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My self-summary
Freelance actor-writer. Design consultant specializing in drought-tolerant landscapes. Sketch artist specializing in Rock jewelry. Consultive salesperson in a garden center (day job). Working towards several certificates including landscape architecture. My lifelong career goal has been screen acting and screenwriting.
What I’m doing with my life
NOVEMBER 1, 2015
Preparing to go full time with Orchard Supply Hardware in the nursery department. Going for the CLCA certified water management exam this month. Going for the CCN Pro exam in February. Acting in a feature horror film this spring if the producer gets financing. Attending the screening of the feature film in which I acted sometime this December. Five years of shooting. And, three years of post-production editing and scoring. It’s a three hour film. Possibly moving to Connecticut this summer to pursue a screen acting career in New York. I’ve been acting in independent films since 1998 in The Bay Area and have yet to get a Sag card. The casting agents around here want $10,000 and a 30% commission up front. May have better opportunities with the production companies Back East where Screen Acting was borne.

Just returned from Connecticut. Visited Salem Saturday October twenty-fourth. Quite historic. Visited the Salem Witch Museum. A lifelong interest in old world religions and mysticism inspires me to see places of origin. Originally planned on going to Hollywood with my brother but, reconsidered at the invitation of a friend. Surprisingly, Connecticut has nearly no production companies for producing horror films. May be moving there some time in spring to pursue a screen acting and screenwriting career on the east coast. Santa Clara Valley is my home. Dreams of moving to Hollywood since 1998 changed once I realized it’s all about reality television and the actual feature films are shot outside of California to avoid paying taxes and guild/unions wages to entertainment professionals. Looked into moving to Montreal in 2007 for this same reason. Met someone in a pub who told me Hollywood is dead and I concurred with a toast to the death and rebirth of American cinema.

Studying for the CCNP exam: California Certified Nursery Professional. And, CLCA Water Manager: California Landscape Contractors’ Association Water Manager (basic level) then the advanced level. Been working in retail garden centers and nurseries for nine years. Been a design consultant for ten. It’s a day job while doing screen acting and screen writing in conjunction. Without a SAG card and an agent, forget about getting paid as an actor. Without a WGA card and an agent forget about getting paid as a writer. No shortage of agencies that promise and don’t deliver. Bills have to be paid on-time. And, The Arts don’t pay. Supposed to act in another feature film this winter. And, the feature film in which I got a leading role is supposed to screen at local independent cinemas sometime in September.

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2015
After two years in post-production (editing, color-correction, scoring, and special effects) the feature film in which I got a leading role is scheduled to screen in September. First feature film in which I have acted where I got a leading role in sixteen years. Scheduled to start shooting the suspense film in which I’m scheduled to act sometime this winter. A prop and a weapon consultant will be spending time with the actors. Supposedly there will be explosives and real gunfire on set. The screenplay I’m currently writing will be pitched to Village Roadshow Pictures sometime in the spring after the first draft is completed: 100 pages. First of five 100-page scripts in a step contract with a studio if they’re interested.

Starting work at Orchard Supply Hardware (Prospect Road store) next week as a sales associate in the nursery. Central Wholesale Nursery let me go a few weeks back due to payroll issues. Since I only worked there five weeks, I was the first to be let go, despite being their top performer as a sales associate/nursery consultant. Still freelancing as a landscape design consultant specializing in natives and drought tolerant landscapes: Xeriscape and Zeroscape. Originally, I planned to go for the CCNP certification. But, because of the severe drought we are in, I changed course and am going for the CLCA Water Manager certificate. When there is this much demand for saving water, it seems a better choice. This is my day job. Screen Acting and Screen Writing is my art and craft. Sixty projects in eighteen years. Still looking at getting a SAG card. I really don’t watch The Academy Awards. The Screen Actors’ Guild Awards is more about the art and not who owes who an Oscar for doing their kid a favor.

Adapting the first of five book manuscripts to screenplays. My client wants to see the first draft completed by the end of December. Having written screenplays since 1998, I have studied which production companies and studios are open to certain genres. Without a WGA card an agent is unlikely to represent a writer. As a freelance screenwriter, I have done much of my own market research to determine who is likely to read material from little-knowns living outside of Hollywood.

Co-writing a script for a feature comedy film. Just read the outline tonight. Planning to play the role of the screenwriter. Interesting how Art imitates Life. Maybe for contrast, we can write-in a horde of shady independent film producers who promise money up-front and then use hidden forfeiture-clauses in their contracts to not pay the writer(s).

Doing sense-memory and self-hypnosis exercises for my advanced acting training with my acting-coach. Next exercise involves sweating on-cue while imagining intense heat upon oneself. Being trained by an MFA Method Act-er is quite different than the training I got from a Representational Act-er while a student. Next class will center on character- and script- analysis for a character-role. Auditioning/screen-testing for a role in my friend’s upcoming feature film. Shooting’s supposed to begin in April.

May be going down to North Hollywood to stay with a friend for a week this summer. He graduated from CSU Northridge with a film-degree. His focus is cinematography and production-design. Now all I need is a kit-car 1987 Mazda RX-7 so he and I can tear up and down the boulevards at night with Motley Crue blaring. Then, return to his apartment for a night of cheap beers and story-telling.

NOVEMBER 15, 2013
Going to see a therapist for a long-occurring injury to my left shoulder. November 2009… On the set of horror feature film Feed™ I injured my left shoulder. The wardrobe assistant decided to remove the sandbags from the legs on the riser so they could sit on their knees while applying makeup. A production assistant backed into the light when we were moving c-stands. If anyone reading this has ever seen a riser… It’s a very large heavy light stand. As it came down, I grabbed it in an effort to keep the lights from shattering. The momentum over-torqued my shoulder and I recoiled. The other grips grabbed the riser before it hit the ground. But, the sensation of throbbing and a pinched nerve/fractured shoulder blade stays with me. Of course, the producers had no insurance. Neither did I at the time. So, I stay away from grunt work on sets now. More emphasis on working with monopods and lenses.

I have a meeting with a cinematographer-videographer Monday to read scenes from his script. Next step is screen-test for the roles he has me in-mind for. My contract for Journey Of Dreams® expires in four weeks. We begin shooting Sin® summer, 2014. Closing 5:00PM to Midnight in the nursery. The plants take on an eerie blue-hue during a full moon. The shrubs and trees come from Hines Nursery in Winters, CA. Try to avoid handling the trees and shrubs at night: jumping spiders and wolf spiders live inside the plants and are active at night. Black widows are active in the bunker where we store the propane tanks for the forklift. Good things I like spiders.

My father’s 61st birthday. Hot and Sour soup and Rock Star Zero for breakfast!

Planning on seeing Motley Crue at Hard Rock Resort And Casino September 21st in Las Vegas. Never had an interest in Vegas: I don’t gamble. But, wandering the casinos at 4:00AM on a weekday in the off-season elicits interesting reactions from dealers who want to draw patrons to their tables. I stand-by and watch others lose their mortgage-payments while sipping cold ESBs or IPAs and thinking about the numerical improbability of beating the house: 1 to 680,000. Same odds as getting a royal flush in Poker. I like consistent odds: 1 to 2 I get stopped and cited by Vegas PD for strolling down The Strip shirtless dressed like I’m en-route to a Punk Rock concert with a 200-proof Bloody Mary at 3:00AM. It’s happened. And, my brother was there to capture it on film. Vegas. Where Californian casino-goers’ bank-accounts and local residential homes' market-value plummet at the same rate.

Just got back from Toys R Us. Bought an adjustable microphone stand for Karaoke Night at Sherwood Inn. Country Night often draws sedate personalities. So, my friend and I go there for beers and free entertainment. I did learn something: Country Music Fans at this place don’t seem to enjoy covers of The Sex Pistols or Nine Inch Nails. They have encouraged me to take my business elsewhere as if I desecrated the institution of Music by choosing to sing these songs on Country Night. I did enjoy wearing my slouch hat with crossbones and a plethora of skeletal jewelry while singing. The light catches my 3-tier pyramid belt in a flattering fashion.

