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My self-summary
The last effort. I don't think my mind or body will sustain or tolerate one more heartbreak. This is it, the last solicitation before I go completely dark from all social media. After that you can just purchase the book. It will be a best seller. It's late in life and there is but little time.

My last lover I didn't meet online, a widower, not fully recovered, she treated me well but was still in morning. Tragic outcome as she preferred morning over myself.

I'm looking for someone that has their shit together or at least in one pile. Educated, employed professionally, has a passport, only drinks socially.


A thought that frequently crosses my mind in yoga: will my final breath be deep with a long slow exhale. Yoga seems the ultimate preparation for the final exit. Life is shorter than you think and after one near death experience I kinda live in the moment. I have a long to do list and I'm trying to get everything done whilst having a grand ole time! Join me.

There is not much time left and the days are careening by at a breakneck speed, the thought of spending my time with you is a constant recurring dream just out of touch. The longer I wait the more distant you become. Forget the shopping list of wants you thought you had in mind for a lover and come to me now.

Pleasure and connection rooted in desire.

I live in the moment much like the character Florentino Ariza from Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel, "El amor en los tiempos del cólera" waiting impatiently on Fermina Daza while spending time erotically juxtaposed with others. I prefer the trevails of Justine and Juliette over the triteness of Christian Grey.

The question was posed "what are you looking for?" My reply was everything and nothing, a zen paradox!

Recently I was told I was a sports car and not a safe sedan. I took the analogy as a complement though she was looking for a sedan!

Startled from an afternoon nap
Brief dream of a red headed former lover
Parting gifts were made
To remember one another
Different paths we stride away
Love sought was not to gain
A mere distraction of time
Jealousy in the arms of another
Wakes me from mid day slumber
Enraged with a quickened pulse
I leave the countryside for the city
A letter received an acknowledgement
Of what could have been
Third woman with the same name
As others
1/28/08 MRM

The addictivness of looking for love is exhausting and not worth the effort! Think I'll take a break.

There is no time like the present, especially when you are on the short side of life. If I live to 90 I have 10,950 days left lets get this party started!

"May you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world."
Ray Bradbury

I have what you desire. Lets talk about it over coffee!

The equivalent to the shirtless man pic is a woman in front of a mirror in the bathroom with her phone in the foreground of the picture. Unless it's a nude selfie, be just a little more creative ladies!

A dear female friend recently described me as a talented artist, a genial provocatuer. a rascal and a rake.

No Picture? No Response!

My pictures are from present to back a few years. My looks change frequently. I shave my face and head and then let it go for a month or two then do it again. I've been told I look nothing like my photos.

Is it all really about the percentages? I see many women on here that I would date however they are below 80% match or less than 80% friend. ( News reports OKC experiments with their algorithm's so all of this is fantasy. You been experimented on and don't know it!)

What's your thought on this?

The heart goes boom boom, boom, boom boom! All my perfect mayches live in NYC and California. I suppose i should move to be nearer someone compatible. How about we both move to Cocoa Beach! Interested? An hour or more of travel is problematic. Within one hour of Atl is acceptable. However everything in love, sex and romance is negotiable.

Yea I'm alone again and the emptiness is crashing in. I've been with a witch , a queen, a debutant, a diletante, a sycophant, writer, lawyer, teacher, porn star, love and hate and no in-between, wouldn't have worked out anyway you say, I like you but I don't think this will work. So its just another lonely day, further along we just may, but for now it's just another lonely day. "Ben Harper adapted lyrics.

I once dated three Jennifer's in a row. They are all happily married now, and I have reconciled differences with Jen 1 and Jen 3, you would think that I would have learned something about repetition, however I didn't. Over the last two years I have dated four lawyers. I am done with litigators. There will be no more serial repetition with names or careers of any kind in the future. I just had to put that out there! However, everything involving love is negotiable. Was recently asked why I put this info on here. It's to help you to understand something about me with regard to the big picture. Who is this guy anyway?

All I really want is to get next to you. Now and forever however long that might be. Not just once or twice but for the long haul. How quickly this time goes by. What are you doing for this next thirty years was a question I posed recently? These last thirty will go the quickest. Act now. I don't need anyone and function well on my own, however, I would prefer not to dance on my own, and I am tired of eating alone.

