26 Plymouth, ME
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My self-summary
Well here goes the awkward "trying to describe myself" paragraph.

A little overview: Born in Maine and was raised mostly in the state, after some bouncing around the south as a child. While I love most of the typical Mainer activities, I'm more likely to spend my time dancing and hooping, going out with friends, reading, watching sci-fi shows/movies, finding some amazing adventures, and focusing on school. I have two wonderful older siblings, with whom I'm incredibly close, and who inspire me to be a better and stronger person on a daily basis. Until just recently, I was living with and taking care of my dad as he was approaching the end of his life. He was the absolute best man I've ever known, in every possible way; he not only taught me how to be a good person, but have incredible confidence, a passion for reading, and a determination (sometimes referred to as stubbornness) to accomplish anything.

And now, since having to delicately align my words and thoughts for the chance of you catching a glimpse at the inner-workings of who I might possibly be (or if these details I've decided to reveal in some way encompass this), isn't among my favorite tasks, I'll ask that you simply message me if you're further interested.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently working two jobs (one in a group home helping adults with emotional, intellectual/developmental, and physical disabilities). Still kept my coffee shop job simply for the fact that having worked there for so long looks good to other employers. And soon, I'll be working as a hoop fitness instructor, teaching my own classes and coming up with fun routines every week!

Traveling (as much as I can afford to) across the country to visit friends, family, and my beautiful squishy baby niece!

Finally followed by returning to school, finishing my degree, peering out from under the thumb of academia and jumping into my plans to travel and learn as much about holistic nutrition, health and wellness, and yoga as I possibly can.

To completely summarize what I'm currently doing and hope to do in the future into a concise answer, I will give you one word: Adventure.
I’m really good at
Cooking! I thoroughly enjoy food and absolutely LOVE trying out new recipes, as well as feeding my friends the random dinners I feel like creating.

Disappearing for days with nothing but books to entertain me. Also bouncing between ten different books at a time, for the variety of subject matter.

I'm also in love with dance in just about every form, but I'm especially partial to hoop dancing, jazz, and pole dance.

And while I might not consider myself really good at it, I played clarinet for eight years and just recently purchased a jazz clarinet to get back into the swing of playing again. Soon I hope to make the switch to playing jazz sax; soprano, tenor, alto... I want to play them all! (I do realize though, that these are only a small portion of the different types of saxophones, however the reach of my little hands make the others not listed, nearly impossible to fully play)
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably the gap-toothed smile; that I'm an intent listener; uninhibited bubbliness with an underlying calm.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Ender's Game Series, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, almost anything by Tom Robbins, Max Brooks, Daniel Quinn and Chuck Palahniuk, Douglas Adams. There seems to be a trend in which I'm reading post-appcalyptic/dystopian society novels mixed with the classics. And very recently I've started to enjoy reading foraging/survivalist books, medicinal herbalism and simply gardening. Considering myself an avid reader, I find it extremely difficult to pick favorites out of all the amazing books I've read.

Shows: Doctor Who, Firefly, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Battlestar Galactica, American Horror Story, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sopranos, Daria, Broad City, Workaholics, Farscape, Archer, Marco Polo, Idiot Abroad, Garfunkle and Oates, The League, Vikings

As far as movies go... I love film! Black and white, silent movies, cheesy horror, artsy-independent film, foreign, comedies (Mel Brooks is a personal love), 80's movies, action, kung-fu. Essentially the main things I DISLIKE, include cheesy sports movies (don't get me wrong, some can be fantastic!), rom-coms, most of those animal family films, straight to DVD movies, and I absolutely cannot stand anything by Tyler Perry.
The six things I could never do without
No real order here..

Good whiskey/Craft beer
The significant people who help to influence and shape my life
My hoops
Books/New information (Always looking for something new to learn and discover)
Green tea
Fresh air with a beautiful view, on the other side of this, my spectacles/contacts. I'm quite literally blind without them.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I'm going to realistically accomplish my goals, and where in the world I'd like these goals to be realized.

What my next meal is going to be. Definitely think about food way more than I probably should.

The millions of books in the world, that I have yet to read.

How to survive a zombie apocalypse, and what my role would be amongst a group of survivors.

The possibility of that "God" being and how plausible a thought it really is.

Why music causes such a deep internal reaction in us, and why that reaction is specific to each person.

Where in the world I NEED to travel to.

How to help others I meet, even if it's just to put a smile on the face of someone who desperately needs to feel happy.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights can range from, some bottles of wine with friends while watching some movies or listening to music. Other nights are spent going to shows and dancing until either absolute exhaustion sets in, or the sun is up. And even further, some nights are just spent reading by myself, or even going to some dance classes. It all depends on how my mood strikes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As a child, the only name I would respond to (and adamantly ignored every other possible choice) was Kimberly Culkin... yes that is correct, as in Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. Absolutely, ass-over-teakettle in love with the boy, from maybe age 3 to 10. Oh and Kimberly you ask? I also happened to be infatuated with, as well as desired to be (say it with me if you've figured it out!) Kimberly, the original pink power ranger.
You should message me if
You love coffee shops and cozy corners to read books in; You're interested in all types of music, from classical orchestras to jazz clubs, indie bands, classic rock and even EDM DJ's; If you love animals (and not just the conventional ones); You enjoy real conversation; Spending nights in, watching amazing films; and last but not least, you show both respect and love for the people who surround and support you.