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My self-summary
<<updated Jan 25th, 2016>>

«Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.» — Rumi

- My Schedule (subject to change)

HNL: Dec 5-11th
SFO: Dec 12th
DUB: Dec 13-17th
KIDS: Dec 18th-Jan 4th
SFO: Jan 5-23rd
HNL: Jan 24-30th
SFO: Jan 31-Feb 15th

-- Prolog:

Fair Warning: I define myself as a Geek. Perhaps this is my way to justify my social awkwardness, and often observed 'lack of common sense'.

Personally, I believe that common sense is neither common nor intuitive. But rather it requires endless attention to social interactions and group discussion as to what social behavior should be accepted by the larger group and what behaviors should be rejected by the group, and in some cases what should be punished. From a young child, I opted out of theses group discussions, favoring instead science, debate, reason and introspection as my tools to define myself and my actions.

As a result, I find myself as an adult with a highly reasoned set of behaviors with little conversational common ground with much of the population that opted into all of the discussions required to form thier understanding of common sense.
Yes it's a lonelier path, but I've always cherished the unique memories I've gained along the way.

TLDR: yes, I know I can be socially awkward at times. I have little desire to invest the time needed to repair this. I prefer to invest what little time I have on the planet into the big mysteries of life.

— My Hopes

Ultimately, I’m looking for a single, long-term romantic partner. I’m looking for chemistry, connection, love, laughter, comfort, caretaking, homemaking, conversation and a lifetime story to remember.

Until that day, I’m looking for people to experience life with, with the hopes of finding that very special someone one day.

— Intro:

Why am I on this site? Because I like progressive women (I aspire to be hetroflexible, but I'm wired as a straight, cis-male, a Kinsey 1) And I like open relationships as a way to break the ice and get to know someone.

I'm sex-loving, poly-friendly, kink-friendly, commercial sex worker friendly, sugarbaby friendly, alternative lifestyle friendly, kid friendly, pet friendly, friends and family friendly… etc, etc.

I grew-up poor, and ended-up upper middle, and I have friends all along the way, between the top 1% to the bottom 10%.

I enjoy everything from movies and dinner, to farmers markets and flea markets, from walks on the beach to walks in the redwoods, from politics to economics, and from the latest in psychology to the oldest in philosophy.

Since my divorce 3 years ago, I've enjoyed dating in the wild. I've been to swinger parties, BDSM parties, sugar-baby parties, stripper parties, poly potlucks, nudist hot-springs, yoga/chant camp, tantric energy exchange, vacations together to LA, Boston, Seattle, Austin, Japan, and NYC, and a bunch of other stuff. It's a crazy fun world we live in.

— my Politics:

I'm a strong believer is the decriminalization of all consensual activities between adults.

— About the woman I'm looking for:

The following is my fantasy wish list:

<<Life Philosopher/Scientist>>: Think deeply about life? I would love to hear everything!

Story-teller: Know how to tell a good story? So much of life is about telling stories. From 'How was your Day?' to 'What's your political position on that?'. I can't imagine spending life with anyone except an amazing story-teller.

Adventurer: Wanna go explore life? Experience something most people only dream about? Do that fantasy you've told me so many time? Or that fantasy you just created? I'm in!!

Caregiver: I'm happy to get these needs met outside the relationship, but I really enjoy having my emotional/physical/sexual well-being cared for.

Homemaker: Also happy to hire outside help for this, but if you enjoy homemaking in any sense of the activity, I really enjoy this trait in a partner.

Pervert Like Sex? Like Porn? Masturbation? Fantasies? Toys? Erotica? Kink? Fetishes? The Taboo? Ever had a partner you could share anything with? Want one?

In Public My Dream Lover:

1. is a great conversationalist
2. thinks a lot about life
3. has several close friends
4. enjoys people watching
5. likes to travel
6. loves life
7. wears heels with jeans (optional)
8. has a great sense of humor

In Private My Dream Lover:

1. is a great conversationalist.
2. thinks a lot about her own life
3. talks about her deepest thoughts and fantasies
4. enjoys lots of pillow talk
5. likes to cook a great meal
6. is open minded and adventurous
7. loves to run, jump and skip barefoot
8. had a great sense of humor

— In Closing:

Well? Whatcha waiting for? Email me. And, let's start planning our first rendezvous…

What I’m doing with my life
Everything I hoped to do. 3 wonderful kids, long wonderful career, plenty of world travel, plenty of great food, some amazing sex and a life story that is sure to be passed down a few generations.

