31 Kissimmee, FL
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My self-summary
***I will not respond to generic message that you copy and paste to everyone else, prove to me you read my profile. If you just tell me I'm beautiful and have a great smile, thank you, but I won't respond. Make the effort people!***

I am a 31 year old graduate, who is very spontaneous, outgoing, loving, trustworthy, faithful, goal-oriented, etc. When I find someone I truly connect with I give them my full attention. I'm looking for a long lasting relationship, not just a one night stand. I'm at the age where I want to start settling down with someone and hopefully within 4-5 years, marriage will be somewhere in the horizon. I wear my heart on my shoulder and am willing to let someone steal it as long as they won't break it. I'm a hopeless romantic and love getting random surprises from someone who matters to me, from flowers to just writing I love you on my car window. The little things that show that he cares and wants me to feel special.

More about me... It's hard to describe myself in words, but here it goes again.
I'm very laid back and easy-going. I'm very kind and caring. I try to be the best friend I can be. My closest friends sometimes call me "mom" which is weird, but I am always the responsible one who makes sure there is either a DD or that my friends aren't setting themselves up for failure. I'm very responsible, but I also have a party side every once in awhile. If you want to know more ask away :)

I love animals. My perfect match must love animals and not be allergic because the animals are not going anywhere.

My perfect match would be a guy who is taller than me. He has to be the type of guy to go out of his way every once in awhile to make me feel special. He MUST be faithful. Cheating is out of the question! He needs to be my best friend, someone I can share everything with. Family is a big thing for me. I love my parents and my brother and love spending time with them when I can; he must be very family oriented.

I'd like to meet a guy who:

Would Laugh at my stupid jokes
Would Hold my hand just because
Would Kiss me spontaneously
Would Hold me like he never wants to let go
Would Call me just to say goodnight
Would Cuddle with me every night that we are together and when we aren't, he's thinking about cuddling with me
Would Move the hair from my eyes and then kiss me
Would Sing to me at random moments
Would Kiss me in the pouring rain
Would Make me the happiest woman alive.

My PERFECT match is the one that makes me happy even though my life may be a disaster. Is this you?
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile. I get comments on it every day.
The six things I could never do without
Family, Friends, Animals, Love, Shelter, & Food/Water