27 Pittsburgh, PA
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My self-summary
I'm an ESTP. Take that for what it's worth.

I'm a misanthropic humanitarian. Think about that one for a second.

I'm a feminist, a literary elitist, an existentialist, and a post-modernist. On another note, this says that I'm a "lesbian," but I consider myself "queer". In regard to gender/sexuality, no label is entirely accurate for me, as I believe that very very VERY few people are 100% homo/heterosexual, but meh... it's the best the website can do. I don't really believe in gender; it's simply a social construct. A person's sex should be as arbitrary as eye color or hair color. Society places WAY too much importance on discourse and labeling. (I also listed myself as 'bisexual' for a minute, but-- though I did talk to some interesting men-- most of the men messaging me on here were those with whom I had absolutely NOTHING in common. So, if you are one of those interesting guys, you can still message me; however, I feel like this might weed out those that aren't going to read my profile.)

Similarly, I understand how ironic it is to label myself as a post-modernist, and to simultaneously list the other things that I am. But, as I feel we shouldn't need such labels and strict definitions, it's the only way to communicate with a society that places such reverence and importance on it all. Eh, what can you do?

There are a lot of things about me that I haven't included. If you're really SO concerned, you can just ask... because I'm tired of putting forth effort on this. :)

On a side note, I have a septum piercing, a labret piercing, an industrial piercing, my ears are stretched to 00g, and I have two tattoos on my back-- "To thine own self be true" in script (because I'm a Shakespeare nerd), and a peace sign. The end.

I am arrogant, independent, and belligerent.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living my life day by day with a useless BA in English literature. I want to take some time, then go back to school to get a Master's of Education and teach... one day. Right now, I'm living out my twenties getting by and having fun as I go.
I’m really good at
Quoting Shakespeare.. .

Saying "that's what she said" ... even when it doesn't make sense.

I'm also pretty good at staying up forever, not getting much accomplished, passing out midday (because I didn't sleep the night before), then starting all over again the next night. I'm kind of nocturnal.
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people think I hate them when they meet me. I guess I come off harsh? I'm sorry... but not really. :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Macbeth, King Lear, Mrs. Dalloway, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, The Bell Jar, Jesus' Son, Hamlet, Titus Andronicus, Gender Trouble, Othello, Measure for Measure, 1984, To the Lighthouse, Of Mice and Men, Heart of Darkness, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter, The Grapes of Wrath, Brave New World, Sex Drugs and Coco Puffs, etc

Movies: Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, Rent, Crash, Fight Club, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Trainspotting, 7 Pounds, Dead Poets Society, Across the Universe, Hairspray, The Hours, Garden State, Moulin Rouge, V For Vendetta, Phantom of the Opera, American Beauty, American History X, Little Miss Sunshine, Donnie Darko, Boys Don't Cry, Se7en, 10 Things I Hate About You, Closer, The Hangover

Music:Rob Zombie, Lady Gaga, Adele, A Fine Frenzy, Florence + the Machine, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Radiohead,Pink, Paramore, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory, Lights, Jason Mraz, and a ton of others....

Food: I was a vegetarian for almost eight years, then decided one day that I was bored with it. I'll try almost anything once, but I really just love Mexican food.
The six things I could never do without
There are plenty of things I would prefer not to go without, but other than the basics-- you know, food and shit-- I could obviously do without anything else I would list here.

But, for all intents and purposes:

1. whiskey
2. cigarettes
3. intelligent conversation/thought
4. books
5. music
6. your face?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
I'd like to think that my life is not so monotonous that I have a "typical" Friday night. However, I've discovered that, not only do I have a "typical" Friday night, but it's actually a particularly LAME "typical Friday night." How sad.

Chances are, though, that I'm at work. I have a BA in English. I work in a restaurant. Wah wah.

If I'm not at work (or if it's after work), I'm probably out with people, probably drinking even though it means I may be hungover for the next day at work.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not willing to admit most things. You've got to get to know me first.
You should message me if
1) You're awesome too.
2) You want to do so... I don't really message people, so message me first.
3) You realize my name isn't really Amy. Say it out loud: "If You Seek Amy." Yes, it is a Britney Spears song. Don't judge me! This account was created on a whim and I was brain dead from finals years ago.
5) You aren't stupid, and you don't type like an idiot. At least try and use correct grammar and such? Maybe?