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My self-summary
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World... (I really liked that movie and it is more relevant than you probably know yet..)

Hello. I'm new to Tuscon Arizona with better opportunity for Nursing work as well as spiritual ministry. I hope to improve people's physical and spiritual well beings and better fulfill my calling in Az. I am an affectionate, humorous, adventurous, non conformist professional, who is a huge Harry Potter Geek. : O I hope to find friendship and romance from worth while people, who are mentally stable and have mind sets built upon the charity of divine love for God and fellow man and who have quality character and good taste for European, Middle Eastern and Asian cultural tastes, like music, food and dress.😊 I am seeking a mature, (young cougar like) professional, classy, well dressed/kept female but who is like minded and shares my passions and same interests; who is a little bit old fashion, loyal, not shallow who wants deep connections of love on various levels of intimacy with physical touch/affection and quality time, being our 2 main love languages that we share daily.
I would be happy to read you the book of Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It makes so much sense and we can see how we both best receive and give love.

Please don't be shy, if you like enough about me and are compatible, caring and cuddly, say hi. I also make a great friend too and don't expect romance from everyone, and don't want to waste my time feeling like I am pressuring anyone for affection if its unwanted. I'm a respectful gentleman who seeks only to better my fellow earthlings.😇

I'm hoping to find a woman most like Hermoine, Bella and or Tauriel or any combination of them but a little thicker physically, bc they are too skinny, lol Can u guess my 3 favorite movie series' ? I will be needing a special someone, to share these films, books, many other movies, a few video and board games with me and other interests too.

I love Autumn and everything that comes with it; the leaves and pumpkin everything and the chilled air (such as the kind in Ohio), that works its way to Thanksgiving and then Chanukah/Christmas and a fun new year's eve party. For 2013, at a new years eve party, I watched my long time old best friend, play GTA 5 and ate marshmellow xmas wreath treats, that I baked for us all! lol. : ) I like going shopping all year round but especially in the winter time with the Xmas spirit and romance in the air, like in Serendipity! : ) Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack are great in that movie as well as many other films.

I am easy going and hate drama and chaos. I really want someone who has the endurance to stay in the race of life and overcome barriers and struggles together with patience, grace, mercy and forgiveness so we can ultimately have a simple life with passion and fierce intimacy that grows into an established family. I enjoy going out for food, tea/coffee, dancing or a bible study or exploring, camping, jogging, swimming, archery, martial arts and other things. And I need us to have quality time at home too. Dinner and a movie or show are wonderful. I love intellectual conversations, running errands together with a significant other and doing whatever little things that keep us close emotionally and physically.

I also like road trips, camping and anything romantic. I am down for almost anything and will need time together with and without our kids. Even for having a son born in 2009, I still have plenty of time to focus on a woman for tons of intimacy and quality time together too and need u to be available too. I am also other child friendly too and hope to have a daughter someday also.

I value trustworthy, loving, and caring people like myself, who are not shady or have ulterior motives, nor lie nor want to take advantage of a nice guy but who are open, loving and good communicators and especially when feelings change or stress attacks us. These traits are what it means to be Godly by the way. It is to endure and not give up but remain true and learn to maintain healthy ways of living when inevitable trials and hard times come, BC they will. I have dated and talked with women who thought that me wanting a godly woman was something bad and they stopped talking to me !..? I also want a woman who can be content vegging and cuddling and relaxing often, with minimal stress but who also exercises as necessary, in order to not let herself go physically or hygienically and who has positive stress outlets for mental peace and stability. And jogging with a significant other, has always been a dream of mine too, which I pray I eventually get.

