31 Santa Ana, CA
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My self-summary
Let us find, together, in this dark world, a Light worth sharing.


The reason, for us, to be here
Is because, I believe, we are all still looking for our soul mates
It's because we still believe in hope.
In perseverance.
In truth and purpose.
That our complete, other half, is out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered
And it is the reason you and I are here
Because we will continue to be hopeful

I hope to uncover a soul I have never been across..
Someone I never thought, I could make smile.
Someone that makes my soul sing
Someone I could make their toes curl
Let me find a bond so strong,
So deep,
that I never have worry about it breaking.

I hope you could come in to the light
Make it easier for me to find you
Let your presence here, and the words you are reading, be a sign
Let me stand out from the millions of messages you receive
Let us uncover a possibility that would have, otherwise, been lost

I hope you are who I've been searching for on this long journey,
And I hope to be yours

(from the deepness of my heart)
Let me find you.

- 07.18.15


How come my sorrows are just eating me alive?
How come it’s so hard just to find someone Real to be by my side?
Someone to get my heart jumping
Someone true, no need to be fronting
Someone I could give my world to…everything I own
Someone to talk to when I just need someone on the phone
Someone to laugh with, someone to tease
Someone to dance with, someone to please
Someone to have and to hold
Someone to give my heart and my soul
Someone to vibe with, someone worth the wait
Someone I don’t need to try, to tolerate
Someone to trust, someone to believe
A true love is what I truly need
Someone to fill up the emptiness in my heart
To have me yearn and anxious when we are apart
True love without separation
Without her would be like suffocation
Someone to hold the key to my heart and keep it safe
I’m looking for true love, when will I have a taste?
I’m tired of these empty relationships
I really just need some companionship
When will that day ever come?
When I will find my other half… my true "someone”


Stupidity arises as a crush formulates

Demand for attention is what it always stipulates

Remembering a conversation, holding on to a smile

That moment of learning the right numbers to dial

The time of awakening, the joy of feeling alive

And the realization that everything is NOT going to be alright

Because a spell has been casted, a color has been dyed

It'll slowly trap the soul, while instantly capturing the eye

Like a magnet, drawn..

Like gravity, fallen..

And it will always be you that uplifts

Like the sunrise to each day... a Gift


IG: gumbie714
What I’m doing with my life
Cooking, Airsofting, Paintballing, Biking, Working Out, Art, Museums, Amusement Parks, Roller coasters, Traveling, Wine, Alcohol, Good Company, Romantic Comedies, Ukulele, Skateboarding, Longboarding, Snowboardiing, Music, Good Vibes, Beach, Martial Arts, Board games, Video games, Drinking games, Poetry

Looking for a partner in crime to:
Longboard with, Skydive with, Skeet shoot with, River raft with, Skuba Dive with, Base Jump with, Attend Comedy Shows with, Travel with, Wine Taste with, Visit every Amusement Park with,

But most important of all, Someone to Change the World with...
I’m really good at
Close up Magic and Sleight of Hand
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well Diversed
The six things I could never do without
Self Identity

(and when I have found it) True Love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Journey ahead

and how come it's so much harder to meet people on a Dating Site than at a local watering hole?
On a typical Friday night I am
embarking on an adventure with people i want to take with me
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"Beauty may win attention, but personality wins the heart."

Not looking for the typical girl

I want someone with a beautiful soul (since that's the only thing that would echo into eternity);

One that would put others before her (because her other
half would put her before anyone else);

One that would want to hear about everyone else's day
(because others would ask about her's);

One that doesn't need to fish for compliments (because the
right person would make her Feel beautiful without saying
You should message me if
you have a good idea for a First date.. (I hate the typical dinner and movie)

Aiming more towards things such as Art walks, Feeding Ducks at the Park, Biking to the Beach, Exotic Dessert places.

Hide and Seek at Ikea, Longboarding down PCH, Catching Butterflies, Amusement Parks, Feeding squirrels, All Nighters, Catching the Sunrise at Golden Gate Bridge because of Over Drinking, Petting animals at the Zoo, Squirting drinks from our noses at a Comedy Club, Skeet Shooting, Wine Tasting, Dancing in the rain, Water Balloon Fights, Building a Snowman with Huge tennis Balls, Counting Stars, Jiggsaw Puzzles, Finding Waldo, 100 Questions, Creating Homemade Fireworks, Meteor Showers and Scenic Points, Starring contests, Massage therapy, Baseball games, Caricature, Disneyland, but Most important of all, anything that would create a worthwhile memory..


(Oh, and if you Longboard... I could take you on a Sick run)