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30 Raleigh, NC Man


I’m looking for

  • Women
  • Ages 18–32
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  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating

My details

Last online
Today – 4:25pm
Black, Native American, Hispanic / Latin
5′ 10″ (1.78m)
Body type
Mostly anything
Christianity, and somewhat serious about it
Libra, and it’s fun to think about
Working on university
Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Japanese (Poorly)

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My self-summary
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This long-ass self-summary will be proof that there's a reality where women are exactly like men and only post to people who they think are cute, and there's a chance that this is the anti-reality. There's a chance that this is the reality in between those two. Then there's a reality where women actually read this summary and base their pursuit/anti-pursuit(I love you women for this one) on what you read, and then feel. ;)

Is reincarnation real? Am I Baruch Espinoza? Wiki him. We bear a lot of similarities.

I'm like every other guy, in that my eyes are going to be the first thing that attracts me to read your profile. Have good pictures to get me to read, and then have meaningful, informative content so I know if I should engage you.

Going to do an ideal mate image for an ongoing experiment. I'm going to play Shallow Hal with myself while also trying to be the Hypnotist that deprograms what he thinks is physical beauty to see inner beauty. So I'll make a list/image and try to reduce it overtime. Feel free to tell me what you think of the list:
Tall, fair(just fairer than me in complexion of any racial background), full lips(can't help it, love kissing those), dark hair, a few extra pounds or less, patient unless stressed/hurt, funny unless serious/passionate about something, willing to put me in my place if my head inflates too much, willing to talk about everything that bothers her so I can be sympathetic.

Emotions are logical, even reactive ones. There are steps/reasons as to why you react a certain way. I can rationalize all emotion, all you have to keep doing is asking why/why/why until you break it down back to the basics. Sometimes traumatic events dampen memory and you can't answer the Why, so you say, "I don't know why I'm afraid of spiders, I just am." Logic has just full-circled me into seeing that following/feeling/using your emotion is perfectly logical and just because others don't see the logic(steps in between) doesn't mean it doesn't make sense in some way.

If life was a video game, women are hacking with their intuition. You some how knew (without using logic, just reactive/emotional mind) to pick your mates based off the merit of happiness. You base happiness out of net security-survival/laughter/fun. Therefore, you're naturally selective, just like men. (When we use our eyes to hunt you out, and then the rest of us go.)

Life is short, and in the end the best way to be happy is to do whatever it takes to enjoy the ride/journey while you can. Logic suggestions this is best done by perpetuating laughter and fun/play.

I'm a nerd that aims to be playful and funny because it feels better than thinking all the time. I like to think all the time when I don't have to entertain anyone else but myself. We can have deep conversation or we can make jokes and be sarcastic. We can go out and play or go out and work out.

I'm looking for a woman to help be my fire. I dare you to change me. I'm willing to change to win you over, how ever possible, if I desire you enough to do so.

I don't see this as selling out, but conceding that I could be wrong and would be a fool to cling to everything because of ego. I'm looking for this special woman deserving of my obsession to be a better man for her.

If anything, I am my enemy. If you want me to change, let my aptitude to do so be the fight and struggle I must undergo to prove my obsession of you. That I must have you in my life because I want to know you(which in turn can lead to love.)

I'm already being a better man with respects to me, but maybe I should have a special 'her' whose opinion I respect so I can be a better man 'with respects' to her.

I believe in true love, but I believe it's rare. I believe a man and a woman can exist to love one another so much, they don't need marriage or any promise to stay faithful to one another. They would do so simply because they feel there is no other person out there they'd rather screw, love, be with, die with.
What I’m doing with my life
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Working and preparing to pay off student loans. The college try is no longer so much an issue of trying but knowing what to do, and not lacking the necessary motivation to do it. I have been missing a relationship with a woman, all my life. Perhaps that is something that might 'light a fire' under my ass, so to speak? Does the practice of boolean logic in everything I suppose is true, count as doing something with ones life? Because I -feel- like it does, since it's changed my outlook/mental state and confidence.

