35 Durham, NC
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My self-summary
2nd career physician. 1st career was in finance. I had a good job, but it didn't provide enough interaction with other people. Now I work with children, and they have been known to pee on me or vomit on my shoes. But I'll take that over the glare of an excel spreadsheet every single day. I'm quiet, except when somebody slows me down on the golf course. When not at the hopistal or playing golf, I enjoy running. I ran in college and am forever trying to prevent the sand of time from heading further south.

FYI, I am an INTJ. Scored that twice ~ a decade apart. Well, if that is the hand I've been given...
What I’m doing with my life
Pediatric resident at Duke.

Prior to residency starting I got to spend two month long stays in rural Uganda and a one month stay working with the IHS in Shiprock, NM. Strangly, Shiprock NM felt more foreign than rural Uganda.

I've been known to take "trips to nowhere" to keep my frequent flier account active. "Destinations" hae included: JAckson MS, Phoenix, San Jose CA and San Francisco.
I’m really good at
(on the rare occassions when i open my mouth) either shocking people random tidbits that are weaved together that spur on fantastic conversations that know no bounds OR sticking my foot in my mouth. I rarely know which will happen. I could depend on whether or not I've slept the previous night or been able to enjoy a diet coke, but I have yet to identify a trend.
The first things people usually notice about me
It depends on what I say. I'm rather shy around most people. It is a trait that has always been with me but has become worse in med school. Opening one's mouth is a good way to prove you don't know something. But once I am comfortable I am filterless. Most of the time it works in my favor. But with more obvious things, I will never be confused with a fashionista (sp). My wardrobe is "comfortable" and thus not terribly hip. But most of the time I'm in scrubs, a white coat and tie or running gear, so now most people never have to endure my large collection of long sleeve polo shirts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I have a habit of buying 5 books and then reading 3 of them. But given school/work, reading anything other than medical texts has not happened much as of late. Recent books that I've finished, I don't finish books I dislike, include: Engleby (disturbed main character, which made it a quick and fun read), Your Inner Fish, No Blade of Grass (had to buy it used and I read it while enjoying an English cottage I won at an auction. I couldn't have asked for a better setting for this book), The Real James Herriot and Prep. Recently failed reads: Lords of Light (Argo) and Under the Skin (may try this one again). Note, this is not a list of my favorite books.

Movies: feel free to ask. I will admit that I do like zombie movies.

TV: I disconnected my cable to same money and time. Med school, and now residency, and TV can't coexist without dreadful side effects. I do like watching re-runs (DVDs and youtube) of Law & Order (original & SVU), Frasier and almost anything British.
The six things I could never do without
my unending quest to defy my age and stay healthy
new discoveries that allow random things to be tied together
smart-wool socks
I spend a lot of time thinking about
see six things I could never do without and add in: the zombie movie my college roommate and I dream about writing as well as how I would like to develop my career as a physician. And I think about mundane things like the economy, my retirement...
On a typical Friday night I am
working at the hospital, jogging, reading, sleeping, watching a DVD, out to dinner with friends. And I mean a cheap dinner. I don't do expensive fancy places. And I don't go clubbing. I love music, but not if it drowns out the conversation, and not if the drinks in the place cost as much as my weekly food budget. You may think this sounds dreadful, but I am comfortable with my current quiet life, and while I would like to be more social, I will not sacrifice what I have worked for to attend some "really cool party with neon colored drinks."
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've had the same Enya album playing, on repeat, in my car for weeks, well, maybe months. Right now, the only time I need to drive to when I have to commute to an outside hospital at either crazy early hours. And on the off change I get to drive at a normal time, it will be rush hour. I think win, but I see the traffic and it is a fail. Because of this, the album is the only reason I don't have a brain aneurysm while driving. [note: i dislike driving]