I'm so edgy you might cut yourself!

First love was such sweet despair. Such things dreams are made of.

Former BadBoy turned legit professional whose difficult to classify. Willing to negotiate with others. Have been known to make exceptions for submissives.

Looking for the one? The one is not available at this time. There is no one. However there are many. If you wait on the one you may have wasted much precious time. What if you failed to recognize the one and they just slipped by unnoticed? Dilemma's of choice and decision making.

You cannot walk away from love, that was the advertisement and that is how he found her. She was a young woman in need of a husband and he was a man who wanted a wife.

If you don't have the time to devote to a relationship please exit through the gift shop. NOW!

Dream job in an obscure location.

Still chasing dreams.

Looking to live happily ever after.

Anything, is what I would do for the simplicity of Jane Eyre, to have as my own.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation" Thoreau

If I don't respond, I am not interested, as delicate as that is, good luck.

The words you want to hear are on the tip of my tongue. A muse is what I need. A muse to paint, draw, someone to observe and love. Looking, wanting, desiring of what alludes me. It's obviously time for a change. The season's changes are quickly approaching. Maybe I'll try a new approach. The brightest light on the darkest night. The ability to love is an expression of the Divine. Approach dating with curiosity and a willing spirit. There is no time like the present.

Yes, I can write. Imagine what else I can do well. Although I was informed by one lurker that replied "no, you can't write." She was a former grammar nazi and said something about a dangling participle.

What if love was something like what happens in the movies.

A friend of mine described to me recently how love can be like a caged jackal in your living room. Do you feed it to keep it from howling at night, will it bite your hand as you try to feed it, does it need to be put down. This really shouldn't be as difficult as it has become, this search for one another. You like me or you don't, you want to spend time with me or not. I sometimes get perplexed about decisions to make about this jackal in my living room. I need help taming it. You should come over and help me out. I'll cook dinner while we discuss what to do with the beast.

Everything you think you know about an artist is untrue.

A man alone, it's a difficult scenario, not one I chose, only the circumstance that I find myself in. Many beautiful women have passed through, however none have stuck. I was married once.

We exist in a time. of epic uncertainty. I for one am not immune so I come with a carry on bag, actually it's a rolly bag backpack that stows perfectly in the overhead storage compartment. Baggage, we all have some, fears, trepidations, career, family, health, wealth and amore. To say there is no baggage, no drama, would be a lie, and would probably be a life filled without adventure, true romance, excitement, all the things I need to continue this exquisite journey. I possess no crystal ball to foretell what perilous pitfalls, or pleasurable rendezvous lay on the road ahead, I am just along to see where the path leads me. Possibly on a quest seeking the unattainable, however I would risk everything for the right mate.

Investment Opportunity

Partner needed. Once in a lifetime possibility. Don't miss this occasion for a favorable set of circumstances. Don't be the one to say "If only I had acted then". Must be financially sound. Unconventionally titillating, alluring, luscious, intelligent, witty and passionate. I am flexible though, and really have only a few deal breakers. You should be immediately attracted to me or it's probably not going to work. For me, I generally know right away if there is attraction, you should tooooo. Intimacy is a necessary daily proclivity for a continued successful relationship endeavor.

As you each know, the search is difficult. I am an endangered species heterosexualis maleis. Life is short and time is limited, I myself have no time to waste. Seize the moment, take a risk, act now as this is a limited time offer.

Don't you just love describing yourself in 1000 words or less. I probably should copy this and post it to every love site in the galaxy. When I first logged onto this site it messages me that I would most likely find the most percentage of matches that I would be compatible with in Spain and Switzerland. I really do like latina's, dark haired women of any nationality and tall natural blonds, however commuting to Europe for love is a little excessive. Ok, so I am quite a bit different than anyone else you might meet here or anywhere else. I am not for everyone, but for someone that might truly be able to recognize something quite extraordinary, there could be an opportunity for something explosive to develop. I enjoy dark humor. Actually I am quite charming, so I've been told. I am an artist . Seeking partners in life, fiscally responsible, intelligent, employed, retired or independently sustainable financially, humorous, stable, sexy, kinky, cool. My children are grown and I hope yours are too. Are you always picking the losers? Here is an opportunity to break away from the bad choices you've made in the past. However the opportunity is only if you are smart enough to recognize the possibilities. Most can't. The hope is that One will.
What I’m doing with my life
Sometimes I date women half my age, but only because women my own age are not interested, or tend to be less liberal. I am all about equal opportunity, age is just a number, compatibility is what really matters.

