66 Palo Alto, CA
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My self-summary
I'm Untelligent. Would you want me any other way?

I'm The Penultimate Woman
Kidding! I'm not interested in second best.

A poet? You'll know I'm keen for you when I feverishly pen what might, conceivably, maybe, resemble poetry.

I want to partner; what about you, partner?

A quintessential mix of fragile and strong
Would we get along?

Perhaps, if you are secularist/scientific…
'cause I'm non-theist...mon dieu!
if you are emotionally and physically affectionate,
if you are accountable for all parts of yourself,
if you prefer questions over conclusions.
if you are exceedingly kind.
if you are funny and love to laugh, a lot.
if you want one woman to love, completely.
I could go on.

I’m a sweet, simple-minded girl. Take the following as case in point:

I may not know
All I can be
But I do know
I want
Beside me
A ditty

Are you able to take the wheel? I need a brake.

Construction ongoing
Chain, chain, chains... naw
Ramp to Hell or High Water

Calling all non-policing men. Approach the vehicle and write your own ticket.

So this is where the rubber meets the road:
I don't wanna be your vehicle, unless I be your destination.

Did you take that quick exit? If so, have an easy drive home.

If not, let's go on a no-pressure first date:

Take the road that stretches out before you. You know the way; you drew the map. They'll be the winding ways and the climb up hill, and down, and then see the smooth stretch before you, the S-curve, the u-turn, your choice but try to avoid the dead-end, and you go further, you simply continue because you remember you can keep going if only you keep going, so you do, keep going, and it'll take as long as it takes, and you'll know you are exactly where you want to be, you can see the horizon, the expanse of endless sky and you, you, ah, you, wait I'll remember, just a sec, got it, yes, this is where you paaak it. I'll meet you there. Then, we'll switch metaphors and fly to the moon.

Too much traveling?

Consider these testimonials*

Pretty, attractive, sexy, cool and mysterious
Something so elegantly sensual about you.
Clever and edgy!
Reading your profile was more like spending a weekend with you.
Complex. (hey, wait a minute. what I wrote was, "too complex".)
An adventure!
Remarkably playful.
Intellectually beautiful.
Self-admiring obscurantism. (so you say)

*The above are about a profile, not a person, and were written by some loser named Madison Avenue.

"Pedestal Rap Trap"

I don't wanna be no angel!
That, would be fatal!
Wings are for Birds to fly free
Like an angel could never be.
Alas, again, a ditty

Maybe we match up spiritually.
I used to believe in reincarnation, but that was before climate change.
I revere Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping.
I traveled with the full-night transit of the Southern Cross, from a beach on Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, 1987.
I bear the pattern of Orion's Belt on my stomach, naturally inscribed, I think when I unrolled sometime very early on, proof positive I'm made of stardust.

To continue (more's the pity), you might be interested to know I once got a

Compliment from a MAN!

He said, "Wouldn't Lily be a really FUN wife!"



and I would say this about marriage: I believe in the possibility. How about you?

Now, what to do while searching for the haystack needle?


which reminds me of the slim volume of poetry I once wrote entitled, "Five Years In Bed With The Same Woman".

Yours Neologically,
What I’m doing with my life
Fit and fun, fun, fun! I exorcise each and every day!
Seeking bells and whistles; using smoke and mirrors.
Not watching TV,
Satisfying curiosity and
Taking loving action.
I’m really good at
Or rather, I'm really good at some of these, and love them all:
rock 'n roll
the funk the boogie the blues
rescuing insects
the arts and literature
culture-immersion travel
physical and emotional affection
dancing dates
frogs and great-horned owls
free-irony zones
romantic love
really good at sounding pretentious when I'm really not
The first things people usually notice about me
that I'm single, ha.
people who become my friends often say they loved me at first meeting, which makes one feel great, doesn't it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books now on my bedside table: "The God Delusion", "The Body Keeps The Score" and "The Grain Brain"
A short list of favorites: James Brown, Yip Harburg, Billy Strayhorn, Louis Jordan, J.B. Lenoir, Marvin Gaye, Charles Brown, Alice and John Coltrane, Albert King, Gil Scott Heron, Bootsy Collins, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Utah Philips, P Funk, David Gray, Laurie Anderson, Little Feat, Jerry Miller, Tiran Porter, Joe Frank, Martin Short, Over the Edge, Tony Kushner, Caravaggio, Duccio for the color blue, Puccini, Mozart, Warhol, John Updike, Zora Neale Hurston, Shakespeare...
Movies: Bread and Tulips, when the man says to the woman, "Your husband is not a fine connoisseur of your soul", Nashville, Notorious, Dr. Strangelove, Angels in America, A Single Man and Adaptation - "You are what you love, not what loves you."
Food: Don't you agree the pear possesses a certain cool lusciousness...
The six things I could never do without
song birds, darkness, peace and quiet, free media, hope, and reading glasses.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to live an authentic life.
how we might better utilize our capacity for change.
how quickly we are now destroying our planet. I think about where the years went and where I am now. I wonder if I will find my true mate, and I know I want to but that it cannot be guaranteed. I think about how no one can say the word "die" anymore and use "passed away, passed, passed on..." I make up more jokes, like, " Did he pass on the potato salad? Did she pass over her obvious match?" I laugh at how, as an atheist, this passing over to something else could be thought of as discriminatory. :)
I could go on, but I would have to spend more time thinking and I just don't want to, except, that I think a lot about how many smiley faces I have to type so you know I'M KIDDING :)
On a typical Friday night I am
sometimes out for dancing and great music, or playing music, or around San Francisco with friends, or tuning in to the History of Funk, or playing late-night pinball, or putting off tomorrow...

Une métaphore pour moi:
You can find me at the opera one night and in a dive bar the next (if it's music and/or dancing I am after).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I may be an oxymoron.

I am not perfect. :)

Oh, and I once had a near-life experience.
You should message me if
you are not already interested in someone.
you are non-religious.
you are enthusiastically social, fun, funny and kind.
politically, you believe in a just society for all.
you love Love.

*After politely answering all kind messages when we're not a match, I find I'm not willing to do that anymore, so if I don't respond, I wish you the best of luck.