38 Tinley Park, IL
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My self-summary
Random facts about me in no particular order:
1. I've never broken a bone.
2. I'm a middle child.
3. I've never ever done drugs.
4. I love Halloween, and love haunted houses but I hate horror movies.
5. I want so bad to be a runner but the lack of running makes me a failure at it. [Update, I'm running regularly and slowly getting better]
6. I have a morbid sense of humor at times.
7. I'm a new homeowner and learning the joys (and sorrows) of homeownership.
8. I have never owned a coach purse.
9. I lived in New York for 6 years.
10. I've had lots of interesting jobs.
11. I have an active passport and want to use it.
12. I'm just as happy staying in as going out as long as I have a healthy balance of both.
13. I'm very close with my sisters and my mom.
14. I find doing this list much easier than writing out paragraphs about myself.
15. I've begun to really enjoy country music in the last 3 years.
16. I am a great aunt. (both meanings)
17. I'm the quiet one of my siblings. I'm referring to volume not quantity. I still talk a lot, but they are loud!
18. I love yoga but don't do it as often as I'd like.
19. I think I own every book written by Dean Koontz.
20. I think that life throws enough drama your way, there's no need to create some.
21. I prefer red wine over white
22. I was once an apprentice in a dance company.
23. I've had my heart broken and I've broken a heart. I think these life experiences are necessary to move forward and grow.
24.I'm the peacemaker in the family and it can be exhausting.
25. I got a perfect score on the NYPD entrance exam.
26. I have a tattoo.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a job that I love and family that I'm close with. And now that I own a home, I'm feeling pretty settled in life. Just can't wait to find someone to share it with.
I’m really good at
Singing in the car. You can flip the station and chances are I'll know at least 80% off the words of whatever song comes on.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What makes my dog so weird. I wish she could talk and tell me about her life before I adopted her.
On a typical Friday night I am
1)At my mom's house eating dinner with the family.
2)Working a shift at my 2nd job.
3) Out to dinner with my girlfriends.
4) Catching up on TV I missed all week and trying to clean my house during the commercials.
You should message me if
You live within a 15 mile radius. Unfortunately between work, family, friends and my dog, I don't have the luxury of being in a relationship with someone more than a half an hour away.