27 Bayreuth, Germany
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My self-summary
I'm not going to lie, ich habe Wanderlust. I want to explore, get out, see more places. That being said, I don't mind if I'm chatting with someone in, say, Kiel, Austria or Ireland - I want to travel!

That being said, just because I live in Bayreuth doesn't mean that I'm unreachable. Honestly, There is still so much of Germany I have yet to see, I have no problems finding an excuse to get out. So, I don't care if you live in Aachen, Kiel, Stuttgart, or Greifswald. Who knows - Maybe if something lovely clicks, I could find an excuse to move to one of those corners after I graduate.

I'm behind the times. Case-in-point: I own no smartphone, iPhone, anything of that sort that's modern.

Ich kann auch doch sehr gut Deutsch (obwohl vielleicht nicht 100% grammatisch richtig - verdammten Adjektivendungen). Aber bitte hab keine Angst, mit mir auf Deutsch oder Englisch zu schrieben :)
What I’m doing with my life
I play what may be considered one of the least cool instruments to some, but I enjoy what I do, I'm insanely good at it - and in terms of practical matters, it pays absurdly well. In my past life I was a kitchen slave and cook, and also do a bit of mild bartending.

I've a sarcastic wit, yet a bit shy on the social front. I'm fond of porch beers in the summer/fall, and pizza & Netflix any time of the year*. Proud homeowner, educated linguist, and I enjoy taking the bike out when I'm home.

One of my life goals is to pay off my house by the time I'm 40.

*I have stumbled upon several pages that suggest that "Netflix and chill" has sort of implication. Although I certain do not disapprove of any activities of this sort, I also have no problem with literally "Netflix and chill," all the better with pizza. Even better: chilling, pizza, and cuddling on the couch.
I’m really good at
Jokes.... sadly I have to work on telling jokes in German. But for really terrible ones in English, please apply within :)

Also good at piano and this ridiculously uncool instrument called the organ. I like to think I have good taste, despite the organ being a very uncommon instrument among youths these days.

There's also something called "The Naked Man."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
How I met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Doctor Who, Psych, South Park, Arrested Development, Archer, Late Night with Steven Colbert.

Eggs, pizza, anything to grave my spicy fix. I love breakfast diners just as much as I relish B-Dubs and Chipotle.

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaach. Maybe a little Beethoven if the mood suits me.
The six things I could never do without
My house
Mixed language mish-mash
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The message limit on OKC caps at 300 Sent/received. I wonder how many girls on here have a message limit that exceeds 300 because guys want to spend that extra $1 to put a message into a girl's already stuffed inbox.

When, oh when I will finally have time and energy and will power to refresh old language skills.

When I will finally be able to cash in on my Beer-For-Life Membership at Lake Monster Brewery (back home in the US)

Intimacy. I'm just being honest. I tend to be an extremely horny individual because I'm very easily turned on. Once you get to know me, it's a very simple explanation, but a personal one. I mean, if you like to get dirty, then I guess we're both missing out while we waste time writing messages.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Netflix. I have a beamer, and am very comfortable on the sofa in my room. Along with a bottle of beer, it's going to be hard to get me out during relaxing time. Otherwise probably doing something nerdy like practicing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find many things sexy; I'm easy to please. But I find nothing sexier than solid, proper grammar (in whichever language of your choice, as long as I can understand it). That and a sweet girl with a nice rack....of beer in her fridge.

I have a very bizarre bucket list.

I also got busted once because I was playing a piano at London Heathrow airport and put out a tip jar. I actually made a good chunk of change before one of the employees dropped the hammer.

I publicly streaked once.

What does one call a phobia of telephone calls? I'm fine with texting, but whenever a stranger calls on the phone, I get nervous...
You should message me if
If you want to practice your German (for non-native speakers), or practice your English (non-native speakers).

You can talk to me česky or по-русский.

I can convince you to vote for Donald Trump for president.

You're welcome to ask any question you would like; I don't judge (too harshly), and I don't bite (only at appropriate times).

If you're feeling lonely for the holidays....