29 Fort Collins, CO
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My self-summary
Relatively young unit of the human species. Survived 28 winters and counting. Still under warranty. I live in Belgium but I'm currently visiting Fort Collins (CO) for a conference, and I'm looking for people to have a fun day or night with.

I'm... different, probably. I can blend in when needed, but my nature has always been to be different from the pack. I also often have views that are very different from what most of society thinks. Whether that is a good or a bad thing depends entirely on your taste.

I'm polyamorous and I'm in an open master/slave-relationship with a girl from the US (who ironically is in Belgium while I'm here). If you're interested in our lifestyle and want to know more, I'm always open for questions, and I won't bite unless you like it. :-)

Everything else you want to know is probably already in the parts below, but you're always free to ask extra questions, or just send an email to say hello.
What I’m doing with my life
At daytime, I'm a PhD student at Ghent Unversity, working somewhere on the boundary of mathematics and computer science, so if 0's and 1's freighten you, this is probably not a good topic to talk about. ;)

At night time, I can typically be found sitting behind my computer, having friends over, reading up on various topics (psychology, sexual ethics, evolution theory...), or hanging out on gothic/fantasy/industrial events or activities of the local BDSM student club Kajira (, which I founded some years ago and which has repeatedly hit the news as Europe's first state-funded BDSM group.
I’m really good at
Getting a deeper understanding of how someone's mind works. For several of my friends, I am the only person noticing when things don't go well, and the only one that can get them back up. Or making them feel less guilty about things society wants us to feel guilty for. Especially the latter.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well... the first time I saw myself in a mirror is decades ago, so I really don't remember and I think I may also have changed since then. But feel free to tell me your first impressions. :)

If I have to pick something that people tend to find characteristic for me, then it would be that I'm a very chill person who doesn't have problems with anything. I have friends with piercings, tattoos, wearing a dog collar all day, fingering herself on my toilet and admitting it a month later (lol), texting me at 2 AM asking if they can come for a visit (and usually getting a yes answer), ...
So, that should give an idea of both myself and my friends. ^^
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything. My life. Society. Ethics, culture and norms. My partners. Kinky things. What you will be thinking when reading this profile. What to talk about when I meet someone new (how am I supposed to know what interests this person I don't know yet?).
You should message me if
...your interest was sparked by reading the above and/or by comparing our match questions. Don't be shy. Saying "Hi!" doesn't hurt you.

I'm also on FetLife if that's more your cup (B0n0b0).