31 Akron, OH
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My self-summary
Introverted extrovert.

Less is probably more when it comes to self description so here are a few highlights:

- I’m a naturally curious person and have an ever-growing list of hobbies. I enjoy reading and writing, am a good cook and love itching the creative side of my brain.

- I stay active whether it be in a kayak, on a bike or, if we get a little snow this year, hopefully on some skis.

- I work in private practice medicine and love my job. It can be very busy but I get lots of time off as well and nothing is better than being your own boss.

- International travel. If you are down for some off the beaten path overseas adventures then you will score major points with me! Even non-touristy domestic travel is a huge win.

- Hopeless romantic. I love small romantic gestures and women who appreciate them.

- I love my mom to pieces! (Don’t worry: if I like you, she will too!)

Overall I’m a very laid back, witty, sarcastic, honest regular guy looking to find something real. I spend so much of my time in the same social settings it can be nice to branch out and meet people elsewhere. At the very least its always enjoyable to have conversation and meet someone new so what does anyone really have to lose on here?
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