Because of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Scientology, I have come to an enlightening method of thinking and fact finding.
I’m really good at
Go on, brag a little (or a lot). We won’t judge.
Admitting what I do not know, and admitting when I'm wrong in an argument. Also, as of 12:58am EST 04/10/2015, I make the claim that as long as I have no reason to resent you/something, I can prove I practice a measure of love for you/something with pure logic and supposition.
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
Physically? I don't know, maybe my wide shoulders. As soon as I open my mouth people make their judgments as either A) I'm slow or B) I'm smart with no common sense.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
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I've recently liked reading but I'm a sucker for Non-Fiction. Fiction will work when I don't have papers to write for school. Otherwise I'll stick to movies as they're quicker than novels.

Music? I don't listen to music for lyrics, I listen to music for how it sounds and what mood it puts me in. Totally right-brained there.

Food? Anything that's healthy or good for you. Fast-food mixed-in every now and then. (like once a month) Lately I've been sticking to a water, green tea, high protein/high fiber diet based around salmon salad, various vegetables, bean salads, bran flakes and oatmeal. Cutting out sugar and bad starches (white starches) are the number one key to keeping belly fat away.

Sci-Fi: Star Trek(TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY), Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG1 and SGA.

Romanticism: Game of Thrones

Fantasy: Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural

Drama: Breaking Bad (Yay 6th season), The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy(currently at season 3 ep 11), Mad Men(caught up), Better Call Saul. Soon to be American Horror Story, Empire.

Comedy Animated: Family Guy, Archer

Anime: One Piece, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online I and II, Knights of Sidonia, Avatar The Last Airbender, and maybe Bleach/Naruto/Death Note/Full Metal Alchemist at some point.

Movies: Interstellar, Matrix (1, 2, 3), Gravity, Inception, Prestige, Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dispicable Me I/II, Seven Pounds, Deja Vu, Training Day, The Equalizer, Pulp Fiction, Crimson Tide, All about the Benjamins, Avatar, kinda like Lucy, Spawn, Friday(1, 2, 3), Rush Hour(1, 2, 3), The Princess Bride, Gladiator, Back to the Future (I, II, 3 not so much), The Pursuit of Happyness, Big Trouble in Little China, Return of the Dragon, Kung Fu Hustle, Shaolin Soccer, Legend of the Drunken Master.
The six things I could never do without
Think outside the box. Sometimes the little things can say a lot.
After reading about Buddhism, and Christianity, I only have one thing as of today, I -think- I could never do without: The ability to practice forgiveness and accepting. Without the ability to practice those things, one cannot reach Nirvana as they cannot possibly unpractice/unlearn the nature to cling to things that will inevitably change. Nirvana could perhaps be practicing so much acceptance and forgiveness of the nature of reality, that upon dying maybe you can somehow reach a state of eternal positive existence?(That appears like death in our reality anyway) What if Nirvana is what Jesus achieved in order to master how he was resurrected?

Well, on second thought, since i had to arrive at this conclusion using the power of reason, I'd say my ability to reason is the chief thing I cannot do without. Without my power to reason, I may be stuck in a less sophisticated state of mind where I can only learn through sensory and not analytical.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Global warming, lunch, or your next vacation… it’s all fair game.
Disclaimer: This section is changed very frequently. Everything I write is supposition and therefore Science Fiction. It's all based off of boolean logic styled thinking where I haven't actually ran truth tables yet.

Religion, philosophy(Ethics), and scientific theory connecting to religion. (Ie: The afterlife, the soul, the beginning of creation)

Existence(Somethingness, matter/anti-matter) and Non-Existence(Nothingness).

Matter(1) and Anti-Matter(-1).

Anti-Matter is the amount of matter necessary to destroy all the Matter that exists in the Universe.

Matter and Anti-Matter eternally exist to facilitate the definition of Existence and Non-existence(equilibrium/Nothingness.)

0 = Nothingness = The Void = When anti-matter(-1) and(+) matter(1) are at(=) infinite/eternal equilibrium(0).

