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Tests they’ve taken (22)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Playboy (RGSM) Take it!
The Politics Test Democrat Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 65 Take it!
The Ultimate Oral Sex Test Rug Muncher Take it!
The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test 43% pure: Somewhat Debacherous Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test " The Punching bag" Take it!
The Brutally Honest Personality Test Loser Take it!
The Never Have I Ever Test Crazy fun drunk Take it!
The Your Type of Girl Test The Hippie Chick Take it!
The Which Lolcat Are You? Test Ceiling Cat Take it!
The Sexual HELL Test HELL LEVEL 3 Take it!
The Bondage Test For you, I'd do it. Take it!
The What Type Of Sexy Are You? Test You scored 64% Classy n' Chic, 60% Smooth n' Sleek, 56% Rough n' Ready and 63% Wild n' Fiery! Take it!
The Time Travel Test The Plain Metal Box Take it!
The How Much Of A Liar Are You Test Just Typical People Take it!
The Freud's 5 Sexual Stages Test Latency stage. You're 7-13 yrs old Take it!
The Freethinker Test Feeling Mind Take it!
The Demon Test Azazel Take it!
The Would You Survive a Horror Movie? Quiz The Survivor Take it!
What kind of angel are you? The Tunnel Angel Take it!
Preferences & Perspective Don't you just feel special? Take it!
The how evil are you Test The Fae Take it!