33 Nuremberg, Germany
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My self-summary
I like to read (a lot!), watch movies, play games (board and pc), i enjoy crossword puzzles, i like philosophical and to an extent political discussions even though they're usually pointless.
I enjoy anything to do with sci-fi or fantasy - including tabletop games, pen&paper and live roleplaying and being a total nerd about it ;)
I'm told i make the stupidest jokes ever, but somehow people keep laughing at them regardless...

I'm a very positive person, for some reason i always assume things are going to end up ok. So far, they mostly did :)

I can be very enthusiastic about something that catches my fancy, though sometimes i need a kick in the behind to get going in the first place.

I enjoy being in a big city, surrounded by all kinds of people and beautiful architecture -especially in summer- but i can also lose myself in nature, just sitting in the grass and admiring the beauty of autumn leaves.

Getting drunk and dancing through the night can be great fun from time to time but i'm not really the hard-partying type. Though much of that is down to my circle of friends preferring to play games at home. Which is also nice but you won't get to know new people that way...

I can't really handle doing nothing for longer periods of time. I like doing stuff with someone and i don't mind doing stuff separately while together (reading, working or gaming on a computer or something like that). What i can't really handle is doing nothing together...even if i'm with someone, doing nothing - and smalltalk doesn't count as an activity - is still crappy!

If anyone's interested, i'm an ISFJ.
What I’m doing with my life
I just finished my diploma and am now looking for work.

I draw (sometimes passably), i took up sewing my own clothes for live roleplaying and i like to build stuff for tabletop games.

I don't do any regular sports - somehow or other i always end up dropping any workout-routines i get going :/ - but i consider myself a physical person. I enjoy most "gamey" sports, larp fighting, climbing/bouldering, biking, dancing -or whatever you want to call it- and generally moving about. I love "Trimm-dich-Pfade" and anything resembling playgrounds for adults.
I’m really good at
Wordplay and puns
Crossword puzzles
Sex (not the super-kinky, dirty-talky porn kind, just regular old making-the-other-feel-good sex)
Also i can read really fast - if i'm interested in a book.
I'm fairly good with trivia and knowledge-related games; unfortunately i tend to be a bit of a know-it-all sometimes because of this.
My English is pretty good and i prefer reading books/watching movies in English most of the time.
I am a very good listener and i think i also give sound advice.
The first things people usually notice about me
You know what, i never asked anyone. I do know people never guess my age right, but thats hardly a first impression.
I've been told i have a nice smile...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
First off: i've seen the musical episode of Buffy and i liked it. Apparently that says something about me. ;)

In short: i like SciFi & Fantasy (including Steampunk, Cyberpunk, etc.), Action, some Romance, music across all genres.

Now feel free to skip this whole monstrosity. Apparently i'm extremly bad at defining my tastes with just a few examples, so i get what i'd call "datarrhea", when it's about stuff like this. If you read on: you've been warned. ;)

LotR, Star Wars 4-6, Star Trek series, japanese (!) Godzilla, Akira Kurosawa-movies, Equilibrium, Dredd, Studio Ghibli animes, Lethal Weapon, anything with Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill (they're hilarious in German!), the new Batman movies, The amazing Spiderman, The usual suspects, Hot fuzz&Sean of the dead, The forbidden kingdom, Inception, Cloud atlas, The Gamers: Dorkness rising, Star Dust, Aliens, Dark City,...

If it's fantasy, sci-fi, anime or "mindless" action (preferably from the 80s), chances are, i'll like it. Even if i don't, i've probably seen it. Seriously, ask me. :)

I also like romantic movies like 500 Days (of Summer), The Silver Linings Playbook or The Vow and the odd drama. I loved 50/50.
Oh yeah...and i like dancing movies. Guess i'm embracing my feminine side as i get older or something. ;)

Short version:
SciFi, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, some historical and crime stuff mixed in. I really enjoy alternate-worlds-stories, like the Thursday Next books, where everything is just a bit (or a bit more) off from what we know.

