26 Seattle, WA
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My self-summary
One summer, my tree fort was struck down by the lightning of a jealous god. Like rednecks during flooding season, I rebuilt to spite mother nature and her cold, conniving, tree fort hating ass.

Every day when I get home from work, I put the kettle on for some green tea. This is the second whitest thing I do in my life.

The scar on my face is a result of me ruggedly manly-like fighting off a grizzly bear to defend a group of baby geese. (true story)

I work as a Residential Counselor at a child mental health center for children with behavioral difficulties. I am their protector, their guardian, and the guy who folds their clothes.

I can play the electric bass with one hand while I use the other one to drink a damn fine locally brewed pale ale.
What I’m doing with my life
Protecting traumatized children from the cruelties of the world while folding their ninja turtles underwear. Starring into the mirror and contemplating whether or not to grow back my ridiculously bushy mustache. Wondering for the thirtieth time of The Smiths will ever get back together. Waiting patiently for a new Tom Waits record. Drinking beer in the shower and playing video games. Finding out which bar me and my friends want to get kicked out of tonight.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music is a hard one for me to define. I listen to a lot. If I like it I listen to it. It's kind of an overwhelming topic where if I listed all the stuff I listened to this section would be ridiculously long.

My favorite books are anything by Kurt Vonnegut jr, Neil Gaiman, Haruki Murakami, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scotts Fitzgerald, Allen Ginsberg, and so on. I'm very much inlove with classic literature that can be defined by geographical location such as 1800's russian literature (Fyodor Dostoevky anyone?) and French literature during the 1900's.
The six things I could never do without
My Mala beads - They have a lot of sentimental value for me.

My dutch oven - I love to cook and you'd be amazed on how many recipes turn out AWESOME-O just because you used a dutch oven over anything else. Gumbo, anyone?

My laptop - I can't get through a work day without one. Too obvious?

My bass - Also has sentimental value. I've been playing bass for 10 + years and I've played a lot of bass guitars but only this one feels like it was meant for me. Plus it was my first, and always my best. Every gig I've ever played has been with this baby.

my iPod - I go through music like I'm getting paid by the album.

My bike - I am so unbelievably happy. I made this 10-speed from scratch and I promise you it's a work of art (even if the paint is choppy)