The opposite(-) of Nothingness(0) = Opposite(-) of anti-matter(-1) and(+) matter(1) = 0. (because -(-1 +1) = -1(-1 +1) = 1 - 1 = 0.)

The opposite of eternal equilibrium of anti-matter+matter(Nothingness) is eternal non-equilibrium(infinite anti-matter, and infinite matter) but if both remain infinitely increasing, anytime their rate of increase is the same they define Nothingness again. (Come full circle.)

So anytime we can observe matter or anti-matter, they aren't at equilibrium, and one is more present than the other by a qualitative(in the case where quality = quantity) amount approaching infinity.

SHAPE OF THE UNIVERSE (Buddhism Samkhara Dukkha)
Basically our existence(our Universe) is infinite Dimension of an Infinity sign, where a 2D Universe/Infinity Sign exists in every possible reality, and time follows the same pattern, and everything intersects at Nothingness, like the smallest possible form existence approaching 0, existing at the center of the universe.

Another way to describe the shape of the Universe is sine, cosine, and tangent lines representing one possibility in everything that has a definition and an undefinition(center, origin, equilibrium, and ending) extending out in every possible direction from origin, and going into its inverse direction infinitely and repeating, becoming Undefined as the outer asymptote before it curves back into towards the center of Nothingness again. It's Infinity to the Infinity Power. (and Infinity to the negative Infinity Power) We are constantly a flux of matter and anti-matter reaching equilibrium and then infinitely not reaching equilibrium toward a hyperbole/asymptote, and coming full circle before not-existing again.

The nature of subatomic existence is to prove existence by in one moment, existing, and in one moment, not existing, and having to do this at different points in space and in time to facilitate the infinite progression of non-equilibrium and and equilibrium. (Basically Nothingness and Existence infinitely define one another, over and over, through the fluctuation of anti-matter and matter.)

Reality is the net chain of events that follow rules of causality. Everything that could've happened, didn't, because it already 'tried to,' and our observation/attempt at understanding Reality is our attempt to understand why Fate is Predestined, or why we already made the choice. (The Oracle, Matrix II.) There's the beginning of logic, and the end of logic, and our attempt to understand all the attempts in between, is the inevitable experience of all causality from the beginning of existence/nonexistence. Our reality, is what actually succeeds out of all instances. Though, one could theorize that there are other realities that are intangible to our senses, but able to be imagined by our analytical mind. If there are an infinite amount of realities, then there has to be an absolute negative/inverse reality to this reality, so that an equilibrium of the two realities and their time/anti-time can also be defined as Nothing. (To affirm the definition of existence in the first place)

RANDOMNESS (Choice/Free Will is an illusion between those with power, and those without: Merovingian, Matrix II)
Entropy and true Randomness is an illusion: Things seem random because they could've took any infinite number of events, and for some reason of circumstance, in our reality they took this particular chain of events. Whenever we observe the universe to apply a fact or observation, it's basically taking a picture of the Universe out of all instances through time and space.

Funnily enough, a computer generates randomness using time, and the instant you press that button, it uses its internal clock to start the generation of a number that is seemingly unrelated to the internal system clock's time at the very moment, but really the 'random' number generated had to follow the laws of causality to reach the result at which it currently is. (not truly random.)

Just like when you're at a slot machine, same thing. Reality is moving too fast for your senses to control when to achieve a desired picture of the Universe. You take a picture and you find it very hard to get that same 'picture' again, therefore, there's an illusion of randomness.

I'm not someone that likes to believes in fate, because I love the illusion of free will, but with enough boolean logic, it could be argued that all the realities of our Universe represent fate, and that this reality is just one possible fate. Therefore, our actions(thoughts are actions) -are- predetermined in THIS reality. Fate -has- to be predetermined just for this reality to be assured that it can remain defined forever against all other realities. In fact, if randomness is truly an illusion, that only further supports the argument that fate is true.

Moving across realities might be possible, but I don't know if it's humanly possible, that is, I don't know if pure thought could enable a human being to exist as they are in this reality, in another reality. (even if it's only offset by the smallest measure of time possible of existence and non-existence.)

