20 Saint Petersburg, Russia
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My self-summary
What to begin with... hmm, let's say... what first comes to my mind. I love watching the thunderstorm. And I like beautiful views. I have dreams that you may find strange. I wish to see the starry sky (I haven't seen it in real life, probably because of clouds). It will be great if I get the chance to see the northern lights. Yeah...
I wouldn't miss a possibility to take a walk on the roofs. Height is scary if you're falling or going to fall, but when you know you're safe height is exciting.
I want to try snowboarding, someday I'll certainly do. Meanwhile, I skateboard. Try to skateboard and not fall.
I usually wear T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and so on. I also like mini-skirts. Dress is ok for official occasions. I'm a fan of stockings with garters ^^
I'd like to have some eccentric, provocative clothes. The question is where I'm gonna wear it.
I'm crazy about the smell of washing powder xD
And another one, I always smell it in subways. That must be creosote.
I like adventures. Inevitability of boring, ordinary life makes me fall into melancholy. I live with an expectation of something great going to happen in the future.
Interested in mysticism, esoterics, psychology, philosophy and popular science.
I hate when my hands are dirty, and I wash them quite often, but not that often that it would turn into a mania.
I'm scared of medical manipulations that bring pain and discomfort. I also have a fear of dogs.
I like all sorts of weapon, I'd like to have some at home, especially swords *__* But for now I've only got a long ruler to practice with...
I would like to try archery, as well.
I am attracted to men in black sunglasses. And long-haired guys. Also, if you look like a typical metalhead, there's a 80% guarantee I'll like you.
I love sitting on somebody's lap (somebody I like, of course).
I like the French kiss.
I think red-haired people are attractive. And with white (not gray but very fair) hair.
Flowers don't impress me much, except for roses. For some reason I feel the passion for roses, especially red, and those of unnatural colours are quite interesting.
My favourite animals are ravens, foxes, wolves and all rodents ^^
I like collecting any rare things.
At the moment I'm saving up for an electric guitar... or hoping to get it as a gift.
I'm bigender. Or gender-free... Either way, I'm a person and I'd like everyone to treat me as a person, with no gender prejudices and expectations.
I feel friendly towards bisexual guys. I don't know why guys exactly, but it seems to me they're nice people. Like me :P
I wouldn't say I don't like parties. I prefer private ones. And... theme parties! I love dressing up, and I bet I'd love cosplay... if only I could get all the costumes I need easily.
I'm usually quiet and try not to get in troubles, but I assume I can become confident and reckless sometimes.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to do something useful for the society, maybe, saving the world... just kidding. It's a huge responsibility, and I'm not sure I could do that. But I will protect my friends and family! Try to...
I’m really good at
Playing video games, learning foreign languages, playing piano, probably singing (it's hard to estimate when so little people heard me), writing about myself a lot (am I wrong?), taking dark photos, sneaking and keeping quiet - that makes me a great spy. I'm also good at daydreaming and hiding my true personality behind an unremarkable one (that happens even when I don't want it to).
The first things people usually notice about me
They say I'm shy... but don't really know me. Well yeah, I can be shy sometimes, even with my friends at first.
I can be shy when talking, but not when writing.
Another thing they notice is that I should gain more weight, but I can't help it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: His Dark Materials, Eragon, Harry Potter (hasn't it become classic yet?), Tailchaser's Song, Rebecca, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland :)

Movies: Delusions of Grandeur, Some Like It Hot, Camille, Psycho, Hocus Pocus, Ghost, Artificial Intelligence, Sucker Punch.
Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice - I like Tim Burton's films, and these are the most favourite. I also enjoy action, horror movies and thrillers, but they seem too similar to me to have favourites, though there are two that still remains in my memory - Push and Jumper. I don't mind watching some good horror film, but I'm feeling quite well without them - I can calmly walk in the dark.
Hmm, probably I'd watch Labyrinth again, mostly to see David Bowie :D
Haven't seen much anime, now's the time to catch up. For now I can name a few: Utena Revolutionary Girl, Ouran High School Host Club, Maria Holic and, finally, Bleach (another hundred episodes to watch).

Music: in fact, it is a mingle of many different kinds of music, however, hard-rock and heavy metal are dominant. Besides, I really love epic music ('To Glory' by Two Steps From Hell is a great example), disco and other music of 70-s and 80-s, Spanish and Irish music, OST from games and surf rock (finally found the name of this genre).
I was surprised to find out I like Army of Lovers. That's weird.