I have a low key personality, which makes it easy for people to trust me. I've worked with well-known companies (Toyota, Apple, Google).

As far as my big goals in life go, My kids are my life. My interpersonal friendships and finding community are a close second. And everything else is third. And yes, this includes career and everything else life has to offer...

And yes, there is plenty of room for love and a relationship. I'm looking for a life partner to share life with and help each other out. Someone that is there when we both need each other.

My Grandmother remarried at age 54, and lived another 35 years after that. They were her happiest years. Not because she was healthier or wealthier, but because she found someone she really clicked with. My Grandfather also remarried. He also enjoyed every last bit of it, having found his love match.

I'm looking to do the same. I figure I have about 45 years left. I have the single goal of getting my 3 kids (10,13,17) the higher education they need. Outside of that, the next 45 years are completely open.
I’m really good at
I'm really good at keeping life simple. I love free time, and I maintain this lifestyle by keeping things focused on a few high priorities, and not worrying about the rest.

And I'm pretty good with kids. I grew up in a big family with lots of cousins, and I've carried this experience with me into my adult life.

I'm really good at my career. It's how Ibgive back to the world, it's how I provide for what I need, and it's how I find purpose and meaning.

And I'm really good at thinking life through and living the well examined life. My pastimes are philosophy, travel, pondering, sex/intimacy, and my iPhone.

It's a simple life, and highly rewarding.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm a happy-go-lucky guy. That I'm not afraid of living life. And that I see the World differently than most.

That said, some of my closer friends will say:
That I need to plan more and worry more. That I need to be more guarded in my interactions with others.
That the truth isn't always the most important thing in life, and that I could use a little more common sense.

But I'm a kid at heart. Unaffraid of what's benieth the muddy water, as I leap into the wishing pool left behind by the rain clouds. And I'm in constant search for others to swap life stories and adventure tales with.

Where have you gone, what did you see, how did you feel and what did you learn? Most people find me a curious listener with wide eyes, an open heart, and all the time in the world when we're together.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm an avid audiobook listener, with over 200 books in my audio library.. I like both non-fiction and fiction. Everything from US Supreme Court history to Philosophy to '50 Shades..'

“I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Got a book you like? Let's read it together!
The six things I could never do without
Good friends, my kids, yummy food, deep sleep, lots of free time and something fun to do on the weekends...

I've done a ton over the years, traveled the World, worked hard, and spent my share of money, etc, etc... But above it all, I enjoy spending interpersonal time with a close circle the most...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life. I find the human condition fascinating. How is anyone to figure out so much in so little time.....

Sex/Relationships. How is it that we build flying machines, fighting machines, watercraft and rail craft. Super computers and fully automated block buster movies. And yet, we still don't know how to match people's highly predictable relationship and intimacy needs to fulfillment?

Social justice, global politics, micro and macro economics, space travel, etc, etc.
On a typical Friday night I am
40% of the time I'm hanging out with my kids. 35% of the time I'm traveling. And the remainder I'm recovering from the week. Also enjoy going out to dinner, movies, a great book, a road trip, a nice weekend getaway, or a benge of Netflix, etc.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've got an account on a huge part of my life, but definitely part of my tribe...

FL: CognitiveBliss

Happy to share more if you're interested...
You should message me if
<<feel free to be the social architect in our interactions. If you will work out the social dynamics required to spend time together, I promise to always be present when we are together, to be open and gueniune, to take risks and hold hope>>

But back to the question; You should message me if:

you are hungry, thirsty, curious, and/or in a good mood. You'll find me in the same condition!

In a perfect world, the following would happen next:

1) we find out we have a high match %
2) we read each other's profiles and notice a few things we are both curious about each other.
3) one of us proposes a time and place to meet. (Mon/Wed/Thurs evenings after 7:30pm, anywhere within 100 miles of Palo Alto works for me).
4) we meet, I notice your smile and you notice mine.
5) we talk.
6) and we are both the wiser for having spent the time together.

All my best in your search!!

"If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. If she's worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you're not worthy. ... Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." Bob Marly