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30 M Everett, WA

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Atheism, and very serious about it
Cancer, but it doesn’t matter
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Science / Engineering
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My self-summary
Howdy. I'm Justin. Last updated this on 01-03-14.

Wherefore Seattle?
I was raised in Michigan. I'll probably give you extra points if you are from the Midwest; all these local Seattle Freezepops are just not as quick to be amusingly blunt.

My parents are married, well-educated, middle class, and were super supportive of my awesome younger sister and I. I've lived in a few far-flung and interesting places. Travel is great fun to me, but I don't think it is quite as critical to "finding yourself" as so many cheeseballs think it is.

I moved here in May 2010 for the engineering job I'm still working in now. Sometime late'ish in college I figured out that hands-on design engineering is what I really get off on, and I'm happy and proud with the career I've gotten into and have been working away at.

Some Current Hobbies:

Rifle marksmanship. A biomechanical system of variables for fun nerdy contemplation.

Reading marathons at Starbucks on weekends.

Pretending I've started getting into skiing when really I work too much to hit the slopes.

Long weekend drives--picking somewhere cool in Google Satellite view and driving there to see it.

Lift weights and run treadmill three days/wk.

Sidenote: a real deep appreciation for fitness is probably the one specific value I do want to have in common with the girl I date (besides wanting to eventually marry someone and have kids, at some point). So, if it's been a week since you've been able work out in the way you like to, and you feel completely disgusting because of it, we have this in common. I've been in sports or recreationally exercising for something like two decades; can't date someone who doesn't also feel that it's an indispensable part of a well-rounded life.

Past Hobbies / Stuff you could easily talk me into doing together:

Triathlons and/or Cycling. I swam competitively up through high school, and I still own all the bikes I accumulated in grad school during my triathlon'ing heyday.

SCUBA diving. I'm certified, but it has been forever since I last went.

Hiking and camping. We did a lot of this in my family while growing up, and through Boy Scouts. I do a three-day kayak camping trip in the San Juans every year with friends.

Going to see plays at a theater.

Random Facts:
- Adults are people who are married. At 30 years old, I feel like I'm in this weird bachelor waiting room purgatory of mandatory advanced placement classes on Life, Myself, and What Myself Wants Out Of Life. However, with weddings and baby photos clogging my facebook feed, I am wondering if all this education is just the prelude to ossification and a stubbornness that would limit the chances of a Ms. Right ever being able to even exist.
-I think I'm fairly good about money; I'm not cheap and I buy quality stuff when I do buy things, but my savings increase and I've always paid off my credit cards every month. Adults said I should establish credit history, so I grudgingly hold a car loan on a 2013 Ford Focus that I wanted to just buy outright.
- My body forced me to start eating healthy right around age 30 just like adults promised me it would, but that did not come with any increased interest in fancy cooking for myself. It'd be cool to date a girl who likes cooking. If you think I'm motivated to say this by some sort of gender-role thing, stuff it. I'm just saying that it can be fun to date someone who enjoys cooking; she gets to do an activity she likes, we get to share tasty food, and she doesn't have to worry about dishes because I'm awesome at cleaning them.
-I have a small but steadily growing set of art. It generally reflects that I feel that life is pretty awesome.
- Nihilism and absence of dignity offends me. Hipsters are my scourge.
- Silly hats and costume or theme parties. I like all of these things.
- I appreciate a good suit and dressing up occasionally but we don't put on airs or even collared shirts where I work so I fear I'm losing this appreciation for dressing up with so few reasons to do so. I do like the day-to-day style norm of the PNW; sporty/outdoorsy. I love clothing made by Icebreaker. F yeah merinoooo.
- I get pretty bored watching sports. I don't have cable TV. The internet is my time waster.
- I find amazing places to eat with a 95% success rate. Ask me about my trick.
-I don't do drugs. I do appreciate getting tipsy with friends occasionally.... Once/month? I only really party when I have good reason to, and if there's reason to do something, then it's worth doing thoroughly.
- My inclination to intensity becomes a vice if I leave it unchecked. I'm taming aspects of it for fewer broken bones and ambulance rides. The flip side of that coin, not worth taming, is that I am not half-way about the things I value. The right girl will get a very personal sense of that.
- My creativity and attentiveness to detail helps me at work, but you'll appreciate the romantic things I'll do for you with it, and that I hear your needs.

