27 Swansea, UK
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My self-summary
Notes: If I've 'Liked' you, leading you here without other contact I'm probably either using a mobile device - having neither the time nor patience to touchscreen out a worthwhile message - or/and I would prefer some preliminary indication of mutual curiosity prior to investing in said introduction. It's what the feature is for, no?

If I've simply visited you without leaving a Like or a message, it doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to hear from you.

I'm listed as looking exclusively for women - but this applies only to my romantic and sexual predispositions. I'm here to find friends, and whatever emerges from that is not to be predicted. I welcome friends of either gender or anywhere in-between or outside.

Finally; this is a big scary profile. It's old, a mongrel of innumerable updates and long periods of inactivity. It may not be entirely up to date. Good luck!



I'm Jack.

Or to pay a little fan-service to a favoured publication, I am Jack's Outdated Profile. It's a mixture of the old and the new, broadly accurate, but too interesting a record of my development for me to want to start it from scratch. I've been here forever, though I've not always been an active user, and I've many friendships and experiences to thank this place for.

I am a 2̶0̶ 2̶1̶ ̶2̶2̶ ̶2̶3̶ Oh dear. I'm a .. 26?.. year-old living in South Wales, and eager to escape. When I do, I'm usually pretty eager to get back to where I can hide in the woods at short notice...

My interests include reading, film, computer gaming, travelling, exploring ruins, writing, design, drawing, painting, photography, photomanipulation, unusual forms of carving, philosophy, psychology (both should be a standard of human knowledge, not a speciality for academics!), and well... Everything, frankly. Everything except professional sport, reality television and cars. Humans fascinate me, but I generally tend to term close friends something more. Humanity has bad connotations. I like to study people, in mind and body, mutually exploring and experimenting with them.

My beliefs are many and contradictory, as is the nature of our species, and my ambitions include transcending the limitations of said species. It's time to move on - interface with technology and aspire beyond petty post-ape hormone-beasts, breeding and consuming without restraint.

I have approximately no tolerance whatsoever for stupidity. I am an equal-opportunity discriminator against most people. Ethnicity, sex, or sexuality be damned, all that matters is that you have a brain, and use it.

In summary; seeking intelligent life in the universe, discriminates indiscriminately, intolerant of most things human, adores those who try to be more, enjoys all manner of creativity and exploration, dangerously open-minded, magnetically drawn to black and red objects, spends far too much time gaming or running around with toy guns/swords being silly.

OkC once had a three-part self-descriptor beneath one's photograph, and when it was removed these words were added beneath my self-summary. I still like them;

"I am restless, dangerous, and strawberry-flavoured."
What I’m doing with my life
Fighting the demons that share my biological manse, while seeking collaborators in the quest for the Holy Grail.

I travel as often as I can, demons and fragile finances permitting, chiefly around Wales, over to England when I've the excuse, to the USA and Canada in Summer 2014 to visit and adventure with a fellow OkCupidian... I'd like to do a lot more, and hope I'll find the means.

I hunt the most rewarding prey, an unceasing quest for collaborators, housemates, for crew, for tribe. For comrades in the cause(s), for bearers of the truth, for bright-shining minds that see something the way of the world and want to change it. I do not function well alone - utter extrovert and attention whore, I am happiest bouncing ideas off others, teaching, sharing. Alone for long periods I become very restless and bored.

While I wait for society to collapse, opening my options a little more - or for the right opportunities to emerge, and in my refusal to plan for an uncertain future... I write, design, photograph, teach myself to draw, play computer games, fight in whatever way a partner is willing, and learn a little bit of everything I can in terms of knowledge, while less than I'd like in terms of skills.

Much adventure awaits. I only hope I live long enough to taste it all.
I’m really good at
Many things.

What am I bad at would be a better question; I'm bad at tolerating stupidity, I'm bad at holding my peace when I disagree, I'm bad at lying except when I have a reason to, which is rare - I'm bad at anything which requires years of patient practise, I'm bad at doing what I'm told or obeying authority in any way. I'm bad at self-motivation, though I'm coming to realise that might be more of a neurological problem...

What about REALLY, REALLY good at? Writing, thinking, designing, opening eyes, opening minds, speaking, solving problems, massage and inducing physical pleasure, and playing computer games.

I'd love to say I'm good at drawing/painting, but I've never had the patience to practice or take up a class, so my skills are far, far weaker than I'd like.
The first things people usually notice about me
My long hair, the shallow bastards. Messy, mid-back length, tips go to the tailbone. Tendency to the Irish with the curliness ...

Then that I'm taller than most welshmen, which is to say short to average by any other standard, slender as an elf and have the same pointed ears, and rather pale.

Once they've spoken to me, they usually notice I'm a lot more intelligent than they want to be, and consequently stop speaking to me. Also, that I'm disturbingly honest and can be a bit of a bastard. Also, that I'm grinning and it makes them distinctly uncomfortable.

Once they've got to know me, that I'm not quite as horrible as I initially appeared. Sometimes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In that order? Certainly..

