34 Fremont, CA
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My self-summary
Quite a lengthy summary, but I thought that a little more info may be useful (if you decide to read through all of this).

About Me:
I am very much into the Arts (more towards Performing but also into printed arts such as comics). My hobbies are stage performing, reading (mostly technical manuals and non-fiction related material), and Art (mostly digital nowadays, but I started with pencil and paintbrushes). If I have time, I like to go to these conventions where people get extreme on CosPlay. I think that's awesome but I have yet to come up with a cool enough costume.

I am also somewhat of a Gamer (PC and Console). No, I am not obsessed with it, but I do spend some time on it. I know some of you get turned off when you hear the word "Gamer" or "World of WarCraft" but I assure you I don't live in Azeroth or "Middle Earth." There are certain games I like and some I don't, so that means I don't live there (at least, not all the time).

I work mostly at night, so my mornings often start in the early to mid afternoon. I hope the fact that I am Nocturnal does not bother you. No I am not a Vampire, but I do work most of the time at Night.

My Personality:
I am really laid back but I won't hesitate to get in your face or say anything if I feel something is either not right, or if I feel I need to address a situation that I either perceive as an issue, or a situation that would need correction or improvement.

I am loud, but I am also quiet. I talk a lot, but I try not to drag my conversations out. I do a lot of things socially, but most of the time I am more into my own personal hobbies.

The point is, you either like me, or you don't, or you're inbetween/neutral which is fine too.

You want more pics.......ask me

Here, let's make things simple. I have put in point form what exactly a lot of my interests are:

•Reading/Writing (most of the books I read though are Technical and Sci-Fi related)
•Gaming (PC, PS3, mmorpg, whatever)
•Old School Pimped Out Rides
•Cooking (I used to be a cook)
•Comedy (my sense of humor)
•Music Production (secondary hobby which includes the composition, recording, sound editing/mastering, vocals, and live performance)
•Sci-Fi (yes, i've been a geek/nerd since before geek/nerd culture was cool)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a freelance Tech Support/Advertising Designer by day, and I spin records at night!

I used to be a bouncer, whether I applied for the job or if the place I was working at could not afford one and all of a sudden I had to remove filth that would wander into the bar/nightclub/store that I would work at.

I also used to be a cook, and a butcher (yes I used to cut up dead animals and served them to people)
I’m really good at
•Urinating in public places
•Listening to music backwards
•Making up imaginary friends to converse with
•Hiding under tables and odd places
•Stealing toilets
•Making clothing out of potato sacks
•Making Prime Real-Estate out of cardboard boxes
•Eating Burgers at record speeds
•Shaping and Baking chocolate chip cookies to look like turds
•Recreational Tourette's Syndrome type of activities
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humor. If you don't like it, you can go F@#$ yourself!

My hands, my hair, my teeth (when I smile), my feet (I got size 13 feet, and you know what that means.....I got big shoes)

The most noteable thing people notice about me is my height-to-proportions ratio. I don't claim to be super tall, or large, but more than often I always get approached by job positions that require a bouncer, or by football coaches that need an extra player on their team, or most often by a lot of ladies from varying age groups (usually 18 to 50 and below 5'6") that wants someone to walk/ride the bus with them (somewhat of an arm candy) to the shopping mall or as a chaperone type of a person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like Indian food! Burgers are good too as long as they come from burger king or Jack in the Box. I do normally eat a salad with chicken on it.

My fav tv shows:
Star Trek (from TOS - Enterprise, TNG and DS9 were the best)
Law & Order (Original and SVU)
CSI (all shows)
NY: Undercover
Reno 911!
Nash Bridges
Miami Vice

To summarize my tv viewing preferences, I am basically a Trek Whore and TV Pig Wannabe!

As far as movies go:
Star Trek (TMP to Nemesis, most noteably II, III, IV, VI, Gen, FC, and Nemesis)
Most Michael Keaton films
Night Shift
All Batman Films (except the one with Clooney)
Most Governator Schwarzenegger Films
All Terminator films and spinoffs
Nearly all James Bond films (my preference is Roger Moore)
Most ghetto films

Here is my list for Music:
Hip Hop (Old School, Semi-New School, and Underground ONLY)
New Wave
EMO Ballad
some 90's Alt Rock
Super Alternative to the Alternative Rock (such as Ween and Butthole Surfers)
R&B and old school Disco

Oh and I watch a lot of cartoons too!
The six things I could never do without
Clean Cold Water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
thinking too much
On a typical Friday night I am
At work (I work in a bar/nightclub)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I still watch cartoons and play with action figures
You should message me if
you should just message me