30 Saint Louis, MO
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My self-summary
i'm chris

primarily looking for friends right now.

i'm interested in : a non-monetized economy, the color orange/red, interlopers/deux ex machina, fighting games, billiards/snooker, politics/social theory, ulterior motives, dictator lifestyles, coogi sweaters, italian giallo horror, puroresu, zakynthos greece, philosophy, disturbing cinema, silver stacking, beautiful terrible voices, free improvisation, the hidden language of trains, dwarf planets, psychodrama, no wave, m-theory, battle rapping, medium-rare, black metal, argyle, moribund languages, exquisite corpse, the de wolfe music library, classic 80's action figure lines.

i drink cognacs, armagnacs, and calvados; eau de vie, any belgian ale, saisons & farmhouse ales, anejo rums, port/sherry/madiera, bourbons & rye, snow cones, slurpies, & apple juice.

i hear colors. (synesthete.)
What I’m doing with my life
- experiencing a career wanderjahr & enjoying the hell out of it. preparing for my opportunity to start a new chapter in my life.
I’m really good at
there's a few things i excel at, but mostly i'm a dabbler who would instead label himself a renaissance man.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: "forces in motion : anthony braxton and the meta-reality of creative music" by : graham locke.

"what we talk about when we talk about love" by : raymond carver

"the unbearable lightness of being" by : milan kundera.

"norwegian wood" by : haruki murakami

"i wouldn't have missed it" by: ogden nash

"straight up or on the rocks" by: william grimes

"imbibe" by: david wondrich

anything by naomi klein, william greider, noam chomsky.

movies: the science of sleep, ginger snaps, nowhere (gregg araki), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dawn of the dead (1979), pi, the living end, the beyond, fucking åmål, pollock, high fidelity, suspiria, ghost world, psychomania, mysterious skin, the dreamers, one hour photo, mr. holland's opus, naugacide, demons, taboo : american style (parts I through IV), ken park, end of suburbia, kazaam, house party, blank man, night of the zombies (mattei), blacula, phantasm, scanners, maniac, teen witch, ricky-oh: the story of ricky, class of nuke 'em high , the stoned age, the doom generation, caché, naked, eaten alive, ernest scared stupid, the peanut butter solution, 11:14, cube, back to the future, sunshine, daisies, the fountain, shortbus, mo better blues, fantastic planet, watership down, coffy, sun ra's "space is the place", the wackness, quiet city, kidulthood, synecdoche/new york, helvetica, source code, zulu.


godspeed you black emperor!, joanna newsom, skarekrau radio, magma, carcass, henry cow, captain beefheart, xiu xiu, anthony braxton, teenage jesus and the jerks, goblin, eric dolphy, the appleseed cast, ghost to falco, opeth, million dead, cryptopsy, the conformists, moss icon, empyrium, dose one, buck 65, owls, cap'n jazz, owen, melt banana, béla bartók, peter brötzmann, seigneur voland, univers zero, frank zappa, crass, kaoru abe, the flying luttenbachers, make believe, sunn o))), urfaust, sine nomine, the smiths, mustaphamond, la quiete, bone thugs in harmony, camp lo, striborg, atheist, yeti, slint, ahleuchatistas, spazz, death in june, botch, present, gauze, amon duul ii, antioch arrow, comus, julius hemphill, cursive, portrait, mastodon, braid, libido airbag, cheer accident, three six mafia, explosions in the sky, deeds of flesh, man is the bastard, pan-thy-monium, hannes zerbe blech band, jandek, nmperign, dust, woody gutherie, mercyful fate, the casket lottery, doom, the misfits, darkthrone, fabio frizi, elvis costello, kyle bruckmann, onyx, circle of ouroborus, rites of spring, state of alert, protest the hero, sword heaven, songs of zarathustra, executer, arnold schoenberg, gorge trio, khanate, cheval de frise, insidious decrepancy, frightmare, ink & dagger, suffocation, upsilon acrux, harry pussy, government issue, dakota/dakota, gryphon, hero of a hundred fights, burning star core, michel doneda, pierre henry, the love of everything, caroliner, vinny golia, parenthetical girls, the pine, the arch, marblebog, stop it!, mumps, oxbow, khlyst, defunkt, celestia, arsis, exhumed, friction, north of america, xbxrx, storm and stress, the shivering, buffalo (australia), lungfish, svarte greiner, frank comstock, richard leo johnson, demilich, amesoeurs, carmen, wolves in the throne room, cocteau twins, bleak, make a change ... kill yourself, john carter, lucia dlugoszewski, herbert brün, lejaren hiller, mouth of the architect, aaskereia, eyes and arms of smoke, benighted leams, grayceon, alois haba, tuk, suis la lune, asterisk, hwyl nofio, nuit noire, three mile pilot, aksak maboul, battles, erik satie, omar souleyman, blurt, dystopia, mi and l'au, jean-francois laporte, etron fou leloublan, northvia, vali, tenhi, vulger pigeons, kaospilot, mf doom, beat happening, alcest, murw, crunchy black, la monte young, maximo park, stielas storhett, manatees, honeyelk, ilyas ahmed, r. kelly, shugo tokumaru, the organ, absu, forgotten woods, this heat, e-40, flipper, plies, nosvyr, atrax morgue, andrew hefner, brume, alan silva, kent, the olivia tremor control, 12 rods, ultramagnetic mcs, misha mengelburg, underjordiska, dysrhythmia, elaine brown, ugk, wolf parade, big moe, lycanthropy's spell, brutal truth, them roaring twenties, meet me in st. louis, faraquet, algernon cadwallader, killa korporation, horn, this mortal coil, rachel's, glow kids, blood & time, rudi arapahoe, mr. doctor, rich woodson's ellipsis, marvins revolt, plunger, make me, laurie anderson, arthur brown, fad gadget, hajime tachibana, abstrackt keal agram, motor totemist guild, dead shell universe, angelblood, hakuja, lifelover, cynic, kiss the anus of a black cat, martial canterel, underjordiska, den saakaldte, the county medical examiners, cult of youth, stefan wolpe, wavves, zombi, r.e.m., melvins, have a nice life, esg, jackie chain, shogun kunitoki, naked raygun, leyna noel, sam cooke, gary us bonds, lil b, pianos become the teeth, joyce manor, spaceghostpurpp, a place to bury strangers, tuxedomoon, nujabes, action bronson, metro zu, true widow.

food: greek/turkish/mediterranean, chinese (esp. shanghainese), korean, thai, french bistro, jamaican, american BBQ (memphis wet style, texan dry rub, and carolinian vinegar and mustard based). also i would probably be ashamed to actually know how much BBQ chicken pizza i've consumed in my lifetime...
The six things I could never do without
- sustenance.
- hearing/sound.
- sleep.
- the pursuit of knowledge.
- affection/touch.
- lust for life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
dismantling neo-liberalism, social design, peak oil, the space-time continuum, three wishes, what it could be like to live inside two different consciousnesses, love or the lack thereof, kim peak's memory.
On a typical Friday night I am
slangin' drinks and dodging drunks.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
:: if you're not drinking to forget - but drinking to remember.
:: if you believe there's a light in every dark scary room.