28 Fort Collins, CO
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My self-summary
I like to read about castles and adventure, write about dragons, hike up mountains and volcanoes, then play video games. I recently started to sketch and paint in the last few years, and am now ready to draw you wearing only a giant expensive jewel necklace (which later can be cast dramatically into the ocean as you remember all the good ol' times).

Otherwise, I like to relax with friends around a hookah and smoke a few bowls. Watch a movie about ninja pirates hunting Bigfoot, before I eat ice cream for dinner and retire to bed.

During my younger years I wasted away data mining the internet, which slowly boils the soul away. However, I did learn every conspiracy fact there is. Which is why I could tell you about the deep sea alien bases that supply the galaxy with millions of fine delectable humans to eat and corrupt our top officials. Okay, they don't really need help being corrupt.

That may be the tip of the iceberg. Or the bottom. How do icebergs work? Missed that one apparently.

I could talk about: space -- time -- different dimensions -- aliens -- God/gods -- religion -- multiple universes -- evolution/creationism -- the sciences -- philosophy -- mythical creatures -- super powers -- ancient/futuristic weapons -- history/documentaries -- politics -- activism/movements -- countries oversea -- war/conflict -- medical advances -- horror movies -- horror reality (I'm scared) -- fantasy worlds -- dreams -- animals (my spirit guide would be a wolf, which either ate or was eaten by my former guide a praying mantis [they both survived]; now I just hear a jumble of voices in my head that Just. Won't. SHUUT UUP!!)

Haha, totally kidding. - Relax guys they can't hear you, I played it off cool.

I consider myself highly open minded and free of judgements. I don't always like to form strong opinions, or cling to them.

I'm guessing you've probably heard enough about me. Just know you gals intimidate and exhilarate me. So be gentle on this poor shy soul.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently just working with plans to finish a degree. Just moved up to Fort Collins this last year and want to go discover the outdoors. I'm working on my voice and plan to have a song to play on the guitar.
I’m really good at
Basketball, math, games, making funny faces, not having a good Halloween custom, tracking monsters (no matter how deep under the bed), sketching, throwing and catching sharp objects, and maintaining only a moderate fear of spiders.
You should message me if
If you smiled while reading this. A laugh would be even better.