My buddy back in Ohio and his girlfriend had an almost a perfect set up. They enjoyed quality time at home, dinner, shopping and Netflix the 3 or 4 days and nights in a row they have together and then time off with space, for a few days. They appreciate each other properly for the most part because they manage their time well and have the space necessary to make their hearts grow fonder of each other too and not get numb and bored and choked out by being around each other too much, which I feel is super important. It seems to usually be too much time together after a while or not enough, besides lack of finances, that ruin relationships.
What I’m doing with my life
I hope to find others who normal on one hand but also special and atypical on the other, like myself to share life with and who is not flakey and likes enough of the same things as I do, so that we will enjoy being around each other often, who will prioritize our time and talents together, as much as I will you and yours. : )
I’m really good at
Affection/massage, Dancing to EBM and Industrial music. I am also good at: Love making, kissing, Spirituality, Friendship, running, martial arts, archery, dressing up to go dancing, being one of a kind, adventurous and finding new fun places to explore, Loyalty, Honesty, Confidence, Caring for others, healing and loving people as a nurse and being a true advocate for people when they are vulnerable, sick and hurting and helping them learn more about their own identities as well as our creator's, and further their knowledge to find their purpose in life and help them fulfill it.😊
The first things people usually notice about me
I have been told my smile with nice straightened white teeth and my butt. : ) Both would appreciate you if you are a single, drug and disease free, loyal fine woman who wears lip floss/stick and perfume / lotion.😊 Perseverance in trials and hard times, is the way to building and refining our characters. (Romans 5:1-5)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies and books and video games : Bible, Halo, GTA. And I like most board games. I love Harry Potter everything, most chick flicks like The Notebook, Titanic, Bed of Roses, Serendipity, Heaven and Earth, True Romance, etc... The Matrix, Powder, All Ip Man films, Twilight, LOTR, Resident Evil, Hunger games, Divergent, Lucy, Limitless, all Super Hero movies and especially Iron Man (all), Terminator 1-3, Transformers (all), Emerald Forest, Limitless, Jesus of Nazareth, Hellraiser 1-7, Final Destination 1,2,4,5, Seeking a friend for the End of the World, plus so many more other various themes in either movies or books of Sci Fi, Action, Drama, Thriller, Romance and others.

Tv Shows : Walking Dead, Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow,Continuum, Into The Badlands,Transformers, Transformers Prime, Iron Man, Once Upon a Time, Jericho, The Cape, Revolution, Invader Zim, Foster's House for Imaginary Friends, Yo Gabba Gabba and various others we have to watch and enjoy together, I'm sure...

As far as music: I love Electronic, 80's pop, EBM, Goth-Industrial, Darkwave, Rock, New age and Score music mostly. My favorite bands are mostly from Germany, Norway Canada or England like : In Strict Confidence(Colorful Germans with a beautiful Russian guitarist), SITD, Suicide Commando (Belgium), Dismantled(2 band members are Russians), The Birthday Massacre, Rotersand, Neuroticfish, Icon of Coil, Spektralized, Royksopp, Massive Attack, Assemblage 23, Imperative Reaction to name a few of my favorites. I also love the Score soundtracks to Harry Potter, Twilight, Resident Evil, Ip Man 1 and 2 and more.. Plus I love the Soundscapes channel with New Age music to sleep or meditate to or make delicately focused and passionate love to. Enigma, Enya, Patrick O Hearn, Darshan Ambient, 2002, Diane Arkenstone and other bands are excellent in New Age genre..

Some favorite foods are :Chinese Food, Pizza, Subway, Mac and Cheese with Garlic, and Gyros with Meat, Feta and Garlic Oregano creamy sauce only found at The Acropolis on high st. In Columbus OH and mesquite grilled chicken and garlic mashed potatoes grilled at home! : ) I also love Ohio's United Dairy Farmer milkshakes and now QT's. I cant live w/out dairy! Mmm.. But please not Jeni's. It's icky icky goo! I would also like to enjoy someone's home cooking and baked goods again too and especially in the Fall and winter seasons when its colder. (Stomach has been dying of hunger from winter hibernation back east, wiffout female home cookin!...lol)
The six things I could never do without
1. God/Bible/Messianic-Judaisim/original Buddhism and Confuscionism and Native American culture respect for the earth and all life being sacred.😊
2. Family and Friends
4. Media(Movies/books/Music)
5. A dependable vehicle and a good job with sufficient income
6. You? : )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-If there are there any available, Godly and loving affectionate female Taurus', Cancers, Capricorns, Aquarius', Aries', Scorpios, Saggitarius' or Leo's left, who are compatible with me and share the same passions. I'm of course, still open to exploring other signs as well but I am just more curious about the ones above and have observed remarkable similar features in different people with the same birth signs I have never romantically been with a Gemini, Leo, Scorpio or Capricorn beyond acquaintances and would love to try dating one of these for a deeper connection too, if ur any of these? : )

