32 Gainesville, FL
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My self-summary
So the verdict's in, I'm pretty much a hippie (or so that's the label most people feel comfortable giving me - hey, whatever floats your boat) . I like and have tattoos, but I'm not a hipster. Pretty sure I'm an INFJ (that rare 1%), but I mean last time I took the Myers Briggs was probably middle school? I don't litter, and I don't think you should either. Despite the aforementioned sentence I'm really not all THAT opinionated. I mean, I do have opinions, for sure. But I don't believe in pressing them on anyone else. I'm basically apolitical, however if I had to pick a side I would base it on the fact that I don't really do the uptight, conservative thing. I am a strong advocate of the mantra "don't sweat the small stuff". I definitely believe in the power of following my own intuition. Self-realization is probably my most important life goal. Actually, that may be my only REAL goal that I'm hard set on. I think the point of life is to be alive. To do what makes you FEEL alive and inspired. I'm sort of a mixed bag I suppose. On the one side I am very fun-loving and carefree, happy to embrace spontaneous & unique experiences with all kinds of people, on the other I relish silence and stillness, a kind of peace that I truly only find in the presence and solace of something larger than myself.

A little quote that sort of helps sum it all up for me:

"Once you have found yourself, you have found your home. You have found your love, you have found your inexhaustible ecstasy, you have found that the whole of existence is ready for you to dance, to rejoice, and to sing - to live intensively and to die blissfully. These things happen of their own accord." - Osho

At this point, I'm really just hoping to meet someone to pal around with, have a new person to call to go to lunch or make dinner with, go to a downtown festival, whatever. Ideally, from this site I'll make a few like minded friends with whom I click. If there's a mutual connection & interest beyond that then that's great too, but I'm not dead set on the fantasy of it happening via blind dates - I think it happens more often organically stemming from a friendship. I've learned that one of the first prerequisites to feeling truly peaceful about your life is having no expectations.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding my path.

I am pretty focused on living a soul/spirit driven life and my regular hobbies of immersion in nature and meditation to connect to myself are quite important to me. If this sounds like total BS to you then, ya know, we probablllyyy won't have much of a connection. Just sayin.
I’m really good at
Dancing in my room to Marvin Gaye playing loudly while my dog watches with amazement.

:) Ok, beyond that, I have been told that I have a knack for truly listening to people. I'm fairly articulate at putting my thoughts into words and take pleasure in holding space for others wherever they're at, especially when it is reciprocated.
The first things people usually notice about me
(I would hope): That I carry myself well and that I am a source of compassionate and positive energy... Wow. Guess I'm more of a hippie than I thought, hah.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Awesome books: "Into the Wild", "The Prophet", "Ishmael", "The Power of Now", "The Celestine Prophecy", "The Great Gatsby", "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance", "Atlas Shrugged", "The Alchemist", "Radical Acceptance", "EAT PRAY LOVE" (sounds like chick lit by the title but it was actually full of invaluable wisdom)

Top Movies: "Waking Life", "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", "Adaptation", "Paris, J'et Aime", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Almost Famous", "Coffee & Cigarettes",
"Stand By Me", "Closer", "Into the Wild", "127 Hours", "Apocalypse Now", "Easy Rider", "Holy Smoke", "Last of the Mohicans", "The Royal Tenenbaums", "28 Days Later", "Everything Is Illuminated", "Heat", "Goodfellas", well, most mobster movies and uhh..."The Goonies", plus so many more....(any documentary or foreign film usually captures my attention pretty quickly as well)

MUSIC: Medicine for the People!, Elephant Revival, Modest Mouse, CCR, Galactic, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews, Radiohead, Beirut, Neil Young, Toubab Krewe, Mason Jennings, Bill Withers, Neutral Milk Hotel, Zeppelin, Thievery Corporation, Pepper, The National, Feist, Otis Redding, Little Dragon, Lotus, P Funk, Death Cab For Cutie, Dr. Dog, Fleet Foxes, Mountain Goats, Eddie Vedder, Robert Johnson, White Stripes, Slightly Stoopid, Johnny Cash, Matisyahu, Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, STS9, Simon and Garfunkel, Passion Pit, The Killers, Mumford and Sons, Al Green to name a very few...I love funk music and hand drums make me happy. Old school rappers like Outkast, Notorious, and Slick Rick was my shit back in the day. I don't think I'll ever find Bob Marley to be cliche, listening to his lyrics is one of the quickest ways to put a smile on my face.

I devour food. Faves: Brie & a baguette, cashew cream cheese, V-E-G-E-T-A-B-L-E-S...sprinkled with a few other delicious things. For the last few years I've been focusing on most of my diet consisting of local fresh vegetables that I prepare myself (farmers market junkie)... I can handle a lot if I have good food. I also drink an absurd amount of water, and an ice cold kombucha can enhance any day.
The six things I could never do without
NATURE, music, SLEEP, dancing around a drum circle / bonfire with pure abandonment , WATER, my freedom...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I'm going to do later while simultaneously doing my best to stay present in the moment. The older I've gotten the more picky I've become with my spare time, my days off are usually fairly planned out with good friends and/or nature time being a high priority next to the usual errands. Life's too short to waste it on what doesn't make you feel good inside. Yeah, I think about THAT.

Also, why the hell did I put quotations around EVERY movie listed above? I realized halfway through how annoying it was, found I was too lazy to delete it yet too dedicated to not follow through
On a typical Friday night I am
Possibility A: Surrounding myself with amazing individuals while listening to awesome (preferably live) music.

Possibility B: Taking a hot bath and meditating (I do really dig my alone time)

Possibility C: All of the above and then some. It really all depends on what the night feels like.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've recently cultivated the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and standing with the fridge door open while I eat cottage cheese straight from the container. Whatever I live alone. Don't judge me.

I also never learned how to roller skate and I'm okay with that. There's more adventurous things to tackle at this point :)
You should message me if
You are just a deep down good human being. Someone who is respectful towards others and carries himself with integrity. However, I feel that a tiny bit of humility never hurt anybody either. If talking about more than what lies on the surface of life doesn't scare you. If you crave depth over conformity. If you're able to reflect on yourself honestly and find that you value growth over comfort. I really look to surround myself with people whose overwhelming characteristic is acceptance and gratitude towards life, not arrogance. You know?

Additionally, I'm looking for someone to re-enact the scene with me when Daniel Day Lewis from Last of the Mohicans says, "I WILL find you!" and then turns & jumps out of a big ass waterfall. Seriously. This is on my proverbial bucket list. Preferably an Asheville waterfall.