Books, oh god... Just come and view my little library? Dune, Scar Night, Discworld, Gormenghast, Robin Hobb's trilogies, H.P. Lovecraft, a bit of King, a bit of Rankin and Adams, Garth Nix' Old Kingdom,Gaiman's Neverwhere, a pile of comics, from Transmetropolitan to Judge Dredd, Atwood's Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood were fascinating, I love the Lord of the Rings, and I've little shame admitting I've had a damn good time with the Game of Thrones, too, asoiaf...

Movies? Carpenter's 'The Thing', and 'Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence' are among the finest works of cinema yet made, as far as I've seen... Fury Road recently joined that list, and I think I might love Snowpiercer. Anything Luc Besson, Tarantino can be fun, when he isn't lost up his own arse. Rodriguez usually offers a good time. James Cameron lives in a very similar imagination-world to me, and makes me so very happy with his monsters and his robots and his grand adventures. John Carpenter is a genius. Danny Boyle gets better and better, Zack Snyder and the Wachowski Brothers the same, Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings, V for Vendetta, The Green Mile, Fight Club, Wall-E, too many more to sensibly list, once again, come and look at the library to get a better idea.

Music? Now there I'm more picky.. the Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, Tool, Skinny Puppy, OhGr, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, and a huge pile of game music - including the soundtracks of Silent Hill and Shadow of the Colossus, and a pile of console classics... A fair bit else besides, but no list so copious as the others - I am the least musical person I know.

Food has changed since I first wrote this profile. My ethics advance, my awareness and understanding of the industries involved in producing it have rendered eating meat increasingly difficult for me - or more accurately *buying* meat, as the act of eating it seems only respectful once an animal is already dead. Feeding the businesses that bred, tortured and killed it, though? I prefer not to. I remain, however, an avid carnivore. Nothing tastes so good as well-cooked meat. It is a time of dissonance in my thoughts over food, complicated further by rarely having much will to cook it, at least for myself alone.

If it comes to it, I favour Chinese cooking, sweet over sour, I hate hot spiciness, my mouth actively blisters if exposed to sufficiently spicy food or simply hurts like hell/goes numb with weaker spice. I love pork but avoid it, love chicken and avoid it slightly less, love fish and... You get the idea, I like putting dead things in my mouth. Ethics continue to fluctuate - depression and malnutrition are comorbid when you start thinking you don't merit the death of other creatures, yet when you've a physiology that seems to be bored by anything that wasn't recently running/flying/swimming...

And strawberries. And most things involving sugar.

Games, you ask? Oh, how thoughtful, OkCupid. My favourite games include the great Fallout, as well as Grim Fandango, Thief, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid, Red Faction: Guerrilla, Planetside 2... Shadow of the Colossus, Silent Hill, Hitman, and plenty else. Games are a big thing for me, as a field of study and a creative pursuit as well as just a hobby.
The six things I could never do without
*ponders* I'm not sure, I pride myself upon adaptability and lack of reliance upon anyone or anything.

The sanctity of my own mind is important, my ability to think and reason. This was an old answer that has become more important than ever as I've developed... issues.

My senses. I hate the idea of becoming blind, and my eyesight is rather poor already X.x

My ability to communicate my ideas via words and sketches.

Hope and optimism, the idea that perhaps our species can survive itself, and evolve beyond it's current rather twisted state. If I didn't think I could save the world I'm not sure what I'd do.

The internet. It's our species' greatest achievement. Without global communication and access to an infinitely large library of information that grows faster than I can absorb the content, life would be a far darker and less purposeful experience.

Sex, perhaps qualifies; I could live without it, I have tried celibate periods, but I am not entirely myself without my sexuality. Shorn of my rascally flirtiness/animal hunger I am a colder, quieter, simpler person, with less chaos and mess and passion in my life... I'm more efficient, but so much less alive. Yes, sex is important.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Absolutely everything.

The ideas and designs stored in my memory, and the new ones that emerge every day from the simplest inspirations.

Sex. I'm an animal and quite happy to remain so.

Efficiency. Fixing things. From a kitchen appliance to a process of government, it all stands to be improved.

Mental health, psychology, and the madness of crowds...

Humanity, and how inhuman they can be - how to fix them, how to save the world from them.

And what to do next...
On a typical Friday night I am
Hunting minds and courting adventure.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't own underwear? ._. I welcome the apocalypse?

In truth, I don't have any secrets. I've tried quite hard to find some, but I've no shame and no secrets. They seem quite purposeless. There are plenty of things you don't know about me yet, plenty even I don't, perhaps... But no, no secrets.
You should message me if
(You aren't going to delete your bloody account before I can reply. There's nothing shameful about using a profiling website like this, and you can ignore the creepers. It's worth it, trust me - I've met some of my closest friends through this website, and sustained friendships across years in person from the initial spark OkCupid arced =) )

You think you can deal with me, or compete with me, you feel like a challenge, you share my interests, aspire to rule or destroy civilisation, possibly both, in undecided order, you want an interesting experience, to adventure, to fight, a decent massage, graphic design or writing work, a co-conspirator in saving the world, or you're simply a curious little magpie who wants to know more.