Time is basically all realities existing all the time. That is to say, me writing this message right now, exists in all realities, and in one reality, it completely never exists. Time, is also eternal. Right now there's a reality where I'm writing this message a second earlier and a second later, for instance. Right now there's a reality that's 30 years from now, that THIS reality slowly becomes, while that 30 years from now reality, is eternally offset from us by that 30 years.

Anti-time must exist, for absolute zero to be observable.
Anti-time doesn't have to be necessarily observable by our senses, but imaginable by our analytical mind. If our mind can't possibly conceptualize it, it might be Undefinable/The nonexistence of analysis. Nonsense is already nothing to sensory.

So there's a reality that's -30 years from now, just as there's a reality of -infinity years from now, uncreating the definition of existence and nonexistence, while time recreates it, infinitely. Time too, is an infinity sign to the infinity power and infinity sign to the inverse infinity.

Resentment(-1) is the wish to punish.
Opposite of resentment(1) is the not wish to punish.
The not wish to punish is = the wish to forgive(1).
To forgive(1) is to cease resentment(-1).
Forgiveness(1) + Resentment(-1) = 0(nothing, nonsense to the sensory, undefined to the analytical)

Infinite Resentment = Infinite Punishment. (Hell, Devil)
Infinite Forgiveness = Infinite Love. (Heaven, God)
Earth/Reality = Fluctuations of resentment and forgiveness. (and sometimes nothing)

Therefore, the only unforgivable sin is to cause a contradiction to a definition.

If God and Heaven are always forgiving, upon death if you believe the contradiction to that definition, and the definition is never changing(absolute truth), thus clinging to the definition is not a dukkha, or suffering, you are in a sense infinitely resenting upon death. (That's your last thought, and until your brain waves die out, its going to 'seem' infinite/eternal) because when we die, it may be possible our brain is capable of better feeling the reality of smaller intervals of time. (infinite division towards 0 time) so it feels like an eternity of that emotion or thought.

In other words, to resent reality or the truth, is to reject reality, and to reject reality, is a dukkha or sufference. It's a punishment. And if you eternally reject reality, you are eternally punishing yourself. (Hell)

Sometimes Knowledge = Power = The greater aptitude to Love and Resent.(Hate)

To accept knowledge is to forgive knowledge, or, you don't resent/reject knowledge. The more knowledge you can accept and forgive, the more you are practicing infinite love. Once you can attain infinite love, you must therefore have forgiven infinite knowledge. Once you obtain infinite knowledge, you are by definition, all knowing. You can only become all knowing by being God, or, In Heaven with God.

Division in Mathematics might be representative of sensory/analytical mind presence. 0 sensory can be divided by 1 analytical, and we can conceptualize 0(because analytical still exists). But when there's 0 analytical/reason, with 1 sensory, then the mind lacks the ability to define or conceptualize anything that is beyond is senses. (any of them, not just the five that humans have.)

Is there only 5 senses just because we only have 5? What if there was another sense that these 5 senses cannot commune/sense? Does a sense have to commune with other senses to be a sense? No, otherwise, something that only smells or hears, wouldn't be allowed to consider those senses by definition. The only sense that all senses refer to is the sense of touch, because it is bound by causality. The nervous system's connection to the reactive and analytical mind. You have to have a sense of touch to create definition/undefinition or thought and anti-thought, thought defining itself against unthought.

Therefore, the fact that I can type this message right now affirms existence and non-existence, and therefore affirms that in the very beginning, an analytical mind had to be present to define Existence and Non-Existence, and the very end of existence is when the analytical mind is not present, and Undefinition happens so Definition can reoccur and consequently define what is Eternity and what isn't.

One could argue, we are someone's imagination. God's imagination. He is an author. I love that show Supernatural for this science-religious fiction.

