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My self-summary
Hello, I'm 24 and I live in Lewisham, South East London, but I'm originally from the north, and have an accent which some people love (I have no idea why).

I'm a bit awkward, and pretty grumpy, but there are lots of nice things about me too, I think. Maybe.
What I’m doing with my life
I study contemporary music at university. I sing mainly, and write music of course. I'm a lyricist too, that's my main 'thing' probably.

I'm just starting my third year of a music degree- I used to study English Language in Manchester, and before that I was pretty much unemployed for a couple of years, and did voluntary work, working with elderly people. Being unemployed in Newcastle and having to live off housing benefits and the dole is pretty grim.

Manchester was quite nice, but I like London a lot more. Since being here I've started seeing LOTS of theatre (over 100 plays in the last year), and I'm going to the cinema a lot too (I usually visit the BFI or ICA once or twice a week). Basically I love all this cultural stuff. I like to go to galleries too but I don't know all that much about art. I go to gigs quite a bit too, when I can afford it.

I have no idea what I'm gonna do after uni (who does), but it'll probably involve either music therapy/community music work, or sound design for film or stage. Or going back on the dole. The dole is most likely, actually.
I’m really good at
Being interested in EVERYTHING. I really like going pretty much anywhere, learning new stuff, talking about vegetarianism/feminism/gender issues/human rights issues etc etc, going on train journeys, visiting museums, wandering around with no particular aims...

I found a good article about the 50 Best Unusual Museums in London (sadly it was in the Telegraph, but ignoring that fact for a moment..) and I plan to visit every single one of them. Who knew there was a bell making museum in Whitechapel? Not me.

I'm also really good at spotting wildlife. I've seen foxes, deer, badgers, hares, field mice and hedgehogs over the past couple of months.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Belle & Sebastian are STILL my favourite band in the world, but not as into indiepop as I used to be, although I still love Orange Juice, Felt and The Pastels.

Other than that, my favourite bands/artists are probably Pulp, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and related (Dirty Three, Einstürzende Neubauten in particular), Tindersticks, Tim Hecker, Big Star, Arthur Russell, Julia Holter, Leyland Kirby/The Caretaker etc.

Also been listening to a lot of Northern Soul, Ghost Box records sorta stuff, avant jazz (Peter Brotzman and Sun Ra specifically), Matmos, and, er, 70s disco.


I'm mainly into new writing and experimental theatre- really enjoy Forest Fringe and Battersea Arts Centre sorta stuff (This Is How We Die is the best piece of theatre I've seen in forever). I also like more traditional playwriting- Mr Burns at the Almeida is my play of the year so far, closely followed by The Body of an American at Gate Theatre.


My favourite director is Mike Leigh, especially High Hopes, Life is Sweet, Nuts in May and Grown-Ups. My life is a bit like a Mike Leigh film sometimes. An exceptionally boring one.

I also tend to enjoy long, austere and atmospheric films from directors such as Ingmar Bergman, Bela Tarr, Miklós Jancsó and Andrei Tarkovsky. In terms of genre film, I love noir, crime and thrillers; The Third Man, M, The Sweet Smell of Success, Brighton Rock, Vertigo, Badlands etc.

I love social realism, especially the British New Wave, such as The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, A Taste Of Honey and Billy Liar, other realist films such as The 400 Blows, Shadows, Fear Eats The Soul, Distant Voices, Still Lives, Poor Cow etc.

I'm also an Ealing Films fan, especially Kind Hearts & Coronets (one of my favourite films), Went The Day Well?, It Always Rains On Sundays and The Lavender Hill Mob.

All this favourite stuff is getting pretty boring for everyone involved, but favourite poets/authors include Norman Nicholson, TS Elliot, JG Ballard, WG Sebald, Alan Bennett, Phillip Larkin and Kafka (obviously). Also I like any good vegetarian food, but I especially like indian food.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend most of my time thinking about environment- I don't mean 'the environment' as in wind turbines and global warming, more the structure of the environment that surrounds us- architecture, roads, the layout of towns and housing estates, the whole 'feel' of a place. Psychogeography would be a sort of catch-all term I guess. I like to take long walks nowhere in particular (my favourite recent walk ended up with me finding some docklands near the Thames which had been turned into a city park, which then led to a small urban farm in the middle of a strange housing estate). That all sounds a bit strange written down, but basically I mean that I like to explore my environment.

I also think about moral/ethical issues a lot- I'm a feminist ally (and very interested in masculinities, both mainstream and alternative- I hate them, basically), a lifelong ethical vegetarian, and I have strong views on class and elitism in education and the arts. I also question the role of instant gratification in our lives, specifically drugs and alcohol- whether we need it, whether our culture depends on it, whether our potential as human beings is harmed by it (I still haven't made up my own mind).

Right well, those two paragraphs make me seem like a bit of a fanatic, I assure you that I'm not. Sorry.

I also used to spend a lot of time wondering why so many self-obsessed teenagers love Twin Peaks, until I watched it and realised that about half of the characters are self-obsessed teenagers.
On a typical Friday night I am
You should message me if
You are passionate! About anything at all- I love to learn about new things, and I also love it when people ramble on for ages about nothing in particular. I'd just like to meet some interesting people and make some friends really, and maybe go to some museums/theatre/cinema/exploring London with them.