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32 M Ann Arbor, MI

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5′ 9″ (1.75m)
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Working on Ph.D program
Science / Engineering
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English (Fluently), German (Fluently), French (Poorly)

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My self-summary
**This is needing an edit/trimming, as circumstances change, with said alterations coming. Busy at the moment; for now, keeping the old profile here so you have an idea of "me".**

I'm approaching the end of a physics Ph.D. here at UofM, and I got a bit buried in the "Piled High and Deep" aspects of things. I'm trying to reconnect with people or connect with new people and reintroduce a bit of fun to my life (planning on starting rock climbing, racquetball and/or aikido in the very near future). Care to help me?
I'm also making the transition from coffee-fiend to tea-aficionado. (Recently resumed drinking coffee, though, on a trial basis...)
Additionally, I'm trying to conquer my insomnia. It's an uphill battle, but there are signs of improvement.
I'm very curious both intellectually and personally and like researching random things.

I am sleepy-yet-energetic, optimistic/realistic, and slightly random.
What I’m doing with my life
Teaching an intro physics course -- one I've taught multiple times and can teach in my sleep by now, but which I keep finding new ways to explain & conceptualize for students -- as well as doing research this fall, i.e., busy busy busy.
More generally, I'm trying to make it through a physics Ph.D., which is as hard as it sounds. Right now that is pretty all-consuming, but I do have other interests which I'm trying to rediscover. (I'm also looking into picking up new hobbies, too. I'm thinking of starting aikido, and a friend recently asked me to come fencing with him. I'm also entertaining other ideas, as well.)
Research-wise, I work with a UHV chamber and run an MBE system in which I grow high-purity antimony telluride and bismuth telluride crystals and quantum wells. I also dope my thin flims with transition metals such as chromium & vanadium (and also trying out rare earths currently, which is going well) to give them different properties. Aren't I special? (Correct answer: No, just another lab monkey.)
I haven't decided whether I want to parlay this Ph.D. into an academic career or to apply it to industrial/commercial pursuits. Both avenues are still open.
Also, I've recently re-picked up my guitar. I played briefly in high school, but never got good. I've probably approached or surpassed what I could do back then and am having a good time at it, even though I still suck.
I’m really good at
Coming up with random trivia. (I do pub trivia at Ashley's and/or Conor O'Neill's on Mondays, so feel free to say hey if we bump into one another there.) I'm sure there's something else I'm good at!
I'm also decent at languages (though I'm getting rusty lately), making corny jokes and being generally awkward. I try to keep a broad focus -- something frowned upon in a Ph.D. program -- of reading topics and try to stay generally informed. I also dig words and etymologies and grammar. My mother was an English teacher (as well as French/Spanish teacher), and I had grammar drilled in my head from an early age. (For example, we'll get along if you've read and enjoyed "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" by Lynne Truss.)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not sure, but people I meet once tend to recognize me so there must be something noteworthy. (Or repugnant?) I frequently get people saying they saw me out riding my bike around town, etc.
I guess it would be my long, curly hair, if I had to pick one feature. I've been told I'm distinctive, but I don't go around asking folks what distinguishes me particularly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(Bear in mind also the following lists are merely indicative of my tastes and by no means exhaustive.)

Books: Vonnegut, David Sedaris, dystopian novels (1984, We, etc.) and Ayn Rand plus varied non-fiction; Currently reading - (recently finished) "One Perfect Day" by Rebecca Mead, "The World in Six Glasses" by Tom Standage, "Talk Retro to Me" by Ralph Keys, "Study in Scarlet" by AC Doyle, (just finished) "Broca's Brain" by Carl Sagan, plus a bunch of research-y books and articles. I read a lot (or used to before life was consumed by research), so I may add to this section soon. For a longer list of recently read books, see here:

Movies: Fight Club, V for Vendetta, American Beauty, working my way through the AFI 100, (most) documentaries

Music: Beatles, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Cake, David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age, Björk, Eminem, Death Cab for Cutie, bands with Jack White in them (White Stripes, Raconteurs, Dead Weather), getting into Of Montreal; classical music (especially Brahms); working toward expanding my musical horizons (see a pattern?) into jazz, indie, blues, folk and other genres lately.
Some artists that I don't care to hear much of (just tired of or don't care for in the first place): Lynyrd Skynyrd (Grew up in the South; been there, done that), Bob Seger (Won't listen to, except ironically on rare occasions.), Bob Marley (Don't "dislike", just not a huge reggae fan), Credence Clearwater Revival (Yes, realize they are good; I'm just burnt out.). Others may join this list as they occur to me.
I recently got a account. Not done adding stuff I like on there yet, but feel free to check it out, nonetheless:
Recent(-ish) concerts: Queens of the Stone Age twice (2013/09/12 @ Fillmore Detroit & 20140509 @ Aragon Chicago, which was phenomenal, possibly best show I've ever been to). Other concerts I've been to recently in the Ann Arbor/Detroit area and really enjoyed: Hot Chip/LCD Soundsystem (Dec. 2010), Primus (Oct. 2011), Radiohead (2012/06/11) & Rush (2012/09/18).