One could argue, writers play God, or actually, are God and their stories are, in some way, possibly a reality as long as there are no contradiction to definition. (Then again, the only thing that could create a Contradiction would have to be the author/God)

If the only thing that can create a contradiction is the author, then Jesus was created by God, or Divine, by definition.

By Definition, Jesus was born from a woman who was born without the punishment of original sin. (Bearing children and no longer being immortal as a result of that ability.)

Mary wasn't immortal, but she was barren. She simply couldn't have children. But suddenly, a contradiction occurred to that definition. She had a child, and if his existence is proven, and her barren is proven, then His Divinity, is subsequently proven.

Even if we suppose Mary wasn't barren, by definition a virgin is someone who cannot possibly get pregnant, and to do so would contradict the definition. Either way, Jesus is divine by definition. Anything bound by the laws of the reality cannot create the contradiction, and instead that is seen as resentment/rejection to reality.

There's Knowledge/Truth(1), and Anti-Knowledge/Lie(-1)
Knowledge + Anti-Knowledge = Nothing(0) No knowledge is gained, no knowledge is lost.

If knowledge is ever changing, at some point some knowledge is proven to be a lie, and at some point, that lie can become the truth. The world is round. That is a truth we know. But if you go back in time far enough, that truth becomes a lie (to the reality of those that believe the lie.)

Knowledge is always changing. Animals live, and die, and are sometimes observed to not exist at all. True knowledge defines what can be known either sensory or analytically to eternally be true and eternally be false(anti-knowledge) across all instances of reality. One absolute truth might be that everything that has a beginning, has to have an end. (Matrix 3)

In other words, there has to be knowledge that changes, and knowledge that doesn't change.

For an author to create a contradiction to a definition, or an absolute truth, is a selfless act. It is lying, and resenting the current state of reality. To define a selfless act, it has to be proven to exist and proven to not exist. So God was burdened to commit a selfless act if no one else could. If God creates the first selfless act, then any other selfless acts are thus a result of God's selfless act. (Jesus = selfless = God = Jesus)

Firstly to define a contradiction, God would have to commit one to prove it can exist to define it's non-existence. So he was burdened by law causality to commit a contradiction at least once. In fact, if God or a Supreme Being is Perfect, he -has- to commit a selfless act, to prove the definition of perfection and non perfection just to Himself.

To eternally punish oneself is a selfless act for the sake of others. God had to create a contradiction in reality (Man born from Woman who was not fertile, spontaneous cloning) to define what existence normally is. (Non spontaneous cloning.)

Furthermore, creating Jesus Christ was a selfless act so that God could commit a Sin, and therefore forgive Man for committing sin. Jesus Christ's death was God's proof that has always loved man, loves man now, and will continue to love man. Yahweh (Yova) was said to mean "I am what I am." IN ALL tenses.

Lastly, the Big Bang, or something from nothing, to create the very first definition, can be considered, a selfless act. It's a contradiction, you can't get something from nothing. Committing this contradiction allows existence in the first place.

God had to define love by defining hate, and its practice and its master. Therefore, God had to create the contradiction of Unity in Heaven, the selfless act giving rise to Lucifer. God forgave Lucifer, But Lucifer committed the selfless act of committing a contradiction of believing God couldn't practice the forgiveness. That God was incapable of practicing perfect love. (Which, he has to, and he has to practice imperfection to define them.) Since God is all knowing, he creates Lucifer even knowing ahead of time of the betrayal. Does that sounds familiar about any Messiah?

WHAT's (|!POSSIBLE|, ~!Possible, 0, ~Possible, |POSSIBLE|)
In order to define what is always impossible, we must define, what is always possible.

The closer something is to impossible (-), the more contradictory it is to the possible.

Diction/Define, Contradiction/Anti-Define, Equilibrium of Diction + Anti-Diction = Undefined/NonExistence/Nothing, Non-Equilibrium of Diction + Anti-Diction = Always Defined/Always/Existing/Always Infinite = Equilibrium again = Nothing.

The more God is proven to be impossible, so too must he be proven more possible in another reality, just to have conceptualization.

