38 Pittsburgh, PA
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My self-summary
I can't find something more stimulating than wandering the woods under a crisp, clear, winter sky with a full moon and a fresh covering of snow...cross country skis and lack of artificial light completes the scene. Breath taking...

I'm looking for someone with similar values first. Someone that knows themselves or is pursuing it, has a sense of adventure, a positive outlook, a sense of humor, enjoys stimulating conversation, is curious...all of these yield higher compatibility. Chemistry and attraction are essential as well.

easy going, quick with a smile, I'd like to think I have a sense of humor...

love to learn, and find I have a teaching spirit. I enjoy creating things in the kitchen or woodshop. I'm as comfortable on the side of a mountain as I am in the theater.

My faith is important to me and it informs all aspects of life. I see the interconnectedness throughout the world and the things in it...

I'm honest. I am put off by lack of integrity.

I tend to look for the positive's yet can usually clearly see the realities...seeing how something might be improved comes naturally.
People usually find they can talk with me easily. Friendships separated by time and space pick back up where they last were. always, I'm sure there's more...trying to limit the length ...but I would like to make sure the advertising matches the goods!
What I’m doing with my life
professional: worked with kiddos of all ages for the last 12-ish yrs doing outdoor/adventure education with an emphasis on character and personal development...currently in medicine
You should message me if
You're interested in starting a conversation...just to see where that takes us...

I've been through several variations of thinking on current thoughts:

There are so many reasons two people don't progress beyond acquaintances and just a few isolated ones they do; you really don't know unless you say hi and meet up. I'm looking for something serious but am not in any hurry. It's got to be a good fit for both of us...but it's got to start somewhere...