-That I feel like I am an old soul born in the wrong time period. But I would miss too many things from technology, such as the food, clothing, thongs, Video games, movies, TV shows and more..? But the character and kindness and hospitality and loyalty of our predecessors in previous generations, were so much better and loving and less selfish and arrogant. People were truly inspiring and I hope to find others to influence the best in each other and be more like that. (Icabod Crane, played by Tom Mison in Sleepy Hollow, is my newest role model that I truly hope to aspire similarly to!) The more I learn about the past, the more it makes this modern time period seem like a lonely waste of time where people have forgotten what's important and have wrong priorities and have acquired tastes for poisonous people and lifestyles. And not even that far back either, I mean what happened to the people from the 50's like in the movie Pleasantville, where everything was swell, kindness abounded and was gee golly!? Lol..
On a typical Friday night I am
Attending a spiritual home group. But also waiting for the right woman to share pizza and a movie with for TGIF and celebrate the original sabbath rest and increase my learning of God's culture and lifestyle of how we humans are supposed to live. I really enjoy learning it through Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, to improve my understanding of who the creator is through His scriptures and Ancient Hebrew culture, prayer and musical worship.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My son is named from a video game and his middle name is Severus, as in Snape! lol : )
You should message me if
-You are not going to waste my time like most people seem to do on the internet..? Why are you all on here, if you don't want to try and meet soon after talking, to be together in person with someone..? You should be ready to meet for coffee or food after a short time. It is no different than if you met someone in passing out in public and went to get drinks or food together and got to know each other.? People just view my profile multiple times and never communicate.? You are more safe around a guy like me than most douchey boys. I strive to be a godly man, who is a loving, kind, caring, gentleman, who looks out for the well being others, especially the poor, widows and orphans; so you are in good hands. Just ask any of my patients! Everyone needs to lighten up and live a little and take some risks so neither of us don't miss out! My profile should tell u enough about me so u know what ur getting. Please write enough in yours so I know who I might get.

-If ur nice, friendly and take risks at meeting the rare few wonderful guys out there left, like myself, who are a once in a lifetime catch for either a great and loyal friendship or maybe "True Romance".? And I mean Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette were amazing in that movie too, lol.. C'mon!? : ) But I actually hope to find more of a Twilight romance, with etiquette, old fashion values with good character, respect, intense connection, commitment, dedication, passion, chivalry and loyalty. Where are you Bella? Or Hermoine, Tauriel and Kiera Cameron ? These are my favorite female characters that I would marry in a heartbeat. They give Bella some serious competition.

-If you love Garlic too an think kissing is better with it on our breaths.

-If you are not obese and your stomach does not get bigger over time and your hair gets shorter, like so many unkept woman are doing in this culture and time period, especially in Ohio..!?. And I will not be able to be romantic if you are frumpy, dumpy, haggard or weathered and look old and are poorly taken care of as evidenced by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, not aged well from smoking, alcohol and drugs, with a raspy voice, or psychologically unhealthy and led to make many choices by raw emotions. (Don't worry, I have my flaws too but I strive to not be tangled up by anything that would impede our intimacy. I also have been working on decreasing my flaws weekly too, with effective results.😊 And everyone is allowed to like and dislike what they do, especially when it involves body fluid exchange, cuddling and figuring out the requirements to having lasting physical and mental intimacy.)

-If u are not a bitter, negative, fearful nor controlling and hateful person, nor an unlady like woman who is not very feminine and who does not have good style, fashion and does not wear thongs and G- strings. I need those!😊 I know I'm very specific but I am voicing what hinders mental and physical satisfaction for me and are legitimate standards that I hold to, for my achievement of high quality intimacy. The right woman will not be offended by my list bc she wont be a victim of these negative traits and will know and agree that I am not asking what is unreasonable, and especially as we get older, where our needs get more specific and intense and require higher maintenance for the body's health, beauty and hygiene.

-If you are not victims of life's problems and are not a psychotic, mean spirited bitch. I don't want to be around people who can't make enough time for me for whatever reason nor will I settle for a rebellious God hating Jezebel. U must not be violent and verbally abusive and argumentative. You must protect your mind and body from whatever is unhealthy and therefore ruins intimacy with yourself, God and myself and all children involved.

-If u are relaxed most of the time and have an effective coping outlet for your stress in life with very effective conflict resolve. Affection and massage and movies and electronic music always make me feel better, regardless of any problems and trials that I am in and will need you to need affection and quality time to help u feel better and loved.

-If you would like to sew up my broken pants with various holes and replace missing buttons or mend never ending tears in my clothes, that all need help with, bc I don't have another hired asian lady seamstress anymore, like I found in Ohio! Besides, some of her patch work already tore again.😢

-If u can be a wild slut in the bedroom but a godly, gentle angel every where else, lol.

-And if you can and will be able to go out on 2 or more dates per week with me, besides our time at home, to ensure and maintain our romantic happiness. If you have a child, that's fine of course but I just ask that you don't let our romantic time get short changed and that you help us get sitters for our kids.