The basis of conceptualization/diction/definition/existence is to prove it can also not exist at least in one reality. Therefore, to escape the laws of delusion/contradiction/lie, while being bound by them, one would then have to not be bound by them to start existence/nonexistence diction, and at some point, the Universe and all reality becomes Undefined as Time and Anti-Time infinitely approach equilibrium.

Since Time and Anti-Time can't be 0 while passing (or else time would be standing still in that reality) then they're in constant flux forward/backward across all realities until not being in flux.

The Boeing 747 in the Backyard assembled by a Tornado is making many different realities, at once. Many different suppositions, at once, but for each supposition(reality) is an anti-supposition(anti-reality.) Just because each supposition makes the net reality more improbable, doesn't mean it's not also more probable until possible/and impossible are infinitely at equilibrium. The more you suppose, you're infinitely approaching the equilibrium of the more you cannot suppose, until something is proven as both possible in one reality and impossible in another reality, and when at equal quantity of matter/anti-matter time/anti-time existence/anti-existence, equate to Nothing.

At the end of the day, of we can't sense something, we have to conceptualize it and its non-conceptualization (Define, Undefine.) Even conceptualization must have non conceptualization just for us to define it.

The ultimate truth that seems apply across all attempts at diction/contradiction is that you need a quality (-, +), and a quantity(-inf, inf) and when they're both equal, you have Nothing.

Is there an instance where the 'ultimate truth' of needing a -, a +, and both the possibility and impossibility of their equilibrium in any reality(imaginative or real) cannot apply to a concept you can imagine?


Is it true that they represent anti-matter and matter, contradiction and diction, and that the larger they
get, the more they stand a chance to create Nothingness?

The heads look like the holes surrounded by the infinite increase of matter/anti-matter, perhaps simulating a black hole/white hole, where something becomes infinitely heavy before becoming Nothing, and visa-versa in the anti-reality of that.

The tails look like as anti-matter/matter infinitely decrease, once they're the same they create 0/0, or

Undefinition (The edges of the circle, where something cannot be Defined)

So Yin and Yang are a 2D representation of the Universe, too, except it lacks the ability to properly show recursion in each of the spheres of Nothingness. Technically a black hole and white hole a Anti-Recursion and Recursion, which is a picture of the whole Universe again. (Yin Yang inside Yin Yang inside Yin Yang etc)

The more I think about the concept of -, 0, +, the more viral it becomes. (applying to as many concepts/definitions I can think of.) You have to keep asking why to keep reducing the concept/definition down to its basis.

If you ever find yourself disagreeing with a diction, ask yourself why? Keep asking yourself why, going back and forth between (-) and (+) and then you might reach an equilibrium of a reality of thought.


If I offend you by typing this word out, is it written that I cannot type this word out, or that I cannot speak it? Or that I cannot intone it in my mind? In one reality, all of these are true, and in another reality, none of these are true. Which reality do you want to be in? Do you really have a choice?

Does the word YOVA in phoenician letters indicate anything by resembling anything in the Greek alphabet?

Jehova is like Yahweh(which is pronounced Yova)

Y is the 2nd to last letter in Phonetic, which could be You(Anti-Self, -1), as if intoning to Everyone

else rather than Self(1). Thus, Y means You(anti-self), and Me(Self), or Existence/Nonexistence =.
O is Omega in Greek (END)
V is the 5th letter from the end of the Phonetic, but is also the OR(disjunction) of two things. (So it's

one or the other, because the JUNCTION would be Nothing.)
W would be the right letter for V, despite the pronunciation, W could signify (With), JUNCTION, It's two

V's, so it's countering that Anti JUNCTION(V).

A is the first letter in Phonetic and is like Alpha in Greek (BEGINNING)

Y(Existence/Nonexistence =)O(END) V/W(AND/OR) A(BEGINNING).
The name is always supposed to intone the definition of END/0/BEGINNING and its opposite. It's another

pronunciation of Infinity V/W Anti-Infinity.

