37 Reno, NV
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My self-summary
Looking for someone close in age 35-41.

This is but a glimpse into who I am, the better the idea the right person has in responding...right?
I am a down to earth, feet in the grass ,howling under a full moon, carefree woman. Loyal, lovable, honest, old fashioned, country girl, who is looking for a special someone. Open minded, witty, sarcastic, a wise ass, talkative, truly caring and crafty (not just Witchy either haha) I'm adveturous and like to do and try new things, including places, foods and just experiance spontanious moments.

I'm a kickass Mom to my 9yr old girl. I'm very involved with my kiddo's life, after school and various activities. So investing in someone special will take some time.

I'm self confident. I'm a gypsy at heart, and have a great love and appreciation for life, family (wether it is blood or not) friends, animals, mother nauture and this wild universe.
I'd think it would be great to find that special man to share my path with. :o).

I'm not into serious gamers/LARP/RPG stuff. The kind that spend days at a time playing; while ignoring others.
This isn't to say; if you work in the Technology field or Development I won't respond or have a connection. Though if more time is spent playing games than with your significant other... I'm not the right woman. I still like old school games and wouldnt mind picking up a controller once on a great while. (Just not 6hrs at a time) Games I will play are ones with boards and I get to be the shoe.... This is maybe open to negotiation, :o)

I'm a one man, woman period. Loyal and honest. Not a partier, not a smoker not a drinker. Just not my thing. Don't mistake those answers as I'm boring or doesn't wanna do things... I have wild stories from my super fun nights haha. I'm just not 21 anymore and am into a family setting more.

I suffer from debilitating migraines and a few other things, but I get up an tackle and take on the day no matter what, but by the end of if I maybe paying the price. But hell, life is worth living!
What I’m doing with my life
Making it better for myself and my girl. I'm on a better path to my own health, setting goals and smashing them one by one :0) I view life as a great journey so many great and crazy things have happened and will happen.
I’m really good at
Making people smile, laugh and giggle so hard they pee a little. I'm a great cook! I've got that comfort food thing down lol. I'm a big movie buff, and an avid movie line nerd as well, the cheesier the better. I love to sing and rock out with the doors open and don't have much shame...And using the Universe's gifts to fortell the future (scry's into crysatal ball) haha
The first things people usually notice about me
My light... and fun bubbly self! My chest...then eyes and the whole outer package. I listed them honestly. This isn't to say I should be automatically difined but them all. I've been the bbw a lot of my life, curves and squishy not just 'a big girl' and I'm on the downhill slide from it as I improve everything in my life. My chest, that doesn't need explaining. Lol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ok, so I have favorite authors, but ill just state I like most things that are furry and fangy smutt. Paranormal romance is the litterary term.

I like damn near every movie so this is a hard question to answer... Anything 80's-90's is a good start: Anything Vampy. Or Campy lol. Lost Boys, Princess Bride, Space Balls, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, HHGTTG, comedies, basically everything.
Musicials, RHPS, Scifi stuff and anything Mel Brooks, Steve Martin, or ones that make me giggle. The cheesier the better. Love me some Elvira and Addams family.
I like BBT, Dexter, the Middle, Modern Family Shameless, Archer and a Simpsons for life person. Game of Thrones, Badlands, Scifi Face Off, Defiance, Mythbusters, Vikings, True Blood, Love my Supernatural, ... not a Zombie/horror fan at all anymore... (Too many years of doing haunted house/horror makeups) and I like the TLC channel for their weird documentry shows on people who put my 'crazy' to shame.

Music wise, anything from the 70's-90's, big hair as well (oh Love me some ballads! And men in eyeliner with hair bigger than mine) musicals, country, rock, folky, newage, opera, broadway...anything but rap. If it has words I can sing it. We are always singing. Nothing like taking a long drive, rocking out with music the whole way!

Food... Anythin but seafood, sorry guys, there are girls out there that do sushi, I'd rather have cheese enchilada's...and guac, guac is a must. Indian, Greek, Asian, Italian. I eat mostly vegitarian, but am not one.. If bacon wasn't so good I'd be one. Oh and chocolate.... I'm a chocolate gal like some people are about wines.
The six things I could never do without
Hmm.... (Ok so my kiddo and folks are the top 2 but those are typical responces right??).
Good conversations with laughter
Random spontaneous little moments
Road trips, with music, car picnics and beautiful scenery!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately, its more of a huh... Isn't it odd how life works out. Karma. What that 'specific' day has the potential to hold and what I can do in that time. My kid, my health, my family, my heart and when will I find or when will the right soul find me....
On a typical Friday night I am
Currled up on my couch watching something with my kid to warp her enough to be funny and to give her therapist down the road something to raise eyebrows over. I'm strange, I'm funny and I'm crazy. We make dinner, she helps cook a lot so that's fun, we often make a craft or play a board game or three. And the highlight is breaking out the lazer light for the cats and feeling blessed. (At the same time wishing for someone special to curl up with)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have some health hiccups, like the migraines and that's caused other issues. I have anxiety about ice and those are the biggest issues that are negatives, but I still live life, don't give up and don't eat a bowl full of tranquilizers and thorazine for breakfast so I'd say I'm doing ok still...

Now for an attention getter...I've worked all aspects of the Adult Entertainment Industry...except on my back. So I have pleanty of interestesing stories and experiances. How many women would say that!
You should message me if
You got through this all without wanting to bang ur head against a desk...
fallen asleep...
decided u needed several drinks to finish reading this novel...
and have sense of humor!!!

If you are openminded and have a gut feeling of oooh.. I should SO talk to her, and want to actually hold a conversation longer than single sentence replies.

If your in my age range of 35-41)

(There should be a part in this that reads you should'nt message me if your not compatable with what im looking for. Using trashy slang or skanky comments. Im not a ho, not a hook up, not a fling or say I would rather text you what's ur # or are looking for girls in their 20's if you are in your 30's or 40's)