Making Art. Looking for the ideal women to spend the final years of life with. So I really don't have any time to waste. Paying off debt. Looking for the cheapest beachfront property in the world. Seeking the Divine Feminine. Making art. Looking for my muse's. Not sure she actually exist in this same dimension. Making Art did I say that?

ESTP. Meyers-Briggs places me as a rare slice of the pie, only 10-14% of folks are ESTP.
I’m really good at
Ensuring that my equipment works!

Art, sex, surfing, yoga, karate, cooking, entertaining, socializing, pleasure, humor, foreplay, smoozing, sexting, photographing, being flexible, hedonistic tendencies. Scanning profiles completely and quickly to see just what proclivities we have in common, and if we could even consider meeting. Dreaming.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that you are not with me. My lack of hair! You tell me! My smile that leads people to believe I am up to something.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Justine & Juliette, The Sexual Life of Catherine M, Carl Hiaasen, In Search of Captain Zero, Lonely Planet, Grays Anatomy the book, Araki by Araki, Richard Kern, Leonardo da Vinci, RB Kitaj, Francesco Clemente, Tom Wesselman, Chelsea Handler, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Big Lebowski, Kill Bill, Princess Bride, Love In The Time of Cholera, Raising Arizona, Coen Brothers, Stones, Daft Punk, Citizen Cope, The XX, Buddha Bar, coldplay, Kings of Leon, Sade, Led Zepplin, Moby, DeBussy, Tom Petty, Greg Allman, John Mayer, Albert Collins, BB King, Johnny Lee Hooker, Santana, avacado, Pistachio, Marsala, BBQ Pork, Carnitas, Carbonerra, Pink Vodka Sauce, Salmon, any seafood, Almonds, Thai, anything green, sushi, Chinese Chinese vs American Chinese, tofu, whatever I don't have to cook. Although I really do like to cook.
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about how peculiar this all is, this ethereal flirting, of the variety of responses, the sexting, explicit texting, the anticipation of someone new, being stood up or dressed down, fantasized about, the psychology of attraction and what causes one to be fixated on the writing and images of an imaginary lover existing in cyberspace.

Sexual transparency. Let's face it, I'm a heterosexual male, would you want it any other way? I

How I intend to spend my time when I no longer have to work for a living.

Statistics from the numbers I have crunched about my experience here on OKC. Less than 1% of you would be interested in me. I am a very slim piece of the pie. There are 65 bi-sexual young women in my 90% and above. There are 25 straight women in my 90% and above. I have several instances where the match rate was above 90% and it didn't work out, so at this point I'm not trusting the algorithm so much. If you're attracted to me no matter what your score, contact me. I believe I need to switch to polyamorous triad dominant as my status. Costs Rica or Puerto Rico?

2,920 days till retirement.

Why an old lover whose newly married likes things frequently on my FB page.
On a typical Friday night I am
WTF is typical?

Spending my stack-o-cash on ventures that may have no return on investment. Seeking fulfillment. Out in town at a gallery opening. On the way somewhere. Sipping some red wine. Working on art.

Eating at the Y.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was a bad alterboy.

I like Brussels Sprouts. I'm an open person and I like to keep my relationships the same way.
You should message me if
Do not message me if you think the earth is bigger than the sun or that the earth is flat.

Message me if:

You surf!

You are a nymphomaniac that owns a liquor store.

If you are fiscally responsible, humorous, religion is not your top priority, emotionally healthy, sexy, cool, and seeking a lifetime companion. If you are elegant, sophisticated, articulate, easy going, adventurous, and can swim I would love to hear from you.

Your tired of the same old faces that OKC says your perfectly matched with.

Or maybe something I've written resonates with you on an intellectual level, even if were not a match, just say hello. Maybe nobody's responded to you this week and you are wondering why.