26 London, UK
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My self-summary
Polyamorous, in a relationship.
I am not sure what I'm looking for, as off now I'm kinda just dipping my toe into the whole talking to other people.


I'm a feminist/left leaning Norwegian who lives in London,
I've lived here almost 5 years and I think the city is big, often confusing, but great.
I'm sad to see a lot of creative people moving away from the city but I also totally get it.

I'm an idealist I like to look for the good in the world. I don't like cynical people, I've kinda had it with people who scoff at someone for being super enthusiastic or happy about "small" things.
If you're passionate about something, chances are I'll like that a lot, even if I don't always know what to say about it.
I just really like people who get excited.

When it comes to feminism the quote:
my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit - Flavia Dzodan
comes in handy.

Also if you've read The cyborg manifesto by Donna Haraway please message me because I am confused and excited and I love her a lot, and I need to yell at someone about it and possibly have some of it reflected back so I understand it better!

I'm a poet, I read a lot of poetry, some of my favourite poets are:

Fortesa Latifi
Warsan Shire
Amanda Oaks
Trista Mateer
Andrea Gibson
Buddy wakefield

And loads others, do recommend me stuff I'm still discovering new poets and new poetry all the time.

I'm not fond of Bukowski, I think his poetry is good, I just don't like his general vibe. It's vague, I know.

I am an inside person, I have anxiety so huge crowds aren't generally a good time for me, but I do like going out. I'm not very active seeking so having someone to drag me out would be awesome.

This whole "I love to travel" vibe that I am seeing here is great, but I'll be honest, traveling is kinda stressful for me, I used to be the sort of person who would jump in a train on no notice. I still have that urge a lot, but I'm not sure if that is who I am anymore.

I am terribly indecisive about food, if you ask me to decide what to eat we're gonna have a bad time.

I don't know, my friend tells me I should write that I hoard sugar packets in every bag I have, I kill tomato plants, I collect mugs and I like "weird witchy stuff." So you know, there is that.
What I’m doing with my life
I work from home in a customer service field.
I write poetry.
I try to go outside, it's going well.
I am very social online.
I’m really good at
Remember the backstory of every mug I own.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Leonard cohen.
Dark ambient.
Witch house.
Goth music. (you can tell I know the name of genres...)
I don't know, I listen to stuff, it's good.

I'm gonna be honest, I don't watch a lot of films and series.
But I love dragon age and dreamfall: chapters (And ofc longest journey and the sequel) if we talk of stuff to watch on screens.

The last good book I read was:
She walks in shadow. Lovecraftian antology.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, unfortunately.

Tbh I would probably still be playing dragon age.
You should message me if
You know what polyamory is, I don't wanna educate you on stuff you can google.

You don't want to ask me to partake in a threesome.