Looking for an owl for the horror film I’m writing. Found an interesting site, for those who like owls as well:

Healing: Had to retrieve two large heavy clay pots for customers without an electric ladder or order picker. Turned at an angle to hoist the pots over the stair railing and felt something in my lumbar pull out of place. Given the garden center’s salespersons don’t believe in answering calls or pages and decline to carry phones or walkies, I am often left without loading-assistance. The joke’s on the department: I’m taking two weeks off from heavy loading and letting my back heal. With the credential of certified nursery consultant, my efforts are best directed towards landscape design and plant-related inquiries. I don’t get paid enough to risk permanent-back-injuries.

MONDAY, JULY 29, 2013
Reminiscing about the concert. Speaking with the cinematographer and director this afternoon for Journey Of Dreams. A soak in the director’s hot tub this week will be all too anticipated. Too much fun at the concert. Crowd surfed to the stage when Motorhead and Megadeth played San Jose State Event Center. When I landed on the other side of the barricade gates, I caught a glimpse of Lemmy and Dave Mustaine before security started swinging on me. Luckily no damage was inflicted considering they’re out of shape and sloppy. Almost got to be part of the rigging crew for that show. Today is recovery day: being at a Punk Rock show at 34-1/2 is different than 21-1/2. It is a wild genre.

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2013
Celebrated my mom’s birthday at an upscale restaurant in Aptos. On occasion I do retire the eccentric or rogue attire and dress up in formal wear.

FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013
Watched Agent Orange at The Blank Club. Too much fun in The Mosh Pit. No ventilation in that place. Left my tank top and print shirt on the edge of the stage. Eight moshers fell on me and my leg at once. They helped me up. Then, security or a patron tackled me and drove me back-first through the backstage exit. He and I were actually airborne for a split second. He must be at least twenty-five pounds heavier than me judging by the impact when we landed on the sidewalk. Security refused to let me in and refused to fetch my clothing from the edge of the stage. Some roadie may have kept it as a souvenir. It’s history now. The opening band’s drummer gave me a cigarette though. I spent the next half hour walking and chatting with patrons in line and outside the club. I guess no shirt no service applies to everyone. I wandered into the lounge at Hotel De Anza asking for a bloody marry and was promptly declined. So I walked into the Greyhound Bus Station and asked for the schedule for the Hollywood-bound bus. My friend and I reconnected a few minutes later. She managed to get pictures of her and us with the opening bands and herself with the headliner. Next project is an online album of photos and a letter to Metro News inviting them to come to the screening of the film I’m acting in. As an actor-writer I feel compelled to seek out adventure. As a writer, I feel compelled to chronicle the details of my excursions. I think about the writers before me who inspired me through their works and through their lives. Different being in The Mosh Pit at my age. Summer of 2000… Metal Fest 2000… In The Mosh Pit front stage for King Diamond. That was a rough crowd.

MONDAY, JULY 22, 2013
Shooting a ballroom scene at an upscale hotel in San Francisco. Three more shooting dates and production is complete on this three-hour feature film. First feature film where I’ve been cast in a lead role. 1998 to 2013… Long journey. Yet, highly exciting. Next feature film is film noir genre. Director wants me to begin shooting lessons and gunfire fight choreography with a trainer in September.

FRIDAY, JULY 19, 2013
Teaching a class on xeriscaping and zeroscaping for landscapes in The South Bay and Santa Clara Valley. The rising costs of maintaining landscapes with exotic non-native plants makes lawns costly. Valley-native drought-tolerant plants is the emphasis. Working on a certificate in landscape technology and a certificate in water management so I can work as a specialty landscape design consultant. Working in a common retail garden center is interesting but routine and monotonous at times. More exciting to work with a broader spectrum. Pursuing professional Screen Acting and Screenwriting is my utmost passion. Yet, design-consultation is lucrative enough to finance my cinematic and theatrical endevors.

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013
Shooting in San Francisco tomorrow. Three more shooting dates and we finish production of the feature. Then begins post-production: color-correction, editing, scoring,… It’s been an entertaining two years. For a 3-hour feature film, there were many locations. Most in Santa Cruz County: very majestic and serene places. Got to play four different characters in this montage-style film. Next project… A feature-length crime-drama. I get to take shooting lessons for the role.

[I] Working on a cost-efficient/code-compliant retro-fit for a sprinkler-system here in South San Jose. A software engineer asked me to design a low-use system for the full-sun areas of his yards and gardens. In the process of special-ordering drought-tolerant valley-/state- native shrubs and flowers for the property I’ve found many compatible color schemes..

[II] Seeing Les Miserables later tonight. Hugh Jackman is one of my favourite screen actors. Interested in the production design and cinematography of the film.

Just finished a conversation with my friend who wrote, directed, and produced the feature film in which I had the lead role. Journey Of Dreams® should be screening some time next summer. Small theaters in some local South Bay cities. Some risky stunts during shooting. I almost fell from the cliffs at a couple state beaches when we were trying to get low-angle close-up shots. Riskiest stunt for me since feigning strangulation by an invisible man while the blade was disengaged. Next commitment is shooting lessons for the detective and FBI feature films in which I’m supposed to act: 2013-2014. June 2013 I receive a certificate in advanced acting from a school in Santa Cruz. I have an AA in Theatre Arts, Film-emphasis.

Turned thirty-four Saturday night. Next year… Hollywood. If all goes as planned, Journey Of Dreams® screens at Blue Line Cinemas and Los Gatos Cinemas (possibly some other Bay Area cinemas) in May. Suspense-short Sempiternal® begins production in April. Comedy-feature Ushers® begins production in June. Act III of the feature-length FBI film in which I play an agent begins production in July. Ushers II® begins production in December. August of this year marked fifteen years of having done independent screen acting: June 1997 to 2012. Age 18 to 33. This June will be one year I’ve been studying with a master acting coach. By June, I plan to begin making contacts in Los Angeles. Fifteen years in The Bay Area has been valuable. Yet, I seek to broaden my contacts.

Working on some over-night acting-writing assignments. My acting coach has given me a stack of DVDs to watch and analyze. Part of the curriculum to be cross-trained as a master screen-stage actor. Six months of advanced acting lessons so far. Plan is to live with my friend for a month in June to build my contacts/network in southern California. Fifteen years of freelance independent screen acting in The Bay Area. Time for some new territory. If all goes as planned, I will be acting in five independent feature films in 2013. Got the lead in a feature that’s scheduled for screening in June. Day jobs include entertainment grip and garden center landscape-design consultant.

Working on the screen play and graphic novel for an adventure-horror feature film. Ten years in the making. Finished shooting the scenes I appear in for feature film Journey Of Dreams®. Scheduled to screen June 2013. Ready to begin rehearsals for comedy feature Ushers® sometime in December.

Rewriting the script for Ushers®. The writer tells me tonight that rehearsals and production are no longer scheduled for end of September through end of October. Three years I’ve been writing/rewriting and rehearsing for this film. Supposedly a third producer will be added to the crew. If his condition for investing money is having control of the script and the casting, it could be a serious problem. I have been excused from films after being told I got the role because the investors gave the producer and director the ultimatum to lose all non-SAG actors or they’d walk with their money. Consequently, the producers and directors did the investors’ bidding and fired all non-guild actors. I asked for a stipend for travel and rehearsal time and nearly took the film makers to small claims court for misrepresentation and fraud. They managed to find some loophole to avoid reimbursing me. Having acted in nearly 40 films and videos over 15 years, I’ve learned what to be wary of.

Training a lot attendant who applied for a position in the garden center. He will succeed me as the garden center’s plant consultant. The company is paying me a fraction of what I should be paid. Twelve years as a salesperson and they won’t pay more than $11 an hour. Good thing I do landscape consulting and gripping on films on the side for good money.