I promise you my life is not the sequel to the Number 23, but funnily enough 2nd to last letter in

Phonetic, 5th letter from the end of the Phonetic, 5-3 = 2, 5-2 = 3. 23 Chromosomes.

And funnily enough, if anyone(Me, anti-Me) wanted my life to be the sequel to the Number 23, in some reality that has/will/can happen.


Proof(+)/Truth = quality of analytical mind
Anti-Proof(-)/Lie = quality of anti-analytical mind

The more analytical minds that believe the lie, the more it becomes the truth. The stronger the analytical mind, the stronger the lie/truth.

So if one mind increases in analysis, it can increase the lie (or the truth, or both to some extent.)

The more analytical minds that believe the lie, the more it becomes the truth.

In theory, if everyone just believed the lie that telekinesis were possible, it would thus, be possible in that reality.

The more I can prove(truth) telekinesis were possible by exhibiting/manifesting it(sensory, tangible reality), then everyone would start to believe the lie(or the truth.)

Truth is (+) -Inf^-Inf &&/|| Inf^Inf : Sensory Mind
Lie is (-) -Inf^-Inf &&/|| Inf^Inf : Analytical Mind

The more Truth/Proof you have for a concept/definition for Sensory Mind, the more it exists in that reality.

You can proof it to analytical mind all you want without Sensory Mind, but if 0 senses can observe the definition of Telekinesis/Mind Control, then it is Nonsensical/Intangible. In other words the analytical mind has the burden of Proof(+) to a non-zero Sensory Mind for 1 Definition and 1 Anti-Definition to exist.

Since all senses are derived from a nervous system (touch), Touch is the base of all senses and is the chief one to satisfy with proof for tangibility.

"Prove that I can touch telekinesis for it to be true."

Anti-Matter would by definition in this reality, have to be intangible since tangibility is positive quality. If Anti-matter were observable by the 5 senses, it would be a (-), or a lie, turning the sense into an anti-sense. Anti-sense is the destruction of senses. The destruction of the nervous system is anti-tangibility. The more you can't feel, the more you're approaching 0 senses or intangibility. Lacking all five senses completely while just having an analytical mind presence would then have to prove it's own existence with a thought after nonexisting, and that would mean you're assuming the Author of this reality's, role.


All three can be rationalized to represent the nature of the Universe in some 2, or 3D way.

The head of the ankh could possibly represent infinity, and the three arms represent anti infinity. So too, could the crucifix represent this, but, more than likely represents the top side of the Universe as everything flows into Nothingness, and the Full Circle is that the Undefined are the edges of the Cross/Ankh.

The Flux Capacitor was also a 3D sculpture of the Nature of the Universe.

A sphere with the smallest hollow hole in the very nucleus of a sphere would be a representation, and it would also only be known to its creator or whomsoever saw its creation before they lack the ability to sense it with their five senses. Technically, any and all spheres represent this, because atomically the very center of its matter is going to have one atom, and subatomic existence therein.

[quote=WikiScientology]The thetan is the true identity of a person – an intrinsically good, omniscient, non-material core capable of unlimited creativity[/quote]
Theta is supposed to represent the Universe then, if it's positive matter and Nothingness within, and Undefined on the edges.

The impossible triangles are an attempted 3D representation of Infinity and Anti-Infinity.

The Libra/Scale is a representation of the Universe.

Magnets are a representation of the Universe.

Electromagnetic fields possibly? If so, can we touch them? Can we alter them with a thought? Is that telekinesis? We know they're there. We were told so. Most of us believe it, because we either seen the proof empirically on instruments, or took it for granted.

Electromagnetic fields are known to cause allergic reactions in some people, and it's unexplainable. So basically the human body is capable of detecting these fields to some extent, and proximity (attraction, +) increases that sense and tangibility. Technically we might be able to move things without touching them in one reality. Is it this reality? By definition, if all realities get to occupy a definition at least some point in time, then it is, this reality. We just don't know when. I wonder(and could be certain) there's a reality where I learn to let go of my fear of giant spiders in time in the instance they could exist and be massive, while I'm alive.