Food: I like to eat all different kinds of food. I try to eat healthy -- as few ingredients as possible, not or less processed, etc. -- but beyond that, it's all game. I like most European cuisines (Italian, German, French, all Mediterranean) and most Asian cuisines (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean), but I also like trying new things as much or more than revisiting ones I know already. I really love the variety in restaurants here in Ann Arbor. No city I've ever lived in has paralleled here in cuisine choice, and I'd like to explore more of it before I potentially leave after finishing my degree. (The same spirit of trying new and exotic foods also extends to beverages like coffee, tea, beers, wines, etc.)

TV: I don't watch that much TV, but when I do it's usually on DVD. I particularly like Joss Whedon shows (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly). I also like Arrested Development (including the new Netflix season, which I need to rewatch), South Park and Veronica Mars. Also, whenever I'm available and remember to catch it, I enjoy both The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report. Currently watching (all on Netflix) the first seasons of SNL, Battlestar Galactica & The Muppet Show and going on a nostalgia trip and rewatching early 80's GI Joe cartoons. (No, I've not seen the recent movies, simply revisiting my childhood and realizing how problematic a lot of those things were in various ways, e.g. race issues.) Recently finished season one of Breaking Bad, and really enjoying the show as a whole thus far. (I'm a chemistry geek on top of being a physics guy, so the show is right up my alley -- drama with fun elements!) Lastly, watched and loved Orange is the New Black and looking forward to season two.
The six things I could never do without
1) The internet. Either for email, keeping up with the news, entertainment or looking up sundry facts/questions that bother me during the day.
2) Food. I'm a bit of a foodie. When I travel, food is one of the things I like to enjoy in a new place, right up there with art and sightseeing.
3) Affection/love. I like a good cuddle!
4) Sleep. I'm a bit of an insomniac. (I'm trying to work on it.) Even though it's problematic for me, I need my sleep and I punch myself for not getting enough of it.
5) Music. I love to sing and listen to music. I compulsively listen to music. I'm not sure if it's cathartic or what, but I listen to music most of my waking hours. I've also been known to sing karaoke without even being drunk!
6) My Swiss Army knife. It's got everything but the kitchen sink, almost literally. I use it constantly. Must be the Boy Scout in me..."Be Prepared!"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend too much time thinking in general. I've always been told I over-think things, which is a mixed blessing. Lately I spend a lot of time thinking about school stuff and working on my dissertation. (I promise I think about other things, too, though.) I have a couple more years, but I'm ready to think about something else for a while other than broken equipment and how I can fix said equipment.
I also enjoy making up really weird dishes, so occasionally I'll get hung up thinking about a spice or certain ingredient and how I can fashion a dish around that. The most recent example is dill, but others have included mint, fennel, scallions, brie, eggplant, et. al.
On a typical Friday night I am
a) in the lab because I'm behind during the week, (minimizing this one lately as I'm finding a better work/play balance in life)
b) out having drinks with friends,
c) at home watching a movie with friends, or
d) something else slightly unpredictable.
I wouldn't say that I have a "typical" Friday night routine.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a fairly private person, so you're getting nothing from me. You'll just have to ask in person.
I guess one thing I'd admit is that I like to grow a seasonal beard come wintertime. It's kind of fun, but an ulterior motive is also that I'm lazy and don't like shaving all the time. I will shave it off on request, but it's just kind of fun on a lark! Beard forecast at the moment: 100% chance of beardliness.

Other "private" things (more like dislcaimers) to admit would be the following:
-I'm slightly allergic to indoor pets, so while I love cats and dogs (I grew up with outside dogs and have gotten to know several friends' kitties), I may become stuffed up and not a great conversation partner. :( This fact brings me great sorrow because many of the coolest people I know are cat-owners and cat-lovers, but such is life. If people will vacuum and get the bulk of hair off of stuff, I'm not affected for a while longer, so there are workarounds, fortunately.
-I'm faithful to people but not so much institutions. I've never for the life of me understood people who are rabid fans of a given sports team for reasons of proximity or otherwise. (I say this as someone who played baseball, football, etc. in high school and enjoys sports very much. I just prefer to play them as opposed to watching or "following" them, though I followed them somewhat as a child, I'll concede.) The same thing goes to some extent for thoughtless patriotism/attachment to a state or city. If I like a place, it'll be because of the people or some feature of the area that truly makes it unique. I don't feel any special allegiance to a place just because it's my hometown or whatever.
-I make bad puns, word jokes and so forth from time to time. (NB. Read "from time to time" as "frequently".)
I surely have other quirks, but those are the ones I can think to disclose at the moment.
I’m looking for
  • Everybody
  • Ages 25–34
  • Near me
  • For new friends
You should message me if
You'd like to meet a guy who is willing to chat about most topics and is a bit nerdy/neurotic. You've been forewarned...

[For those curious, the bit in German below basically says that I lived in Stuttgart, Germany, a few years ago and would enjoy the opportunity to brush up on my German which has gotten rusty since I've been in graduate school and focusing on physics and slowly forgetting my German. :(]

Ich wohnte 2005-2006 im südwesten Deutschland, nähmlich in Stuttgart. Ich war Sprachenassistent bei einem Gymnasium und führte Englischunterricht. Seit ich in Michigan gewohnt habe, wurde ich "rostig" beim Deutsch, weil ich nicht zu viele Gelegenheiten deutsch zu sprechen gehabt habe. Aber ich möchte eine Chance mein Deutsch wieder zu üben. Wenn Sie ein bißchen Geduld haben um mich mein Wortschatz mich zu erinnnern, würde ich mit Ihnen schwätzen. :)