Shooting along Mount Hermon and at West Cliff Beach in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Two more locations after this: a swimming pool at a mansion in Almaden Valley and the director’s backyard tropics-theme studio back lot. Mai Tais and a pool-size hot tub at the wrap party last week of this month. Next we begin shooting comedy feature Ushers®, Sempiternal® this spring, Retribution® in May, and two un-titled drama-suspense features next summer. The fast-track advanced acting lessons I’m paying for are promised to be the equivalent of an MFA in screen/stage acting. Saddened very much by the fact that I never had the budget to go to acting school due to financial difficulties and the recession. But, the director-producer/acting coach I’m currently working with is pretty phenomenal. Downtime includes feeding raw hotdogs to the giant skunk living underneath her deck.

60th birthday party for my father in Santa Cruz. A patio overlooking the valley. Family and friends we’ve not seen for a very long time. A side conversation with my father over wine: December 2013… He and I take off for a second road trip to Mendocino December 2013 for my 35th birthday. Four months to my 34th.

Happy Halloween. The actual Halloween. The Possession premiers in theaters tonight: The one subject that genuinely frightens me: demonology and dark paranormal activity. Physicists have dabbled with the subject and come across things they could not explain. One in nine persons supposedly is wired in such a way as to be subconsciously sensitive to sensing paranormal activity. As a child I remember having vivid dreams and nightmares that contained graphic and/or disturbing imagery.

My grandmother tells me as an adult that when I was a child I used to habitually and consistently talk about a gray house. I supposedly recollected specific details about this house which I had never been to. It turned out to be the house my grandmother grew up in back East on Staten Island. The same house where her clairvoyant mother had died. I have/have had friends (male and female) who are/were deeply involved with spiritualistic practices and witchcraft. I declined their invitations to recite any of the passages or spells they came across. Despite being logical and scientifically minded. I am/was unwilling to do or say anything that might bring about dark energy, even if there is a 1% chance that it exists.

Finished blocking and rehearsing the actions for the swim sequence in Night Swim®. The director’s friends with a wealthy Almaden Valley businessperson who was gracious enough to let us use his heated pool for the day. The actor who was originally supposed to play the character was unavailable. Being much shorter than him and close in height to the actress playing the mermaid actually worked out better for choreographic reasons. Production commences the end of September. First time in three years I’ve been in a swimming pool. Most are too cold.

Underwater choreography and extensive maneuvers come with little effort fortunately: I was forcefully taught to swim as a child by adults with no tolerance for children’s fear of drowning. The feature film is two hours and twenty minutes. Five acts: each comprised of short stories. Screening is scheduled for summer 2013.

Coffee and drinks with a friend. Offered to have a film production company pay for the repairs on her 1978 Trans AM. Vintage specimen in need of cosmetic and structural repairs. The script for Sempiternal® calls for a pitch black 1983 Trans AM with an enneagram-mounted gearshift. Production scheduled for summer 2013. My friend who does wardrobe consultation/design will likely be hired to create the all-black attire for the driver. The production design calls for a secluded mountainous highway and an old house with a room filled with eerie ornate full-length mirrors.

Working on the script for a suspense short film. Talking to a potential producer and director. Rehearsal with a director later today in Felton/Santa Cruz. Shooting a scene at China Cove Wednesday. White sand and green water: it’s supposed to be unique.

Drafting a contract with the first of two directors. The first of the two has taught acting and dance for over twenty years. She will be customizing an accelerated MFA screen acting curriculum for our meetings and rehearsals. Plan was to earn a BA degree in Theatre Arts and then go on to UCLA to earn an MFA in acting. Dot Com Crash, 911, Housing Market Collapse, family’s astronomical medical bills, a mortgage, and employers refusing to hire college graduates when they can get free labor from interns kept me in San Jose. Acting school was not an option. 1998 to 2008 I dealt with incompetent film makers who didn’t pay me or provide me with a copy of the finished films I acted in cost me ten years of my life: age 20 to 30. 2008 to 2012 has been a fruitful time: sixteen projects in four years. Only planning on working with professionals at this point.

Director I’m working with has asked me to become her protégé. One year. Once session each week. Two hours per session. I am assured I will be of the caliber of a professional screen actor and receive union rate for work. Fifteen years… A long time to act and receive no exposure. The film we're shooting will screen summer of 2013. Ushers® will likely screen spring of 2013.

Re-writing scenes in Sempiternal®: suspense genre short film I’ve been working on. I need a black 1978 Trans AM with a molded enneagram on the gear shift. There is a limited edition 1978 Trans AM with an embossed orange Scream Eagle™. A three-minute highway night drive at 75mph will be choreographed. Plan is to shoot on 35mm film: a 15 minute short film for a reel. Budget will probably be $500.

Re-shooting a scene at Pescadero State Beach in Santa Cruz. The camera decided to clean itself rather than record the action. Scaling sandstone cliffs to reach razor-sharp outcroppings bare-foot is all-ways/always memorable. Grateful I did the riggers’ lab to acclimate to aerial grids and narrow fascia grids. Shooting for this film ends September fifteenth. Screening should be some time in summer 2013. Then, on to shoot comedy feature Ushers®. One week of rehearsals then five weeks of shooting. Next, rehearsals for a theatrical production. Currently, I am studying with an acting coach who is a master teacher and who studied under other master teachers. She has coached and trained actors who went on to get leading roles in Hollywood films, so I trust my time and money is well-invested. More importantly, she and I have much in common as artists. I will be attending one-on-one coaching once a week for one year and small class sessions once a week for one year. I am assured my candidacy for roles in feature films will be greatly heightened. Fifteen years of acting in feature and short films has produced mixed results. Too many of those directors were incompetent.

Day three of shooting for the feature film I’m acting in. Shooting in Aptos, Felton, and Santa Cruz this month and Kauai in March. Upon completion of this film I get a Screen Actors Guild card. 1998 to 2012… It has taken a while. 1998 to 2008 I acted in 30 projects: commercials, public service announcements, and short films mostly. The directors never gave me a copy even though it had been promised in the contract. They disappeared into Los Angeles and cleansed themselves of all of their Bay Area contacts. The thirst for fame is unquenchable, I suppose. The film is scheduled to screen at Los Gatos Cinemas summer of 2013. Last week of September through first week of November I act in comedy feature Ushers®. Look for the trailers on You Tube. Playing a hostile movie theater manager. First time playing an antagonist lead in a feature film.

I) Received a phone call from a director with whom I’ve been working. She decided to cast me in the lead of her feature film Night Swim®. Shooting begins Wednesday and continues through March 2013. The film screens at Blue Line Cinemas and Los Gatos Cinemas summer 2013.

II) Playing a movie theater manager in feature comedy film Ushers®. Shooting begins September first. Scheduled to screen March 2013.

III) Playing Trans AM enthusiast stranded in a nightmare: short suspense film Sempiternal®. Shooting begins March 2013. Screening July 2013.

IV) Playing a CIA agent in a suspense genre feature film. Shooting begins summer 2013. Screening spring 2014.

V) Playing a detective in drama feature Retribution®. Shooting begins summer 2013. Screening spring 2014.

SUNDAY, JULY 22, 2012
Fifteen years to the day I passed a driving test and got my license. Two years of permit driving due to stunt driver antics belabored the process.

Reading and rehearsing for a role in two feature films this summer. May possibly get a Screen Actors Guild card upon completion. Second and third feature film I will have acted in. Fourth film is slated for summer 2013. Several short films concurrent and in between the features.

Recovering from a combat scene from my friend’s short zombie film. The actor and I had to crash into a refrigerator and then a weight bench while swinging on one another for multiple takes to the theme of Astro Zombies. Beers afterwards helped somewhat to alleviate the pain. I’m suing the director if I don’t get a full HD copy when it’s complete. Same friend who on New Years Day tried to break my arm when I set my cell phone alarm to go off once a minute between 11pm and midnight so we didn’t miss the countdown. When I refused to let go of my phone, he dragged me off his couch and proceeded to punch my back, face, and ribs repeatedly. My laughing only further aggravated him. We treasure the memory as The Cell Phone Incident™. We’re both actors. So, it’s all in the interest of fun.

