33 London, UK
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My self-summary
....... Well, am very stubborn, honest (too honest sometimes ), perhaps at times inconsiderate, maybe even selfish, proud...
Ok, I'm not selling myself very well here. Let me try again....

Easy-going, fun to be with, opinionated, with sense of humor, loving and caring, intelligent (although, do have my "duh" moments), attractive. I am more of a giver rather than receiver.

I lived in three countries for extensive period of time, UK is my 4th and hopefully my last destination: on one hand I find it exciting to move to a new place, but on the other – you (I) tend to lose sense of "home", that feeling of belonging.

I am not afraid of changes or trying something new, like, mentioned above, moving countries, changing career, chopping off my very long hair (which I’ve done 4 times already). However, I do have one phobia – elevators. It’s not the closed space that bugs me, but the idea of getting stuck. Although I do use them, still feel uneasy even in those fancy modern lifts.

I tend to squeeze my toothpaste from the bottom and hate when the toilet paper rolls out from underneath the roll. Love carnations and sunflowers, chocolate and ice cream.
I’m really good at
Sports (love tennis! basketball, volleyball, recently got into running)
Cooking (not big on baking though)
Dancing like no-one's watching
Singing like no-one's listening
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The White Masai, The Kite Runner
Movies: Love Me If You Dare, Inception
Shows: TopGear, Grey's Anatomy
Music: old school R'n'B, Hip Hop, Soul, dancehall, reggae
Food: pretty much everything, as long as there are no beetroot, olives (unless I can pick them out), peas or lentils. Never understood pineapple on pizza. I do not drink coffee either.