43 Stirling, UK
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My self-summary
Like you-know-who, I too, was born at a very young age.

Since that time I have both aged and elongated: not like cheese, or wine, or a vine (winding its way slowly up a forgotten, half fallen wall), but like me - prosaically.

Here I am, now, on the path half way to death and six barleycorns shy of a fathom.

I write a lot: if you don't read a lot then ...look! over there!! a penguin with a top hat on!!!

My self-summary, like my self-self, is a work in progress.

J'ai des amis à découvrir et beaucoup de choses à connaître.
What I’m doing with my life
Developing a project/task oriented social good network that prioritises groups and communities as first-class actors (being a counter-current to the majority "social" trend amplifying the atomisation of discontinuity in the individual socio-contextual sphere). Initially imagineered as way to provide free-at-the-point-of-service affordencies to positively advantage non capital accumulative actors in abetting the non-starvation events of non-adaptive participants in the precariat economic sphere; the end state is idealised as a comprehensive non-linear and fully egalito-interactive alternative to the current hierarchical political paradigm. [fucking capitalism and the monkey it rode in on]


eating Tuc crackers.

& Increasingly: going uphill, followed by coming back down. Which now I've written it out seems rather a strangely futile pastime. But the tops of hills are a good place to be, even if only temporarily.

Sometimes I take pictures; as well as a Nikon D90 I have a collection of vintage film cameras (medium format being my preferred) in various states of repair. I am wise in weird and wonderful things like the zone system and zone plates and using the zone system with zone plates.

I can also be a bit lazy about doing all that, so here's a link to my gram of instants: http://instagram.com/buntix

A Bukkit* List of Destinations I May or May Not Go To, It Depends.

++ Iceland, circumnavigation of (my previous trip only gave me a taste for more.

++ Up Hellya Aa Vikings and fire?? Hell Ya! - - UPDATE: just got an airbnb confirmation through for Jan 26/27 on Shetland. I shall be going to the ball. And by ball I mean great balls of fire, on sticks, carried by beardy dudes in horny hats. *this is my very-nearly-enthusiastic face!* (done)

++ Also That Bus Stop, while I am on Shetland, anyway.

++ The most northern street view point on google maps - (find it, you know you want to!) they had a guy on a snowmobile doing the photography. You can also stay in a ship permanently frozen in the sea ice. If you are rich. [Note to self: become rich]

++ The Munros - all of them I hope, and pebbles to prove it.

++ Everest - perhaps only the base camp. I do like mountains.

++ Catumbo in Venezuela - I also like thunderstorms.

++ Microlighting the Morning Glory cloud (yeah, I am not tagging that :P ) on the Gulf of Carpentaria - I like clouds, and flying machines!

++ All ov teh cool places, treehouses, caves, castles - including pretty much all of the places on http://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/. Also having a bath here https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/2022526

++ More to follow

* Yes, 'Bukkit' - It is a game I and The Wandering Walrus** play. I travel the world and take photos of bukkits to tease him. This may seem cruel, but it is fully consensual - he had in fact become quite jaded in his search, it is hard to maintain the zest for questing when you are an immortal walrus cast by time and happenstance into a consumerist dystopia where the only quest most people understand is the 9 to 5 slog to earn their next pittance of a paycheck to prolong their paltry*** lives. It is also fully understood that if I actually do find the Bukkit Grail on my travels I will bring it to him immediately.

** Legend has it that he stole the bukkit of Walrus Jesus as a joke, and then (after a hard night on the Finnish Warlock Urine) completely forgot where he hid it. Now he is fated to roam the world searching for it, and its contents: The Mystical Scintillating Herring of Eternal Picklednessness.

*** I don't really believe anyone's life is paltry or without meaning. I do believe in a contentedly literate life of incontinently ill-fitting and unillustrative alliteration (in bed).

**** There are remarkably few people here interested in Finnish Warlock Urine. It is a real thing, honest!
I’m really good at
Kuangalia bata.
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My first novel will be a furry/(steam&&cyber)punk crossover called: "The Five Burrows of New York". Not that I am a member of any of those subcultures, it just seems the obvious take-away from the phonetic subtitling on the $sort aggregate function lecture of the M101P course from university.mongodb.com.

Some favourites on a youtube playlist (some NSFW) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFoMWozH8Tksj5e-vkKJLFzbAhYyv6qxw

All of the musics: http://www.last.fm/user/NotWavingButBunty

I also play bass guitar (or at least am getting back into playing more after a long break following the 3 years I spent studying it at college). Helped along by Rocksmith, I wouldn't really have thought I would be interested in the gamification of music, or be competitive about it, but I am (not so) secretly chuffed about getting the high score (IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! (well, the very small part of it that plays the game, anyway)) on Guns of Brixton (and a few others, but that is the most chuffing as I do like me some ska-punk).

UPDATE: I am attempting to learn to play and sing "Carry on my Wayward Son" at the same time (the playing I am fine with, just the pat-head-rub-stomach bit). This is so that come the apocalypse I can video myself playing/singing it while dressed as Castiel (because I already have the clothes for it) and raise a Tumblr army. The only possible flaw in this plan is if the apocalypse takes a form that can't be defeated by fetish port and fandom macros. But that seems fairly unlikely, to be frank.