MONDAY, APRIL 02, 2012
Reading the study guide for a certificate in water conservancy consultation from the CLCA: California Landscape Contractors’ Association. Garden centers pay premium wages to master gardeners/nurserypersons. To afford tuition for an MA in Acting from a private academy plus living expenses, I must become an expert at what I do: on-site design consultation for businesses, home owners, renters, and etcetera. The director who just cast me in her feature film tells me the Lee Strasberg Actors’ Academy is the only legitimate acting school worth attending. The tuition is exorbitant, so I work several jobs to cover the tuition for these certificate and degree programs.

SUNDAY, MARCH 04, 2012
Training a lot attendant to be a salesperson. Management fired my wingman: the only other person in the garden center with innate and natural sales skills. Last Saturday management was unable to locate him for 90 minutes during peak sales hours. Forget that he’s a natural and gifted salesperson. They fired him Wednesday night, leaving me without a customer service oriented associate. His replacement… A young talented lot attendant with a natural ability to sell. Rather than see him waste his talent by rounding shopping carts, I told the department supervisor and sales managers he needs to sell shotgun with me during peak hours. Replacing a Rock Singer salesperson is not an easy task. But, fortunately, this guy’s got talent.

Rock In Infamy, James:
The department’s other best.
Welcome, Wes…
Cement a legacy of salesship…
That shames the rest.

Trying to heal from yet another back injury. I’m the most credentialed sales associate in the garden center and yet employees and management volunteer me for epic loads. 1000 retaining wall stones into the back of a truck while the driver texts. 5’11”, 155 pounds and they assume loading is my forte. Forget I’m certified as a nursery consultant and garden power equipment consultant. This march I begin certification for water-conservancy consultation through the California Landscape Contractors’ Association. A way to earn money while pursuing screen acting and screenwriting.

Karaoke at Flames on Hillsdale Avenue. A drunken patron congratulated me on the performances and offered me free martial arts lessons in the park. A somewhat random gesture of appreciation. He offered to teach me how to fight with sticks. Might be useful next time I get wasted with co-workers and need to entertain them.

Britannia Arms with a co-worker/friend. Entertaining the bartender and servers with stories of the entanglements we’ve had with the police in our acting ventures: No permits = sirens. Many insults arise within seconds when my friend and I mention that we work for Home Depot: “I guess you never really aspired to be anything” – same response I’ve heard countless times on coffee dates when I made the mistake of answering the question “What do you do for work?” I’ve learned to omit this detail from conversations. It’s not an exaggeration when I tell people I’m a freelance entertainment grip. Then I get shit about living here instead of Hollywood. Most entertainment technicians and artists starve in the epicenter of entertainment.

Preparing for an audition with a screen/stage director. Tomorrow, I audition for the role of a count in a feature period film. Tuesnight of next week I have an interview with a horror film producer and immediately afterwards, an audition for a role in one of her in-production horror feature films. I was asked to have my hair short. I hate having my hair short. But, when attempting to be cast as a character amongst many candidates, I defer to direction. My friends call me and email me with degrading taunts every Valentine’s Eve and especially every Valentine’s Day. What they do not recognize or see is that I have worked in The Retail Industry for twelve years as a cashier and as a sales-person. I witness the cliché-ness of commercial holidays. I would be thoroughly embarrassed if I were to invite a woman or a female friend to spend her time with me on this night because I am feeling alone or I am dateless. As a writer, commercial holidays both humor and sicken me. I came close to being married once, a long time ago. It doesn’t take a commercial holiday to incite affection within me for a woman. Instead of going through the motions of ‘the holiday’, I eat a bowl of heart-healthying kidney beans, a glass of full-bodied dry red wine, and watch horror movies that make my heart-rythyms irregular. Happy whore-ing, the rest of humanity.

Acting in three trailers this weekend, which the director, writer, and I will use to raise financing so we can shoot Ushers® this summer and hopefully Ushers II® summer 2013. Thirteen years of freelance acting. Thirty six projects in which I’ve acted. Hopefully this will be one that puts me in the realm of career feature film acting. I’ll be 34 this year. My lifelong dream of being a career screen actor/screenwriter will hopefully be furthered with measure. Also supposed to act in several other feature films and short films 2012 to 2013 with actual production companies. 1998-2012… It’s been a long journey.

Planning a one-week trip to Burbank for January. A friend who does special-effects makeup-artist work on films invited me to his place. While there, I plan to register with IATSE Local 80 (the movie grip union). If you notice me reading your profile between midnight and 5:00am, don’t be alarmed. This is my alone-time in the home-office, writing and re-writing scenes for screenplays, synopses, and treatments. Being a writer demands dedication. Working ten-hour days then writing for three hours gets tiring, yet ever more interesting.

Preparing to act in and shoot two teaser trailers for the comedy feature in which my friend and I will be headlining: Ushers® Should start shooting the film some time in late May/early June. Supposed to play an FBI agent in an independent suspense feature this summer as well.

Working with a Bay Area producer to shoot the short horror genre film I wrote and registered: Sempiternal®. We’re currently looking for a black Pontiac Trans AM. Working too with a costumer/wardrobe consultant to lock vintage outfits for the characters. The story begins in the present and goes back in time to tell the story leading up to the main character’s mysterious death. I offered to feature my friend’s 1978 Midnight Blue Trans AM but she insists it doesn’t like the attention.

February twentieth I will have completed six of six four-hour Arena Rigging classes. Currently applying for a job with Bay Area venues as either an in-house rigger or a freelance contractor who rigs for events and shows. The job pays well. Also talking with business agents and call stewards from IATSE’s locals, seeking contract labor as a freelance grip/rigger.

Answering casting calls from online message boards, without SAG status, an agent, or a manager. Acting as my own publicist. The agents from John Casablancas and Integrity Casting wanted several thousand dollars up front for tuition and access to their client database. Plus twenty percent if you find work with their clients, with or without their help. I’ve acted in over thirty short films since 1998. I know how to cultivate opportunites and execute leads.

I) Rewriting the story synopsis and parts of the script for a suspense genre short film. Planning to shoot some time in the spring.

II) Thinking about friends who didn’t live to see their dreams of being celebrated artists. Several friends are buried at a local cemetary here in San Jose. Strange to think back to sitting in a room with these guys when we were younger, talking aout how we’d someday become famous actors, film makers, singers, and so on. The holidays bring back negative memories. Many look forward to this time of year. I despise it. 1998 to 2005… When I think about the people who disappeared from my life, by choice or by death. I sometimes find myself wondering what we would be like as friends, now, years after all the excess and partying. Would our friendships have developed into something more substantial? It’s a strange feeling standing over a piece of marble with someone’s name etched into it and remembering their laughter and their voices via auditory memory. Eerie yet endearing at once. A friend who still exists from this social circle wants to make an autobiographical feature independent film about his life during this time. The story includes several of us when we were younger and crazier. I posed the question: Who would play he and I at age twenty two?: A couple of reckless and sarcastic kids with nothing to lose and everything to live for. Live fast and die young was such a self aggrandising prophesy back then. Few of us outlived our party days.

Turning 33 at 8:56pm tonight. 33… Time passes so quickly. 13 years of freelance acting, writing, and crewing on films and videos: August 1998 to present. It’s been a memorable adventure.

Learned that even the most mundane things contain hidden treasures. Local legendary automotive mechanic/garden center salesperson Joe Mac™ called me earlier today to inform me that the flagship freight truck containing the first 1000 of 6000 Christmas Trees banked outside the nursery gates a shade past midnight last night. He was given the assignment of staging one specimen of each of the eight different sized trees in front of the nursery’s gates. While fluffling one of the trees and driving it onto a T-stand, he knocked loose a snake. Onyx body, crimson head, black facial patches, black tongue with blood-red tip. He captured this serpent. A cashier noticed the prize before he could call me and said that she must have it. Be careful… Ornamental snakes are often venomous. Turns out it’s an Oregon- or Washington- native tree-dwelling snake. Friendly, yet non-venomous. Its bite however can cause infection. My one day off and I missed out. Snakes are mysterious. I want an Aesculapian Snake. The one seen on the American Cancer Society’s Caduceus. The Staff of Aesculys and The Staff of Hermes bear this serpent. In this case I was literally ©Sssssssssshiiiiiiiiiit-out-of-luck!