That randomly appeared on my notepad when I rolled over on my keyboard hours before typing this message. I looked at it long enough and thought that in some reality, it could be rationalised to mean something.

Here, !hereInfinity, !0 END(0) Infinity

And then we come back to Belief, !Belief. Since I have no physical/tangible evidence, I cannot satisfy the burden of proof to the senses for you to believe. You simply have to take my word for it, and imagine that in one reality, I'm telling the truth.

The more observable occurrences there are of dreams becoming reality, the more knowledge is gained.
In one reality, no one thought of Hoverboards.
In another reality, no one thought Hoverboards could exist.
In another reality, no one thought Hoverboards could be cheap.
In another reality, no one thought Hoverboards could unexist.
In another reality, no one thought Hoverboards could be expensive.

The basic nature of time is how much we can feel our existence and non-existence. There's a Universal

pulse where time divides itself infinitely towards 0, and everything and every reality must intersect this 0 at some point, and does so all the time, continuously. We are at a pulse that we cannot detect with our senses, but our analytical mind has a reality where it can, and so then it can convince the senses that there's a reality where IT can. Thus, there is a reality where anything is possible. And we can lie
ourselves into thinking it is this one, or we can accept all knowledge as true and truth our way into that reality.

If the more knowledge and supposition I put out, begins to annoy you, my be standing a chance to reject the idea. The more you reject the knowledge I put forth, the more you stand a chance to hate the knowledge, or even me. You are in effect, helping the anti-reality of the reality where you would believe
me infinitely, and I would believe me, infinitely. (The anti-reality, you would infinitely disbelieve/hate me, the realities in between, you agree/disagree with a few things here and there.)

The fact that I cannot type these messages with my mind yet, means I am holding onto something. I need my analytical mind to imagine my unexistence for the smallest fraction of time. People do this to slow down their heart rate. It's tough, but there are physical steps in between that you cannot skip without time travel.

Can you imagine practicing laughter and sincerity at the same time, by the same quantity?
What about FEELING laughter and sincerity at the same time, without analysis?
What about FEELING tired and untired, sleepy, and unsleepy, at the same time, by the same quantity?

FEELING Love, and Hate, at the same time, by the same quantity.

Those would all be practices of equilibrium. How does one feel equilibrium? How does one think of it? This message right here proves it's concept. But, how do we FEEL it so our senses are fooled? Do I have to feel sleepy/unsleepy as infinitely as possible until they are at equal quantities before I can feel
Nothingness? Should I even attempt to stay up knowing I will die without sleep? Isn't there a reality where I don't die without sleep? How do I make that this reality on shear belief and then FEEL that?

Edit: This is feeling like an ongoing journal, if I continue to record all my thoughts. For instance, from the time I posted this message to the time I edited it now when I'm typing, I accidentally put half of what I added in my profile summary. Only I know that in so far that no one looked at my profile while this occurred. There is a possibility of people anonymously watching me and knowing of my reality of making this mistake.
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix and takeout, or getting your party on — how do you let loose?
Going out to a club, staying at home with a mini-party at my apartment, staying up late on my laptop doing various activities at once.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I’m an empty essay… fill me out!
I'm a 31 yr old virgin that's only kissed one girl his entire life.
You should message me if
Offer a few tips to help matches win you over.
You are willing to undergo conversation that may be philosophical and/or hilarious. Also, have a photo because in this day in age, no one should be afraid of what they look like or have an excuse not to have a photo. One thing I like to do is know who I'm looking at when I'm talking to them.
Also, you should message me if you think I'm cute so I can say "Ahah, men and women aren't so different after all." (I mean how often/many men msg women just based off looks firstly? Probably all of them, me included)

I have recently begun to practice forgiving everything I can. Accepting everything. Forgiveness: No longer having the desire to punish or resent a noun/adjective/anything you can imagine that can stand a chance for you to resent.

I accept the flaws in everyone(including myself.) This helps me love myself, especially if I avoid contradictions/hypocrisy/double-standards/lies, the very enemy of logic.