend to jump around alot in my thought process.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working and then maybe go out with some friends afterwards depending on the time.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That Im scared Ill never be more than I am and want someone there to push me and never let me settle for the best that we all could be.
You should message me if
any of this sounds like fun. That you like to be with someone who wants to enjoy life with, that you want a partner, that you like having a good time and have a laugh, then hey, gimme drop me a line.