58 Collierville, TN
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My self-summary
Not only is my short term memory horrible, but so is my short term memory!

Somehow I've become a 50 some.... errrrr …solidly "mid" 50 something… This seems so sudden as just the other day I was walking home from elementary school. But I'll take each year I can get (considering the alternative). My hair is salt 'n pepper and I've been told it's thinning. After my sister in law took a photo of me from behind, I saw what appears to be a small, flesh colored shiny spot on the back of my head. Now, I wonder what that might be?

As far as dating goes, I've not dated a lot lately, and offer no explanation for this.

Yes... I have a past and have been married before (twice, but the second time don't count) and that was, like the fairytale, "A long, long time ago in a faraway land"

Ancient History (for me anyway): I grew up in the glorious south, on the outskirts of a small town in a cotton-field house. What's a cotton-field house you ask? One of many near identical houses, planted in a cotton field by a developer, with streets, roadside bermuda for lawns, a ditch across the street, a sho 'nuff cotton-field across the ditch and woods beyond that. It was wonderful. The other families nearby were of the same age range so we had plenty of friends, there was no such thing as a game boy and no one owned a computer. The television had only three channels and the quality of the reception depended on the antenna. The programs included Tarzan, Shirley Temple, Looney Toons, Happy Hal, & Sivad (Fantastic Features). The news carried the Vietnam War and President Kennedy's assassination. Back then the Television signed off at midnight and "four letter" words were taboo. My how times have changed.

While TV's were black and white, the world outside was in color and that's mostly where we stayed. We were the Little Rascals. We played in ditches, crawled through manholes, built forts, dug holes, cut down trees, made necklaces out of clover flowers, got stung, pulled ticks off dogs and ran barefoot in the snow (it didn't snow often and we were after all Southerners). There were no buses so we walked to and from school, uphill both ways.

When I'm working on something, I get so involved; I'm oblivious to everything else around me. My mind can and will, however, catalog the fact that someone is talking to me, what they've said, and remind me to respond within' about 30 minutes. That will probably drive you crazy. It did an early grade school teacher because she wrote on my report card, "Larry lives in a dream world". Thank God that was before ADHD was invented so big pharma could sell ritalin. That part of my personality is deeply embedded and likely will not be changed.

Hobbies you ask? Well, I've several hobbies, with fluctuating priorities including; music (I own a guitar), water colors (I own paint and paper), shooting and hunting (to hang out with my brother in the woods), fishing (sometimes just throw only a line in the water after all, why would I want catchin' to interfere with my fishin'?), motorcycles, camping, museums and other "stuff". Regarding motorcycles, I'm not a "biker" biker. What I mean by that is if you didn't see me on it, you'd never know I ride 'em. I own three motorcycles, two of which are vintage, all Italian and all run (or will if I talk nice and tickle 'em a bit). You may not be aware of this, but a motorcycle will turn an ordinary man into a mechanic. If they break, I do the repairs and will sometimes curse while doing so. I'm not much of a Sunday around town rider and don't get the chance to ride alot, but when I do, I enjoy long trips, lost highways, back roads, loaded with campin' equipment, tools, road food, a bottle of wine & other such necessities of life. Also, I'm fond of apple pie, fast cars, guns and poetry.
What I’m doing with my life
Though I enjoy the ocean, I prefer Mountains. I find myself returning each year or three to new mexUFO and the four corners region of the US. My favorite mode of travel is motorcycle & back roads the preferred route. The destination is less important than the journey. I own a GPS for work and considered getting one for the motorcycle. It could be handy, but then getting lost can be quite an adventure. Nothing will free you like the the realization that the startling 80 mile per hour flash before your eyes an hour ago was your only map flying out of the window of your car or the map case atop your tank-bag (that you forgot to zip up). Now where the hell am I? What? I should ask directions you say???? Come on now.

Employment? Yeah sure I work... sometimes... It's not a 9 to 5 job and it's not all the time, nor do I want it to be. It's steady when the weather is bad and once the ball does get rolling, it requires that I travel, a lot, all over the country (and if I'm lucky, out of the country). It's rare that I'm able to work within 300 miles of home. When I must work, it's looong hours, 80 to 90 a week (it's almost nuts) and can last for months. When I play, I play hard too and when I relax, I'm comatose (so if you catch me cat napping, please... just let me sleep).
I’m really good at
A little know talent of mine is Juggling. Not women... lord help me no.. but objects. It's true. I can juggle three objects at once fairly well, four objects at once for a short while and five objects at once in my mind. Impressed? So am I.

In addition, I'm pretty good at composing limericks. That's right, give me a subject and I'll whip one out in no time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books! My inclination is towards fiction and history. Just finished reading 'An Irish Country Doctor' and it was great. Now I'm reading two books. One is 'Everything is Illuminated'. I'd seen the movie on HBO and found it interesting.I'm enjoying the book, so far... UPDATE Lost the book before I could finish it. Searched high and low in 3 states. It must be under the Leon Uris Book (which was lost in the early 90's). Now I've purchased an additional copy of "Everything is Illuminated" and am in the middle of reading that as well as, 'Her Privates We'. UPDATE: Finished Everything is Illuminated, purchased the DVD and watched it twice. The movie varies from the book in an entertaining way and leaves some questions at the end regarding the grandfathers actions. If you watch the movie, have no intention of reading the book and want to know, what happened and why, drop me a line and I'll fill you in (but ONLY if you've watched it).

Other recent reads include; Two One Pony (a military historical remembrance) 'True Grit', 'Lonesome Dove', 'The Shack' (lent to me by a friends mother with the instructions to set it free when I'd finished it. So let it be read, so let it be free, 'Cold Mountain' (I haven't seen the movie yet but I still wonder why foreigners w/ British accents were chosen to portray Righteous Southerners. Why???.. Update, saw the movie and liked it). Still others are 'The Unvanquished' by William Faulkner, 'Suttree' by my current favorite writer Cormack McCarthy. Regarding Mr. McCarthy, his books can be so violent; I fear these things may still actually take place.

Movies - All time favorite is 'Dances With Wolves'. All time. Others I'm very fond of are Excalibur, The Godfather (I &II), Amelie, Il Postino (the Postman / it's in Italian with subtitles and is a MUST SEE). There are many others I've enjoyed, but these are ones I can watch over and over.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where the hell I am.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing something! Anything!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well it sure wouldn't be private if I posted it here now would it.