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My self-summary
I have been thinking a lot about chemistry lately. What makes two people instantly click? I sometimes wish it was a precise formula, because we could then write these great prescriptions for each other, carry out the due diligence research, and that would be that. But it would be kind of boring too.

So here is my latest thinking. Socrates may not have gotten everything right, but his idea to “know thyself,” was spot on. Here are things I know about myself.

“It’s the goin, not the getting there that’s good.” When songwriter Harry Chapin came up with this line years ago, I thought he was nuts. And he was talking about riding a Greyhound bus, for Gawd’s sake! Turns out, for me this now rings true. I really do value the journey, the twists and turns, the ups and downs along the way. I am goal oriented (you should see my Annual Personal / Professional Goal List, complete with quarterly check-in meetings I have with myself!). It serves a purpose, but I recognize its limitations.

It’s the great questions more than the easy answers that excite me, and I love to be around others who feel the same. Leading scientists now tell us that 90% of what exists in the universe can never be measured or known, but somehow they know it’s there! So that just has to leave a lot of room for questions that can’t be easily answered with a Google search, wouldn’t you think?!

It’s part of the reason I love traveling to places way off the Gringo Trail, and countries most unlike ours; Egypt, Guatemala, Iraq, and India, for example. It’s a rare opportunity to meet with folks who see the world often times very differently. And sometimes, surprisingly, much the same. No doubt, this quality has led me to do the international work I now do.

I am fascinated by the complexity and brilliance of the human body. I love staying fit, by doing things with my body that I love: dancing (swing, blues, zydeco), biking, hiking, golf and to do some of these with someone I love, and who shared the value of fitness, is like throwing high octane fuel on the chemistry fire!

I place a high value on family. I appreciate those who understand that family is forever, despite changes in formation, and so am willing to cut some slack to those who share the same gene pool. And I love seeing how my two daughters and I now have conversations where we are more like”friends sharing perspectives” than “dad giving more advice to his daughters."

Another element that will make for great chemistry; we will have lots of unique interests, unique ways of going about things, unique things we pay most attention to each day. We will, from time to time, misunderstand each other. But what we will be really good at is listening hard to each other and problem-solving together like pros. Stuff won’t fester.

I appreciate great effort over perfection. This leads me to doing things like singing and playing banjo in a bluegrass band, eating foods of unknown origin in remote locations, and hiking up Aasgard Pass with a 70 pound backpack at high noon. (I am not crazy though. It most certainly does not lead me to bungee-jump off a bridge, or go on a year-long silent meditation retreat. I know my limits).

I have an optimistic view of life. I tend to forgive quickly, laugh easily, and floss regularly. I enjoy writing, especially writing about the curve balls life throws us and how we respond . I am attracted to those who seek a heart-pounding romance, and who want to keep digging deeper into the relationship to learn more about what love can be.

There may never be a formula to understand chemistry. But if the above is attractive to you, we are off to a very good start. And the mysteries uncovered along the way will make for a more fascinating journey anyway.
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching, and bluegrass band playing, and hoping that all my bike commuting helps offset just a tad the shameful carbon footprint of international travel I indulge in to learn about the world!
I’m really good at
listening deeply, enjoying living in the moment yet planning for the future, most any sport that involves a ball, 5 kinds of partner dancing, creative problem-solving, dental flossing while reading :)
The first things people usually notice about me
a freindly, inviting smile, an athletic build, a possible resemblance to Steve Martin. (we also both play banjo. He usually plays it in tune though).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
"Better Angels of our Nature", anything by David Sedaris or Barbara Kingsolver, and books by Pema Chodron,(in modest doses and at times of personal challenge and change). Rarely watch teevee, except West Wing and The Wire and a few others on occasion on Netflix. Ok, John Stewart, Colbert Report and PBS 6 o'clock news too.
The six things I could never do without
Popcorn, a sense of humor, clean water, the internet (ok, i can go for a couple weeks, but I love to google what I don't know. And there is a LOT I don't know), and huge helping of gratitude for family and friends. Our annual Dad's (my brother and brother in-law) and Kids Sol-Duc Hotsprings weekend camp out and hike. (over 20 years).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how the world works in mysterious ways; international politics, guy stuff, and how my kids are doing now that they are on their own.
On a typical Friday night I am
out dancing, or playing music, or possibly going on a date with you. (Ok, that last one isnt technically in the typical category, but could be!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I go against the guy gene sometimes, and will ask for directions without prompting.
You should message me if are someone who is filled with inquisitiveness, loves new challenges, whether mental, physical, or spiritual, and values questions over answers.

Someone who loves the thrills of a wide variety of outdoor adventures and off-the-gringo-trail travels. Who would rather take the road less traveled, or check out the Ethiopian restaurant not yet tried. (More bonus points if you like to dance, sing, or tell good stories)!

Who likes to read novels and biographies or see movies about things neither one of us knows much about, and then talk together about what surprised you, what insights it revealed, and what cracked you up.