Long version:
The lord of the rings, Kingkiller chronicle (can't wait for part 3!), The Gentleman Bastards Series, Discworld, Artemis Fowl, A song of ice and fire, The sword of thruth, Thursday Next series, His dark materials, Dune, old Perry Rhodan books, anything by Dan Abnett, Joe Abercrombie, Tad Williams, Trudy Canavan, Micheal A. Stackpole, Jasper Fforde.
I like the Battletech and Shadowrun series.
Basically, again, if it's scifi or fantasy, i've read it and more often than not i like it. And i really read a lot (i have easily read over a thousand books so far).

I also follow several webcomics:
Order of the stick (pure genius!), Questionable Content,
Weregeek, Skullkickers, Goblins, Ravens dojo, Least i could do...

Comedy stuff: The Big Bang Theory, How i met your mother, Friends, Pushing Daisies, Phineas and Ferb, Flight of the Conchords, The Finder, Community, Raising Hope, IT Crowd.

Again, SciFi/Fantasy like Firefly, Star trek (all series except Voyager), Battlestar Galactica, Terra Nova, Stargate + Atlantis, Fringe, Haven, Dollhouse, Sanctuary, Moonlight, Misfits, Buffy +Angel, The Walking Dead.

Crime series: CSI (NOT CSI Miami though, that's just awful), Castle, Burn Notice, NCIS, NCIS L.A., Hawaii five-0.

Old series i still very much enjoy: "Die Zwei"(The Persuaders, much funnier in German), A-team, Mash, Macgyver, Saber Rider.

Just to name a few... plus lots of anime series...

My taste in music is all over the place. I don't really stick to any genres or anything.
Examples: Kraftklub, Angus&Julia Stone, Blumentopf, Deichkind, Duran Duran, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Eminem, The Ting Tings, Johnny Cash, Beatsteaks, White Stripes, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Beastie Boys, The pretty Reckless, Looptroop Rockers, Gotye, Blumio, Abney Park, Flash&Gordon, Blondie, David Guetta, Jennifer Rostock, La Roux, Nouvelle Vague, Oh Land, Reverend and the makers, Sóley, Shaban&Captain Peng, Moop Mama,...

Food: i eat almost anything, except for spinach, liver and fennel. Woohoo, finally managed to go vegetarian! No more eating poor innocent animals. Not missing meat much but a lot of that evil stuff is quite delicious; for completions sake. :)

Whew, long anyone who actually reads this: i'm sorry, but they're all important. ;) Be thankful i spared you the other thousands of things i really like. I guess i'm really media-phile.
The six things I could never do without
Friends, books, my pc (plus internet), sunshine, my hobbies, music.

And yes, my friends count as things in this context. Don't judge, you don't know them! ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lately, love, sex and the whole relationship-thing. How it works, how it probably doesn't work, where i see myself in it and so on.

What i want out of a relationship, what kind might satisfy those needs, if i trust myself to be able to maintain that, what level of interaction with someone counts as a relationship, with how many people i am able to interact on a quasi-friends-with-benefits basis without cutting into the quality of each...bladibla, shit like that. ^^
On a typical Friday night I am
Mostly at home nowadays, reading a book, watching a movie or gaming.
Or at some friends place, playing board games or tabletop wargames.
Or, rarely, out drinking and/or dancing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm often into alternative-looking girls/women (whatever you see yourselves as), but at the same time they intimidate me a bit.
I guess that's because, while i'm a relaxed enough guy, i'm not into any alternative scenes (apart from quite often liking the music when i hear it by chance), so i feel i might be viewed as "not cool enough".
You should message me if
If you're really into some book, movie, series or game you think i should read/watch/play, do tell me about it. I'm constantly on the lookout, especcially for books.

If you're in an open or polyamorous (or otherwise alternative) relationship and willing to share experiences, i'd very much like that.

If you're looking for someone to accompany you to a museum, the theater, cinema, a ren faire, a flea market, etc., it's very easy to bribe me with friendly company (alternatively food has been known to work ^^).

Other than that, I appreciate a "let's see what happens" kind of approach. Once we get talking, we'll see where that leads us, right? I do like talking to people, regardless of possible intentions or outcomes. :)
Don't worry about writing a somewhat awkward first message (which is what i usually do ^^ ), as long as there's some substance in it to build on, we're good to go.