Cashing out a favor. Ten years ago, before I was a grip, I was a production assistant assigned to the grip-electric departments on shoots. The grips used to have me guard their truck that contained their supplies and tools. One of the earlier shoots I worked on (circa 1998) I was asked to guard the grip truck outside a liquor store in Richmond. We had no private security or police support. Just a drywall hammer and a switchblade to keep violent and insane addicts from storming the grip truck and locations for things they could fence. Having been confronted by more than one homeless guy one night and being explicity told I’d be cut to shreds if I didn’t give him money, I prepared to play t-ball with a gobo knuckle fastened to an 8-inch gobo arm. I yelled at the guy to leave, attracting the attention of one of the crew, who in turn got a couple grips to come outside. The guy left before they got there. The producer on the shoot claims she has access to sarafi and wild animals. She has some sort of special license for owning/renting them. In exchange for nearly being assaulted, battered, and possibly killed while volunteering on her short film, I am prepared to ask her for a favor... Get me an osterich!

My ex-fiancee has always wanted an osterich. It was to be my wedding gift to her, a long long time ago. She and I have gone our separate ways and she has children. But, I still remember to send cards on her birthday and during holidays. Being young and reckless doesn’t make for a solid partnership, we learned. My friend does body art for film makers. He has agreed to paint the osterich pastel-green if I can find one. It would be a long overdue gift. Watsonville has osterich farms. To liberate/steal one would result in arrest or a fine at minimum. To purchase one and have it delivered to her trailer in Wisconsin would be a Christmas Morning gesture.

Negotiating a contract with a production company. I want creative credits as actor-producer-writer on this suspense genre short film. I am paying the production company to shoot, edit, and distribute the film while I retain proprietary rights. Shooting should begin in late March. August 1998 to present I have volunteered as a grip and production assistant on commercials, feature and short films, public service announcements, and music videos in exchange for film makers’ assistance when it came time to film or video one of my own projects.

Working closely with a trade schooled residential electrician and self taught automotive electrician to gain some practical knowledge about electicianry so I can float between factions within the almost always aggregated grip-electrics troupes on projects.

Downsizing the photos my brother and I took Halloween Weekend and Halloween Night in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara. He refused to dress up this year. Next year... Anubis. My costume? A punk attired movie grip. A chronology of my costumes…
Halloween Night…
2011 – Punk Attired Movie Grip
2010 - Punk Attired Movie Grip
2009 – Dead Movie Grip
2008 – Wine Connoisseur
2007 – Whiskey Soaked Chevron Oil Tanker Driver
2006 – Rock Band Bass Guitarist
2005 – Snake Handler
2004 – Asylum Keeper
2003 – My Dealer
2002 – Black Metal Bass Guitarist
2001 - Stage Director/Skull Collector

Writing a narrative outline for one of my scripts. Midnight to 6:00AM is the quietest time to write. I reference sites as I write when I need to research something for accuracy.

Emerging Artists Productions has expressed an interest in meeting with my friend and me to hear a story synopsis in a brief pitch. Plan is to begin shooting Ushers® in late May or early June summer 2012.

I’m still looking for a limited edition 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM for the drag race scene in the director’s cut/teaser trailer. My friend and I are hiring another production company to shoot trailers for this comedy feature.

With trailers, we plan to create interest in the film.

Just got back from Santa Barbara. UCSB’s Film and Media department is massive. Found some leads through San Jose Film And Video Commission. Strange feeling walking around the campus. Reminds me what I looked like ten years ago when I started at San Jose State University. Graduated May 2004. 1998 to 2011 acting, crewing, and writing… It’s been a long road.

Emailing Film department chairs and Acting professors at select universities, seeing if the students need an actor for their senior finals projects: a feature length film.
Replying to emails.

Emailing my acting resume and my entertainment production crewperson resume to Bay Area and Los Angeles production companies and producers.

Going to a vampire party at Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz with my brother tonight. Costume: black jeans, black snakeskin shirt, black half finger gloves, rings, black eye shadow.

One year anniversary of the night this short screened at Blue Line Cinemas in Cupertino. Eleven film teams in the competition. We tied for second place. This is the theatrical version. The director’s cut is fifteen minutes longer. Most of the scenes were omitted due to the six-minute time limit for each team’s short.

See No Evil®
©2010 Kevin Lee Productions®

My Screen Actor Page:

Recent shorts in which I’ve acted:
MORTY® 2010!/photo.php?v=10150207527696726
See No Evil® 2010
On The Fritz® 2009
The Gentle® 2009!/photo.php?v=1491951532860

Planning to shoot a short horror film this spring. I need a late 70s Trans AM and a haunted looking house. The first short film I’ve directed in a long time. Mostly acting in (or crewing on) commercials, films, music videos, and PSAs. Submitted my photos and resume to The Screen Actors’ Guild’s San Francisco Office Stars The Agency’s San Francisco Office. Hoping to get some acting opportunities.

Made an appointment to meet with a producer one week from Monday. Planning to shoot and act in a comedy feature this summer. I play the main character’s friend and coworker. Looking for a special edition 1978 Pontiac Trans AM for the film – my character’s car: black body, fire-orange trim, embossed scream eagle on the hood. The director’s cut will have a drag race between the 1978 Trans AM and a 2008 Honda Civic. My friend wants to omit the scene because he’s seen how I drive and tries to keep it a secret that he knows I can outpace him. Watch for teaser trailers on You Tube in March. Ushers® by Brandon McMullen. Starring Brandon McMullen as himself and Matthew Frazier as his 50s throwback coworker/friend Jay. The original actor would have played himself but he disappeared for a year and didn’t make any effort to keep in touch, so the writer/director let me audition for the role. Then moved me from dolly grip to supporting actor.

Attending a landscape contractors’ expo this Friday. My advertisement for xeriscape (look it up on Wikipedia) design consulting will be up on Craig’s List soon. I work in a garden center as a nursery consultant. Retail jobs in this area pay very little. My lifelong dream of being a movie star will not be well served working low paying dead end jobs. Consultation and design are far more intellectually stimulating and monetarily rewarding. My day job is a nursery consultant and an entertainment grip/rigger. My career is screen acting and screenwriting.

Planning a three-day trip to either Hollywood or Santa Barbara this weekend so we can be there for Halloween Eve and Halloween Night.

Tutoring my friend’s son. He’s on suspension from a high school and is doing online equivalency classes. I told him school will prepare him for the spectrum of personalities he may very likely encounter in his adult life. In high school, I was overweight, shy, and ridiculed for everything imaginable. Then, I turned the tides and became a virtual Math guru until graduation. Lost one hundred pounds by age nineteen. Lost my virginity at age twenty-three. Became engaged that same night. And, became a retail sales legend at every nursery and store where I have worked. At 32 I am still a reclusive and shy person. But, being around classmates and customers forced me into socialite mode. I told this 14-year-old that a computer based version of school will only cripple and isolate him communicatively and socially. I don’t have children. I may never have children. But, I endeavor to advise and share my experiences to better his life.

Writing and re-writing scenes for the second draft of a screenplay. Haven’t even checked my inbox for over a week. Midnight to 5:00am I am the only one awake in the office, writing. No distractions. Planning a trip to Hollywood for Halloween weekend with my brother. Re-live the olde nights.

Writing scenes for my scripts. Trying to regain my hearing from The Misfits concert last Thursnight at The Avalon in Santa Clara. Almost got close enough to toast fists with Jerry Only. And, mention to him that I want him to act in my horror feature once the script is complete. Pressuring management to designate me as a district wide nursery consultant and trainer for the Spring 2012 new hires.