Games: finally I'm here. I've been delaying this moment because I have much to say about games and I'm lazy. Ok, my favourites are: Tomb Raider: Legend, Underworld, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness (no matter how glitchy it may be). Zanzarah, Diggles (Wiggles). King's Bounty, all of the series. Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Heroes (I have only PC and PS2 so I can't play more of them, only with emulator, but I haven't tried). Golden Compass - this one is very underrated in my opinion. Maybe it's not hard enough for me, but the atmosphere and music are great. Venetica (hanging around the city with changing time of day and exploring new locations was interesting). Kingdom Hearts, only the first one yet, because I haven't played the others.
Pay attention to the games I mentioned below, they're favourites too. What they're doing in 'why you should message me section'? Let me think... I find it interesting to talk about them :)
There is one game I played in my childhood, I was stuck on the first level or so. It's called Messiah, I want to find it and try again. Just curious, have anyone played it or heard about it?

It's time to write about my favourite food - it's sweet (all of it). I'd rather tell about flavours than food itself. I like anything with cheese flavour, cheese with ham is my favourite combination, and I love smoked cheese. I like spicy food. And (extremely) sour as well. Oh, and salty snacks ^_^
I'm very picky when it comes to food.
Also, I just love highly mineralized water (sparkling, if possible). Yet I shouldn't overuse it. Damn.
Finally, I have a passion for peanut butter.
The six things I could never do without
Hard to tell... but I'll try.
1. My folks and friends (yet they're not things)
2. Computer with internet connection
3. Sweet food (it causes an addiction, you know)
4. Books
5. Imagination
6. Memory
If I could choose one more it would be music.
I need to spend some time alone - it's eighth already.
The more you think about it, the more things you add to this list.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what awaits humanity in the near future, meaning of life and some other philosophical questions, ideas I'm working at, what bothers me at the moment, and... somewhat dirty fantasies.
I'm a person in which morality and perversion combine perfectly. Almost. My character consist of combinations of opposite features. Sometimes it gets in the way.
I'm thinking all the time, sure it's not the whole list. I can add one more question: I wonder, where does the weirdness come from and why do things seem weird to people?
Oh, and every time I see my self-summary (would be more correct to name it 'list of facts') I wonder how many times I said 'I' in it.
If you could read my mind (I hope you can't do it), you'd find out it's also full of epic stuff.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home, unless someone gets me out of there.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmm, I'm certainly willing to talk to a person with the same kink, but I'm not sure I'm willing to shout about it. Well, I can give you hint. Let me see... it's weird but let's assume I'm wearing a yellow bandana in my back pocket. If you have no associations, pass by.
I guess I've already said a few things which other people find private and I don't, so that should be enough for you :)
You should message me if
- you're interested in communicating/want to know more about me.
- you're a fan of Judas Priest. I'd like to get acquainted with more of them :P
- you like heavy metal and bands like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC, Rainbow, Metallica, Scorpions etc. I would add Accept, Manowar and Helloween here because they've got great songs too.
I like some Rammstein songs either.
- you played Grandia II, American McGee's Alice or The Path.
- you can teach me how to fight (half-joking, half-serious).
- you need a singer or a piano player.
- you know how to astral project and do it well. It would be nice to have someone to help me with it. I've also got some questions about lucid dreaming.
- you look like Ichigo Kurosaki. I'm kidding, but if you really do look like him, let me know :)
- you'd like to speak in French with me and laugh at my mistakes

I have to say something about messages. I know it can be hard to write something more than 'Hi', but to me it's boring to say same things to many people, so please, try to be more original.
A small request for people I had nice conversations with and who's going to delete their accounts, please, leave your email address or anything. And if I'm not replying for some time it doesn't mean I forgot about you.

I'm not sure if I'm looking for someone intentionally for a relationship. Right people usually find me accidentally. Also it may not be as easy to get me to sleep with you as it probably seems. If I were that careless I would have got into lots of troubles ;)

If reading this entertains you, go ahead. I'll leave what I've written here before just to let you know what I appreciate, or what my ideal would include. Sure it's not the whole list.
I should add this: if you promise something, keep it, otherwise don't make it.

If you're male, single (rather available), you live in Saint-Petersburg and find me interesting. Preferred age - older than me, but not too old; slim or fit (just normal) and higher than me; with a sense of humor; to tell the truth, I'm a bit horny (sometimes), and I want to know more, so you better like discussing kinky stuff and else (but don't overdo it), oh, and you should be experienced, i.e. I wouldn't be your first partner, that's important. You might be surprised, but infertility would make a great advantage, and I don't mind adopting a child, if it comes to this. The last, but not least: it will take some time before we actually meet. That's all. I may give up on some requirements if I like you in general.
And no jealousy: I'm in an open relationship.
Otherwise, we can just be friends :)

Girls hardly ever write to me. Well, anyway... Age - not too old, again. Slim and nice-looking (I'm saying obvious things). And pretty much everything I wrote above. Please keep in mind that I've never had love affairs with girls. I'd rather you would teach me something.

I'm not sure about how long I want both relationships to last. Actually, I'd like relationships to last forever as long as they're good :D Never mind that, just let's see how far we can go and it'll be clear. First of all, we must be friends. Love begins with friendship, at least mine does.