Two of My Greatest Accomplishments:
1) Overcoming awful high school math and physics teachers to pursue a career I love in design engineering.
2) Overcoming a youth-onset phobia of running--partly what had driven me to competitive swimming while growing up--to become a very good runner (6 miles, three days/wk after weights--in 40 minutes, i.e. 6:40 pace).

So that's a bit about me. I think my personality is further revealed in my answers to a lot of the questions on here; I regarded most as short essay questions instead of just multiple choice.

Changing gears...

The Girl I'm Looking For?

Maybe I'm totally fooling myself, but I feel like at this point in life, and with the relationships I've gone through, I'm starting to develop a sketch of the kind of woman I really want to meet and marry.

I'm definitely a man looking for a woman. I want a woman who likes being feminine just as much as I like being masculine. Bisexuals need not apply.

I want someone who will help me see great things about life which maybe aren't immediately apparent to a guy at the far end of the "logical engineer" spectrum.

I want to be able to talk about anything at all with her. I don't understand couples that have topics that they just avoid, like politics.

I'm not religious at all and she shouldn't be either, but I do have some deep moral convictions. Due to that, I could not find myself falling in love with someone who strongly embraces the values commonly held by committed liberals or committed conservatives.

I want her to feel that life as a human being is, overall, a great and wonderful experience, and that humanity is a real precious thing.

I really like the idea that marriage is two best friends formally declaring that they're inseparable.

I have a pretty long tradition of dating strong-willed women. Sometimes this has translated to a Tough-Girl attitude that doesn't allow her to hear me when she's in a storm, and in that state it has been frustrating to not be able to help her out of it. I want her to be able to lean on me if she needs to.

Also, intelligence. I have a pretty long tradition of dating women that are pretty sharp.

The definition of intelligence is probably debatable, but I think above all, I want a girl who has a strong idea of what she values--what she likes doing, and what she generally wants in life. I'm attracted to women who are passionate about specific things that they can name. And I'm attracted to women who only use the word passionate when they are sincere about it (the most abused word in okcupid profiles, surely). I do want to have us both share a common interest in fitness, and raising a family with someone at some point.... but beyond that, I just want her to be geeked about something. Career, hobbies, pets, an extremely rewarding set of friendships, whatever! Fundamentally, I just hope she's really mentally engaged with living and getting after the things she cares about, and not just floating through life. I like seeing the girl I date get excited about whatever she is stoked on. This makes it easier for me to find ways to make her happy, too. So--if she applied herself--she should be able to fill her profile with a whole lot more than silly bromides like "I live life to the fullest" or "I like to laugh." (No joke, 95% of girl's profiles. Yawn.) If you're really living life to the fullest, then you should be able to point to those things which actually make your life full and valuable. Girls who consistently do what makes their heart sing will also expect their man to do the same for them too!

That's the kind of girl I'm after and when I find her, I will make her heart sing.

Basically I am Thor seeking his Jane Foster.
Basically I am Leonidas seeking his Queen Gorgo.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I'm focusing on career and having a good time as a bachelor before I meet Ms. Right and then focus on career and making a family.

That's the happiness I'm pursuing.
I’m really good at
wiggling my ears, staying hydrated, expelling heat to my environment as an above-average metabolic exotherm and finding terribly non-romantic ways to say that I can keep you warm on a cold day, wearing ridiculous hats when I feel the occasion calls for it, sweating the details, writing preposterously peppy group emails to fire everyone up about an activity we're going to do, expressing myself in writing, anything requiring mechanical aptitude

Things I think I need to work on: finding a good set of friends in Seattle; I've got a couple close buddies and some good work acquaintances I have fun with, but this area needs work. Maybe related to the first thing: work less. Pacing myself at work better. My problem is that I am the most detail-oriented person I know, even in a field of engineers. In my design work I feel I have to answer all the questions which linger in my head before feeling the design is where it needs to be. This is almost a metaphysical necessity, in any area of life--how often will things just work out the way you want them to, if you choose to just leave the outcome to the chaos of chance? Not very often. If a specific outcome is in mind, then only the diligent application of thought and effort will get you to that specific goal. Luckily for me, I have a strong record of successful designs, even in cases where the challenge was quite tricky. So my brain is smart enough to see most problems before they happen, and I can design to avoid them. But it takes a tremendous amount of effort to address ALL the potential things I can typically foresee happening, and I feel like this makes me look like a "slow" worker. At least in the design phase, it had been hard sometimes working among people who don't address things as thoroughly, and thus superficially appear "super productive".... because they're just not thinking about all the details. So I feel like I need to work more hours to "keep pace." Of course a less thorough approach eventually blows up in their faces, but not until assembly and testing, and they appear more shiny up until that point.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably the spikey hair. I've been likened to Wolverine, Johnny Bravo, and characters from that Dragon Ball Z cartoon. Murray's Superior Hair Pomade. It's how the magic happens.