Rewriting scenes for a drama genre script. I write between midnight and 4:00am on days off. My friend does special effects makeup artwork for films and videos. He asked me to write the script for his story. Shooting will probably begin in spring. Shooting for the comedy feature film in which I am supposed to act is scheduled for next June. The last of my writer friends/college classmates is moving out of San Jose. My friends are either full time managers/supervisors or resting six feet underground from their party days/daze. The handful of us who lived past age twenty-three tell of the olde nights of decadence and excess. May their memory reign in infamy and sempiternity.

(I) Attending the fifth of six Arena Rigging classes next Monday. Six four-hour classes total. The Entertainment Technician Certification Program Academy in New York offers classes to riggers with three plus years field experience. Schooled in Screen Acting, Stage Acting, Screenwriting, and Playwriting. But, learning an Entertainment Industry trade to pay bills.

(II) Recovering from a minor back injury. Being understaffed in the garden center has consequences. After loading boxed grills, mowers, and smokers in the indoor section of the garden center and loading pavers and stones from the nursery, my back is stiff.

Making plans to party in Hollywood or Santa Barbara Halloween Eve and Halloween Night. Whichever is more promising of adventure and decadence. This year I plan to dress as the driver of a Chevron oil tanker ship: aviators, liter of cheap scotch, attitude of despondence and all. I was in middle school when the oil spill cover-up happened. I can now celebrate corporate fallibility as an adult. San Jose lacks the eccentricity, luster, and shameless self aggrandizement of Loss Angeles™. The place is ripe with hellhole entertainment sectors. Get ripped and walk The Strip is my goal this October.

Writing more scenes for the script of the horror genre feature film I plan to bring to Dark Castle Entertainment.
Calling the business agent and call steward from IATSE Local 80 (the motion picture grip union) seeking gigs/jobs: The Bay Area is nearly devoid of cinematic trade work.

In negotiations with management in the nursery in which I work for an hourly wage raise and skills recognition. My job titles are nursery sales specialist, certified nursery consultant, and certified power equipment consultant. By the tens, customers have offered to pay me to walk their gardens and yards and devise irrigation- and landscape plans. California landscape contractors’ association has a certificate program for water conservation specialists (basic and expert level) which I am preparing to pursue. As an actor-writer, I am expected to pay producers and directors for the privilege of volunteering on their films and videos while never getting a copy of the final cut or a stipend of any kind. To dodge bankruptcy and expedite my ascension to professional status, I seek to support myself with trade experience within or without the entertainment field.

Trying to get a copy of the short horror film in which I acted last October. This short film screened at Blue Line Cinemas Theater in Cupertino Halloween Eve of last year. the director says my copy of the theatrical version and his director’s cut will arrive in my mailbox any day now. I have my doubts. Fifteen year reunion next June: would be nice to show my classmates that I actually acted in something. August 1998 to September 2011… acted in independent commercials, feature films, music videos, public service announcements, and short films. Thirty-six projects total. Copies of two.

Saving for a week length-vacation to Hollywood Halloween week.

1... Paying bills online. At least credit unions are more legitimate than banks.

2... Answering online ads for screen acting gigs/jobs.

3... Jogging even though my ass and legs hurt from walking 50 blocks uphill yesterday carrying equipment to and from shooting locations. The vehicles have limited space.

Just got home from San Francisco. Gripped on a music video 9:00am to midnight. Great cast and crew. Fifth project I’ve acted in/gripped on with this production company. Told the director I have a script for a suspense genre short film. Asked her if she’ll read it when it’s rewritten. Maybe direct/produce it. I’d rather concentrate on acting and writing. Rather than directing or producing. Getting ready to shoot trailers for a comedy feature my friend wrote (he and I rewrote) for summer 2012.

August 28th… San Francisco… Grip/Rigger job for a Rock video. Working with landscape architects/contractors/designers and home owners to select trees and shrubs before winter starts. Apiary and insectary native plants are best. Not socializing much, just working. A weekend with my ex fiancée for her birthday reminds me how lucky I am we didn't have children when we were together. The ten years I've been single... Just flew by.

Got an email from a producer and director this morning, asking me if I want to dolly grip on their music video. I said, “yes” of course. The last time they hired a rigger, the guy took the $250 cash deposit and skipped town. I’m supposed to fly out to Savannah, Georgia end of September to be in a commercial. Better be free room and board at the producer’s place. Airline tickets cost a fortune.

Helping my younger brother pay for repairs and gas on his 1994 Porsche. The doctor who sold it to him conveniently failed to mention the plethora of cosmetic and mechanical work it needs. My college/university graduation gift to my brother was to buy him a car of his dreams. Now, the thing’s turning out to be a fucking nightmare. But, it drives well and angers envious commuters. So, it’s worth the drama.

Looking to work spring season at an independent plant nursery in Hollywood come March. Modest wage. But, closer to consistent movie productions. The South Bay has production companies. But, they’re geared more towards branding and training films. I am schooled in screen acting and screen writing. So, it’s not all that relevant to my career goal.

Concentrating on finding a writing job. No paying grip or rigging jobs through IATSE for freelancers. $300 for arena rigging classes… Hoped there would have been some work. The plant nursery where I work has cut almost all of my hours. I guess the deadbeats they hired and sustained with springtime hours that should have gone to experienced vested sales associates was not so well spent after all.

Helping my brother find a paying internship or job. Advising him to avoid retail. The benefits and pay are poor. He is a conservation/organismal biologist. I am an actor-writer. Together we can get creative and find something.

Not making much of an effort to meet anyone through this site anymore. Three years of bad dates through this site plus working full time leaves me tired.

Looking for an ostrich for my ex-fiancée. Met up with her for her birthday. She and a buddy have a daughter. She supports them both. I told her I’d try to get her an ostrich so she has something to entertain herself after work, her daughter can ride during the day, and her buddy (the girl’s father) can ride instead of looking for work and while waiting for his state disability and unemployment checks to arrive. I’ve been told I’m generous to a fault.

Headed to Roseville tomorrow to see a friend. Trains are better than buses. At least I wake up with my boots. Looking for a job at another plant nursery. Autumn is the ideal time to plant shrubs and trees: a 6-month jump on Spring. Dr. Earth and Kellogg are the best fertilizers and soils.

TUESDAY, JULY 19, 2011
Said “No!” to the director who asked me to fill in for the male actor who was supposed to be supporting character/best friend to the main character is her action-adventure porno graduate Film final project. I don’t want to be haunted by my past when I get recognized as a professional Screen Actor. She insulted me beyond measure and asserted that I don’t like women. Incorrect: I don’t like her. She is an asshole.

Completed four of the six four-hour Arena Rigging classes at Stage Rigging in Redwood City to gain access to Rigging jobs and possible entrance into the Entertainment Technicians’ Certification Program at a specialty academy in New York City. Two to five years in the field and then you can qualify for admission. Thing is I’m schooled in Screen Acting and Screen Writing. Gripping and Rigging is something I do for fun and for pay. Not looking to become a career Grip or career Rigger. I work in a plant nursery as a consultant. The pay is shit though. At least union Grips and union Riggers make $50-$100 an hour.

Headed to Hollywood and Santa Barbara for Halloween Weekend to party like a man possessed.

TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011
Completed another arena rigging class this evening: Arena Rigger Lab. Watched Super 8 with my father at the Oakridge Mall movie theater. Headed to Burbank to stay with a friend Thursday through Monday. Exploring downtown Hollywood Friday. Attending the 2011 International Makeup Artist Convention (IMAC) in Pasadena Saturday. Driving to a national camp ground eighty miles east of Berkeley Tuesday and camping until Thursday. Taking my parents to dinner for their 36th wedding anniversary Friday.

Preparing for an interview with an executive editor for an Almaden Valley lifestyle magazine. I haven’t pursued any paying writing assignments, contracts, or jobs for three years. Just concentrating on working and pursuing acting.

FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011
Writing scenes for a zombie film script right now while listening to early career Motley Crue and Poison on You Tube in the background. June fifteenth is approaching.

May be renting a room in Hollywood in June. I’m working on building a professional and social network of entertainment artists and technicians. 2001 to 2011 I’ve been stuck in The Bay Area because of family issues and the recessions. But, time has come to move on. San Jose is not a place to be if you want to act or write, I have found. August 1998 to present I’ve acted in independent feature films, music videos, PSAs, and short films. It’s been entertaining. I endeavor to act in feature films at a professional level. San Jose has not yielded this opportunity.

FRIDAY, MAY 13, 2011

Shoot next weekend. Director wants me to play a college professor. Another director’s got me slotted for an FBI agent in his drama feature next summer. Horror genre short films are my specialty though I write in all genres. Looking forward to seeing Motley Crue, New York Dolls, and Poison June fifteenth. My friend’s 44th birthday gift: a glam rock theme tailgate party all week wherever we are. Until the police start questioning us. Summer 2002… Having sex with my ex fiancée in the parking lot of the neighborhood church on weeknights in my Pontiac and then leaving empty tequila bottles was well worth their attention.

MONDAY, MAY 09, 2011
Designing a drip irrigation plan for the back yard. Supposed to save up to 70% on the monthly water bill. The most intricate of the eight four-hour classes I passed to get certified as a nursery consultant.

Looking forward to the next arena rigging class in Redwood City next Monday evening.

Looking for a life mate for my pet rabbit. It’s been almost four years since my Blue Silver Marten Rex died. Looking for a Netherlands dwarf: They look very much like Gremlins.

Trying to make plans for the weekend. I realize how little I actually socialize. Being committed to work to the near exclusion of a social life really is not good.

TUESDAY, MAY 03, 2011
Pushing for an hourly pay raise at the garden center/plant nursery where I work. Key sales associate for the business and I make less than teens who just got hired off the street with no prior retail sales experience. Working on getting some work with Bay Area film production companies as a paid grip. Working for free August 1998 to present has not been paying the bills. Taking another arena rigging class May 16th. Six four-hour classes to complete the curriculum.
I’m really good at
Acting, building medieval weapons from broken garden tools, gig hunting, job hunting, learning, networking, plant recognition, Punk Rock karaoke, sales, story telling, writing… To name a few.
The first things people usually notice about me
My attire, my hair, and my owl like eyes. Some tell me I look taller in my photos. Once someone gets to know me, they discover that we can discuss pretty much anything at length. I was one of the kids who paid attention in class and continue to read about many different subjects. Currently reading blueprints and diagrams for aerial rigging layouts for arenas and stadiums while learning anatomy, nomenclature, and physiology of spiders that arachnologists study.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
No favorites. I’ve spent countless hours reading college/university textbooks. I read journal/trade magazine articles more often than books. Not really a huge fan of fiction novels. But, tabloids can be highly entertaining.

No favorites. No favorite genres either. Some that I like?…
Gladiator. Indiana Jones Tetralogy. Star Wars Hexalogy. Troy. Van Helsing. Pretty much any Adventure Epic. Some comedies: mostly parodial or satyrical.

AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Bad Company, Bahaus, Charm City Devils, Chris Cornell, Danzig, Dave Evans, David Bowie, Dirty Penny, Fast Track, Foreigner, Girl School, God Smack, Green Day, Hole, Joan Jett And The Black Hearts, King Diamond, Led Zeppelin, Mega Death, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Motley Crue, Nine Inch Nails, Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Gabriel, Poison, Quiet Riot, Rabbit, Radiohead, Red Sunday, Rob Zombie, Scott Weiland, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Temple Of The Dog, The Beatles, The Breeders, The Clash, The Doors, The Misfits, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Thom Yorke, Thunder Down Under, Tom Petty And The Heart Breakers, Twisted Sister, Vince Neil Band, Yes… To name a few.

Most times, I eat the same basic things: soups and vegetables. I work late into the night or until dawn - on closing shifts and overnight shoots. So, I eat light. Often grilled eggplant and brazed tofu. I do enjoy good beers.
The six things I could never do without
I. Air
II. Food
III. Hard Rock
IV. Punk Rock
V. Water
VI. Writing
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Ten years this month I’ve done freelance landscape design consultation. Seventeen years this August I’ve done freelance screen acting and screenwriting.

Nine-Eleven… Thirteen years… Still remember the morning I heard the news and watched the footage of the towers. The plethora of emotions that accompanied the events of that day… The haunting imagery… It was my first semester at San Jose State University. I remember the tens and tens of students vocalizing their anti-American sentiments. I remember the hateful verbiage that echoed for days and weeks. Being politically moderate and progressive in my views, I was (and still am) resentful of the hateful speeches I heard on campus asserting the sentiment that America deserves what happened: knowing that members of my family have served in The Armed Forces. As a writer, I was disturbed by the superficial treatment of the events of that day by The American Media. As a student, I was resentful of the childish hyperbole I witnessed. Businesses drove full throttle to capitalize on 911: calendars, coins, tasteless memorabilia, etcetera… To me, this differs little from selling charred remains of those who died in and around the towers. I have long been repulsed by popular media for its cliché and irresponsible disclosure of sensitive subject matter. I have friends and family who serve and have served as fire fighters, police officers, and soldiers. I have had some very educational conversations with them based on this subject. My family had once hoped I would become a columnist or a journalist when I expressed an innate passion for writing. To say that I am negatively impressed with many publications and news programs is very much an understatement. Much to think about today.

Last night… Watched the independent feature film in which my brother and I acted. Shot the film summer and fall of 2008. I’m told it gained favorable critical reviews at some independent film festivals. Casting SAG and independent actors is a challenge: the guild and union rates are astronomical. Next feature film is scheduled to be shot spring of 2015 in San Jose.

The writer/producer, producers, and director who replaced me with another actor after I couldn’t produce $5000 to invest in the film last year have apparently abandoned the project. I have a feeling the SAG actors they cast saw through the façade and name-dropping. I warned these guys from day one: you don’t promise money to guild-actors and then look for forfeiture-clauses in their contracts. The idea to comb prospective investors’ Facebook friends-lists for other investors seems to have angered some. In the time this enclave of wannabes has wasted others’ time, I acted in a feature film (as lead) and am scheduled to screen test for a secondary role in another feature. It’s been a long road (1998-2013) seeking roles in films and videos. But, worth the struggle when you meet credible and passionate artists who share a vision.

I turn 35 in one month. Time flies. 15 years of freelance acting. Supposed to meet with the writer on this next script some time this month. And, get shooting lessons for the character role.

Owls. Of every kind. My first word. Many have told me I look like an owl. I told my family if I achieve financial wealth as an artist or business owner I will maintain meager means and invest the funds into animal- and forestry preservation. I have to have some place to wander around when I talk to myself. My grandfather hanged pinecone owls everywhere at the house when I was a child. Any time I feel stress or any negative emotion I think of owls and the feeling dissipates.

Why I bother looking for anyone online or on this site. My income, my height, and whether or not I have kids seems to be paramount. If I pass the litmus test I can look forward to a 90-minute interview over coffee. Just like shopping for a used car, I guess. Somenight I will publish a graphic novel celebrating all the nightmare dates I’ve been on over the last ten years since my fiancée died.

I get way too many accusatory/rude emails in my inbox. Yes, I’m 33 and hold onto my lifelong dream of being a professional screen actor. It’s not a pipe dream: I have acted in films and videos for 14 years, just not Hollywood blockbusters. So, end the insults. I had plans to go to acting school in Los Angeles when I graduated from West Valley College in 2001. A recession and back-to-back family medical issues kept me in San Jose for the past 11 years. If your little brother almost died of a blood clot in his heart and your father risked losing the house because he had to choose between a mortgage and keeping his partner alive, I venture to guess you too would stick around and do whatever you had to do to keep from watching your family dissolve. If that makes me a loser, then make me a crown with the biggest “L” you can fabricate. This is why I despise online dating: being made to feel like a piece of shit because I have obligations. I’d rather be alone than be with a soulless gold digger. You know who you are. End your shallow bullshit. It gets stale.