Movies & TV: everything from the sacred to the mundane, or to give examples - L'Albero degli zoccoli to Charlies Angels, or Eureka to, ermmm... Eureka (first by Shinji Aoyama, second the TV series). Recent TV: Wonderfalls, Party Down, Carnivale, Undeclared, Monk, The Middleman, The Lost Room, Eerie, Indiana, The Powers That Be.

Radio: I have an addiction to Radio 4 comedy, particularly anything with Sandi Toksvig or John Finnemore in.

Currently Reading:

Various computer/programming books (I have been programming/systems hacking [in the non-pejorative sense] since I was about 9 and only become more enthused about it each year, it is my poetry {apart from the poetry that is actually poetry}). This also means that I was a computer geek (biting the heads off RAM packs) way, way, way, before it was cool, and hence I technically avoid being cool because of it.

Dodger - Pratchett.
Flow (the classic work on how to achieve happiness) - Mihaly Csikcszentmihalyi
How to repair everything electronic - Michael Jay Geier
Many others, and also none..

Some keyword soup so OKC will stop bugging me about adding interests:

diggers levellers people's history SOUND bottom up history social history sociology anthropology psychology philosophy general semantics anarchism radical democracy investigation research knowledge programming complexity theory simplicity praxis amusing potatoes the art of science the science of art FURY ironic potatoes post-ironic potatoes amour fou immanentising the eschaton nuance duende fado things other than creating arbitrary length lists of putative passions, full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing mathematics, with or without tea

Poetry: One of my favourite poems is about a dead goat; another is about the wisdom of not opening packages meant for one's sister. Another two are about the (soft) ending of us. Then there's the one about a former clerk...

Food: I cook passionately and erratically, with combination and experimentation. A slight bias toward comfort food (pot roasts and casseroles rather than haute cuisine). For eating I prefer simple, and have a stock of pot noodles for when I am cooking for others and it turns out too froofy for myself.

I do rather love smoked garlic, even just to have a bulb in the pocket for sniffin': - this may be as much due to nostalgia as anything; growing up in the heilan' wilds without such luxuries as central heating (or indeed, electricity) you develop a certain fondness for the smell of smoke as it means WARMS.

I like dark rich red wines with Fado, white chocolate heavy on the vanilla. Sometimes white wine for silliness, sometimes 137% dark chocolate to taste the sweet abyss that lurks behind the curtain. Porters that taste like a long forgotten funeral shroud with a story so melancholy it's banned in Mississippi, or pale ales that taste of chainsaws. Failing the above then food.

Also better living via yeast... whether it be turning flour into bread, or fruit juice into drinkable fruit juice.

Coffee: Monsooned Malabar
Black Tea: Lapsang Souchong
Green Tea: Gunpowder
Code Editor: Sublime Text 3
Favourite Beer to Drink While Developing Film: Theakstone's Old Peculiar.
The six things I could never do without





I spend a lot of time thinking about
The necessarily flawed character of detectives and discoverers.

What it is to be: --

Life (and other stories by the same author) as an optimisation problem.

How most effectively may, to quote that most renowned of philosophers, I try to be my best. How to harmonise the mind / body duality : integrating such concepts (the truth beneath the buzzwords), and disciplines as mindfulness, flow, lean, slack, agile, satisficing, peak experience, martial arts, and the best of modern pedagogy into a coherent whole. A plan to come together (I love it when one does) . How to become fully emotionally self-aware: letting the petty mind-killer emotions pass through me, while embracing and revelling gleefully in the positive. How to live with morality, compassion and compersion: to love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none. To live a life that is both examined and spectacular; to be a cautionary story to conservative's children and to have that story corrupt them. To be the answer of the riddle: "how does one hold the songbird without stifling its song...? ...Become the sky."

{{an upward rush on stairs of air}}
{{to the bliss of nowhere, higher!}}

Also ducks. What are they thinking? Are they planning something?
On a typical Friday night I am
exactly 5 inches to the right of where I was on Thursday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't believe in Magic.

I don't believe in the necessity of Magic.

I think we are probably better off without it (for the most part)

Life is magic enough.

(I do believe that it is often good that other people do believe in magic: I won't try and steal your unicorns and turn them into dust).

I do also wonder about becoming a monk, and whether you are allowed to do that if you are an atheist.
You should message me if
You believe that the product of our messages would be more significant than the sum of the signifiers of which they are composed. OR: any other unspecified wildcard reason.

Noto Bene: I rarely initiate contact beyond sometimes hitting the 'like' button, (which I use in a literal sense - to indicate appreciation of some degree of awesomeness that aligns with my subjective perception of such. Not as a prestation (following Mauss's usage of the term) intended to elicit some for of social-debt based reciprocity. The reasoning behind my self-imposed reticence is that I primarily use OKC as a limited form of acceptable social procrastination that allows me to maintain a semblance of connection to the rest of the human race: if I allow myself to start initiating contact then it rapidly becomes far less limited procrastinatorily (as I do tend to put far more effort into first contacts [I mean there's finding the mountain, and an analogue synthesizer for a start] than I really should). It also starts to have a reverse effect in being an ersatz social connectivity. The preponderance of non-replies (as most people do have perfectly good reasons not to respond, including the fact that I am a bit odd and write essays self-analysing complete with meta-commentary and meta-meta-commentary and meta-meta-meta-commentary... ) lead to an increase in the feeling of disconnection. Q.E.D. It would be silly. And, whilst I am certainly silly, I try to limit the nihilism it is imbued with.