64 Grass Valley, CA
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My self-summary
I am a wild, wise woman, young at heart, eternally youthful in spirit, and an old soul. I practice kindness and compassion as the essential elements of happiness that they are; Nurturing and adventure are part of my nature. Other values include: Communication; Integrity; Personal responsibility; Creativity; Partnership; Gratitude; Presence; Authenticity; Commitment; Vulnerability; Surrender; Trust; Courage; Spiritual Awareness; Being awake in the world with detachment; Playfulness; Passion; Wonder; Environmental consciousness; Positive outlook; Health Consciousness; An open mind; A higher purpose; good humor, nature. I can travel, go out, or stay home; sleep in or get up and work on a project; play and sing or listen to music; converse with passion or be quiet; read, watch, garden, and be delighted with most anything.

I am not looking for someone to complete me. I am already complete. I am not looking for someone to make me happy. I am able to be happy for no reason. I am, in fact, "the Queen of Being Happy Anyway." I am looking for a partner. I am an extraordinary woman looking for an extraordinary man.

I have 32 yrs of transformational seminars, workshops, therapy, relationship training, coaching etc. on my resume; I’ve done lots of inner work and healed most of what I’ve come to heal, but I’m always listening and learning new ways. What I’ve not yet done is love a man with my heart fully open, passionately, withholding nothing, fearing nothing, surrendering with grace and trust. I am ready for this experience with some trustworthy and capable man.

I want to be with a man who values the qualities listed above; who also practices kindness and compassion; who makes a difference in the world; who acknowledges the potential for predicaments and challenges to arise in life, but is awake enough to cherish each moment and each opportunity to be present with one another - resisting nothing, protecting nothing, hiding nothing - in a loving, co-creative, committed partnership. A man who wants to know and love everything about me, and who wants me to know and love everything about him. He will have his own wisdom, gained in his own way, by living his own life. And he’ll have done much of his own work and healed whatever could be healed up to now.

We will be twice as rich in every way, and do the rest of our healing together. If he can lift the occasional heavy thing, and provide a little financial support, that would be great. We are as young as we will ever be in a rapidly changing world-So many choices of what to do with our time. What better than to choose and enjoy together, saying yes to each other as often as possible? (Including personal/alone time & time with our own friends.) Let’s love each other just the way we are, and grow together without trying to change each other!

I don’t respond to winks, flirts or profiles without photos. To get my attention, you actually have to say something. (I love a man with good spelling and sentence structure.) I don’t color my hair, wear makeup, smoke, drink, or do drugs. I am not a Christian by most Christians’ standards, but I am spiritually focused. Jesus thinks I’m ok, and I love him too. If you know who Matt Kahn, Nassim Haramein, John Hiatt, Paul Brady, Sonika & Christian, John O’Donohue, Werner Erhard, Esther Hicks, and/or Ernest Holmes are, so much the better. I am currently writing a book and recording a CD of my own songs. I also work at a job that I love, which I would give up in a heartbeat if the circumstances call for it.

Of course, we'll start with friendship, but just to be clear about the true desire of my heart - I will clear the decks for you if you are the one I’ve been waiting for. If you think you might be that man, please show up. Bring it. I will settle for nothing less than all of the above - AND I OFFER NOTHING LESS.

I don't wear makeup,color my hair, or have my nails done. No judgments about it, it's just not how I want to spend my tie or money. I'm a natural woman. I don't have an arrogant or conceited bone in my body, but I thought I should say who I really am and not fool around and try to be coy or flirtatious. I'm just me, and I know myself pretty well.

Thanks for your time! Final note: I include older photos of myself not to try to trick anyone, but because we will not have the benefit of having known each other when we were younger, and I’d like to have the kind of relationship where we can still see each other as youthful and beautiful, no matter what physical changes may accompany the years.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding it interesting. Enjoying and making the most of it. Living one day at a time, loving and contributing as much as possible. Imagining life with my last great love and living sustainably in a world that works for everyone. Writing songs and a book.
I’m really good at
Compassionate listening; caring and nurturing; generosity; singing & playing piano; communicating; writing songs & other thoughtful things; organizational skills; managing projects, households, offices, businesses, etc.; seeing what’s missing; acknowledging others; organic gardening; wild-crafting herbs; nutrition and health; seeing the big picture; being able to see and accept diverse viewpoints; mediating; coaching; manifesting; taking responsibility for what happens in my life.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. People often comment about my eyes. I am usually smiling.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Barbara Kingsolver, Lee Smith, Anne Lamott, Martha Beck, Ernest Holmes, Joel Goldsmith, Dan Brown or Nelson DeMille. Joe vs the Volcano, Groundhog Day, The African Queen, The Matrix Triology, Last of the Mohicans, Avatar. TV: MacGyver, Stargate SG1; McLeod's Daughters; Suits; Boston Legal. Music: Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Jan Garrett & JD Martin, Leonard Cohen, and so many more. Healthy organic real food! Dirt, Nature!
The six things I could never do without
Love, Music, Nature, Gratitude, Creativity, chocolate.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Infinite Creativity of Spirit; Songs I'm writing; my dreams of having a partner and what that will be like; What needs to be done so that my life flows smoothly; a world of Peace & Plenty; How I can better express the love that I am in the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
There's no such thing as typical in my life. I might be playing or rehearsing music, or writing or reading a book, or cooking and watching a movie. Occasionally I go out with friends, but I enjoy my own company and creative work, so I'm not lonely. Just ready for a partner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You'll have to get to know me and ask in person.
You should message me if
. . . what I've written doesn't scare you away. You like what you've read and you think we might enjoy getting to know one another and exploring the possibility of more. I am looking for a Long term relationship - But - we'll never know where it could go if we don't start with a conversation and a friendship! Ready?