7:00 tonight… I see three of the original twelve olde night party friends from years ago. 2001-2011: It’s been a long time. Our sacred inductive mantra reigns untarnished:

Pour many a drink.
Let not a drop spill.
Long live the patrons…
Of The Great House Of Swill!®

Too bad only five of the twelve lived to tell of our legacy: Willow Glen’s most self indulgent and macabre fraternity of lunatic-Rock conneseurs.

Halloween Night 2002 I lost my virginity to my ex fiancée. And desecrated my friend’s couch in the process. It wound up abandoned behind a Longs Drugs store the next week.

Met up with a customer to see a movie last night. First woman I’ve met up with who didn’t tell me I look smaller in person than in my photos or interrogate me as to my income and living situation. Didn’t have to apologize for living at home to help pay the mortgage and support my brother while he looks for a job and graduate program. Interesting when you meet someone in person. No photos to give false or misleading impressions. I guess that’s why dating sites are a joke and meeting someone in person is actually worth it. Sorry, Ok Cupid.

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011
With the ridiculous volume of rodenticide my neighbor puts out, his dog died. Bed sheets topped with rotting fruit beneath the trees’ canopies and he wonders why they come. The rats that eat well from his yard have tried to take refuge in the attic. But, become a meal for the opossum that lives behind and underneath our tool shed. The opossum eats from the grape vines that cover the fence between the neighbor and us and sleeps in the shaded grape-cannabis vineyard growing there. The opossum makes itself scarce and avoids the baited areas as well as the rotwielers and shotgun.

MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011
Taking class four of six for arena rigging 3pm to 7pm tonight. Working towards becoming a certified entertainment technician so I can escape retail. Degrees in Liberal Arts, Theatre Arts, and Advertising apparently do not qualify me for a job that pays a living wage. I enjoy celebrity status at the plant nursery where I work.

What I would look like with… Green hair with purple highlights, purple hair with green highlights, or… Slate-blue hair when I get older. It creeps my retired party buddies out that I’m older than them and I still look like I did when we were young and reckless in our party days/daze. I don’t smoke. Plus the sugar-free Rock Star and cheap Merlot kept me well preserved.

Achieving recognition for my efforts and my work. Currently shopping one of my scripts to graduate students and independent producers(some who are friends) to get a director and cinematographer for my suspense short film. I act and I write. I am not yet savvy with a motion picture camera.
On a typical Friday night I am
Cooking, grilling, and/or writing: screenplays mostly. The music scene in San Jose doesn’t really interest me much. I like Glam Rock and Punk Rock bands. I do enjoy seeing a horror film that’s well-acted/well-written.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
36 tonight. Funny to think about… I got into acting when I was 18.

My dream in Life is to achieve success as a screen actor and screenwriter. And, to support other artists in their endeavors.

October 2007/October 2010… It was a strange feeling seeing myself on a screen in a movie theater for the first and second time. It was a surreal reaction seeing something fictional blended with something real. As a writer it felt very strange. You perform in front of a camera yet you know it is live footage of yourself portraying someone fictional yet the experience is real.

MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2012
I wept. Under a willow tree. My friend and I agreed to head to a local cemetery at night for coffee. While cleaning and sorting earlier that day I happened across long lost photos in a dusty envelope that dates back ten to twelve years. In these photographs are group photos of me and friends at the time. Many of whom I no longer see, speak to, or are alive. It saddened me to see these pictures. While drinking coffee that night against a backstage of lightning and thunder I admitted to her that it pains me that I never got to know these persons as adults. We were irresponsible and reckless kids partying all the time. Several never lived to see age twenty five. I often wonder what they would have been like had we remained friends after our years of excess and immaturity. Wind and cemetary willow limbs wipe away tears very efficiently. More so than Time's ever-effacing hand.

I turned 33 last week. I’ve been trying to break into professional screen acting since I was 19. I have plans to start a production company to produce movies for which I write scripts, with some outside financing. The students and independent filmmakers are guilty of the same thing: regardless of how good an actor someone is… If they wouldn’t fuck you… They’re not gonna cast you in their film unless it’s to play a bit part as a one-dimensional character.

I’ve been told I look like an owl. My eyes are large for my face.

The guest house I occupy here in San Jose is haunted. My very religious/zealous co-worker/friend tells me it’s because I had premarital sex with a party girl who was outside the religion…(my ex fiancee). She woke me several times in one night on several occasions, claiming she could hear commotion and voices. All while living with me in this guest house when I was a full time student and living here to save money while working towards a BS degree at San Jose State University. I have awakened many times, feeling as though there were someone standing over me or nearby. In college, I took General Psychology as a G.E. elective. One of the books I read was Lucid Dreaming. An account of patients claiming to have supernatural experiences while being hooked up to machines in Stanford University’s Dream Research Institute within the school of Medicine. Patients experienced drastic fluctuations in heart rates and heart rhythms when they were physically and verbally manipulated into very low stages of sleep. Many reported seeing things within the room the way they appear in reality. Yet, some things were arranged differently. Sometimes a person or a shadow would loom over them. I began keeping a dream journal and began reading books on Dream Psychology. I had to cease reading eventually because it creeped me the fuck out. There is a famous story in Egyptian lore about two twin sisters – princesses – who had a dream that they had been mauled be a half human/half animal creature. They awoke to find themselves scratched and scathed in the very same places they had dreamt. Quantum Physicists have explored the possibility of supernatural activity for many years. Some claim there are ways to measure activity outside of humans’ sensory and especially visual capabilites. My cousin teaches Yoga. In college, she wrote a comprehensive report about common experiences among those who claim to have been visited by presences. Halloween persists year-round in this house.

Monday, October 31st, 2011
I meant to post this one Halloween Night… I don’t sleep in rooms with mirrors if I can help it. When I was very young my cousin and her friend would look after me when my parents went out for the evening. My cousin’s friend was into The Occult and would do things to frighten me: locking me in closets with the lights off while screaming violently, locking me in our chest freezer and sitting on the lid, tying me to the bed post then turning out the lights and screaming. One time she drew a pentagram with an all seeing eye in its center on the floorboards in my room and forced my hand onto it. She spoke in some strange dialect and pretended to become possessed. She dragged me into my parents’ bedroom and forced me to stand before the mirror while she told me demons could see me even though I couldn’t see them and they would thereafter start watching me in my sleep and come out of the mirror to attack me. Being five at the time, I believed a couple 15 year olds. At 32, the eerie uncertainties of The Afterlife coupled with memories like these give a good scare when it’s dark.

Evil spirits watch me when I lie in my bed late at night after work and pleasure myself. So too do the Halloween decoration life-size skulls atop my bedroom bookshelf. My room is a dark and frightening place. Friends have told me they feel presences in and about my house when they come over to hang out. I then offer them more beer or wine. I sleep on the couch in my living room. My bed invites nightmares. Some house guests have had nightmares when they crash on my couch.

FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011
Planning a trip to San Francisco next week and an investigation into the production company shooting Knife Fight – the new Rob Lowe film. The nursery declined my request for the day off when open auditions were being held for bit part actors and extras. Now I have to get headshots and a resume to the production company or the casting director.

February 2001… After being told I had the role of Adrian, the producer/writer gave the role to this guy. Fair enough: He was a Rock singer with a label. I was a student actor at the time. The record label invested venture capital into the film. My venture capital was tuition and rent.

I am using a site to meet someone because being committed to my jobs keeps me from having a social life.
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You like Cinema or Theatre. I’m looking to enrich myself as an actor and a writer by knowing other artists. Not really a fan of dating sites. But, declined to erase my profile due to the fact that I enjoy making entries in my journal. Freelance Screenwriter/Playwright motive.