I think I might project a sense of jolliness, and confidence.

It's so rare for people to just be honest and flat out tell you the attractive qualities they notice about you. Seems like a lot of people are in a pissing contest with everybody else. As if, by admitting that someone has qualities you admire, it will somehow lower your self-esteem instead of reaffirming the virtues which define it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Though I started becoming a bit of a health nut sometime early 2013, I'm still a big sucker for menus containing exotic desserts. Beyond that, I actually can't think of any type of food I really try to avoid. My favorite food is probably Greek/Mediterranean; healthy and tasty. Red velvet cake is amazing.

I generally dig energetic, uplifting music.

You probably hate techno, but trust me, I will dance your panties off if you let me take you to a show. Specific artists I love include Crystal Method, BT, The Glitch Mob (<--favorite band!), Chemical Brothers, Loess, and Slidecamp. My love for Lindsey Stirling's music may be clouded by my huge crush on her.

With some regularity I go on marathons of listening to country music... I like Eric Church, Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Craig Morgan and Brad Paisley, and also the oldies but goodies like Cash, Charlie Daniels, Hank Williams Jr., David Allen Coe, Steve Earle, and Alabama. So I go on marathons of listening, until I'm listening to the radio and hear a song like "If I Could Have a Beer With Jesus." The problem is, I haven't found a substitute for country music in the way it serves as inspirational metaphysical fuel. It's the only genre of music I've found which addresses a wide range of real values in life, and promotes taking pride in who you are. So at the 35,000 foot level, it really appeals to me, but then with a low flyby you see that there are undertones of stubborn, backwards ignorance. Or drinking beers with Jesus. And so I get sick of it, but then come back a few months later when I miss the positive things it provides. Why isn't there some folk music genre featuring hymns about decent middle class living? Probably because minivans aren't as cool as pickup trucks.

The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, World War Z, Skunk Works, anything by James Michener, anything by David McCollough, Thomas Sowell's editorials, Merchants of Despair. I grew up on the Boxcar Children, Little House on the Prairie, and C.S. Forester's Hornblower series; I'm sure every one of those books left some type of indelible imprint on me. Krishnamurti. Shop Class as Soulcraft.

My heartstrings get pulled by any movie where there's a protagonist heroically struggling to protect or achieve some value in the face of staunch adversity. Braveheart. 300. Last of the Mohicans. White Squall. Hero. Related to my career choice, I turn into a giddy five year old at the sight of any movie with raw displays of mechanical power. Transformers. Iron Man. Pacific Rim. The Evangelion series. Zero Dark Thirty was the best movie I've seen in a very long time; also on a more intellectually serious note, The Lives of Others was awesome and if you agree with me on the following, I think we'll get along well--
1. You thought The Thomas Crown Affair was cinematic sex,
2. I Love You Man was pure clean hilarious fun,
3. Bottle Shock was a vision of a beautiful universe,
4. Your chest and tear ducts tighten up when watching the Levi's commercials on youtube titled "OPioneers!", "America (Go Forth)", and "Go Forth 2011", and "Go Work."
The six things I could never do without
exercise, engineering, philosophy, dogs (and knowing that I'll own one someday), energetic music, red velvet cake
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The things I can and cannot control, and whether I'm letting my mood be affected appropriately by them.

How there can possibly be so many women on okcupid who are declared bisexuals.

Whether a picture of themselves with black African babies is an okcupid membership prerequisite for white girls with college degrees.

How many more women would post body pics if they got themselves in shape.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually at the gym and then watching a movie or somesuch. Sometimes hanging out with friends if I want to push the gym trip to Saturday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Borrowed an ambulance because I didn't want to walk home from a college party in the winter cold when I was 18.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 24–30
  • Near me
  • For new friends, long-term dating
You should message me if
... I've made myself sound like a boring asshole. It'd be nice to know if I've totally screwed up my approach to writing this!

And.. if you liked reading The Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged. But only if you liked the books for the silver philosophical lining, and not if you're doing something silly like trying to make yourself like the severe fictional characters in a grim fictional universe.