29 Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm not really using OkCupid at the moment. Or looking for any more relationships or lovers. Instead, I'm just keeping this account active to check out my friends profiles, and the profiles of creepy messages they get.

I've done all sorts of crazy, awesome things but have recently decided to endure the starving student lifestyle and get the degree I want. Currently, my life outside of uni and homework is very dull (or so I think... not everyone agrees with me on this). It's often spent catching up on sleep or traveling.

My latest adventure is owning a motorcycle. Learning to ride has been amazing fun, however I'm starting to regret buying it at the start of winter. I'm even more excited for summer this year just so I can hit the road some more.

I sit somewhere in the grey areas between non monogamy and polyamory, and thus often have more than one lover. I've recently found myself with a primary partner, as well as my usual variety of lovers.

I like learning and doing things, I don't like loud noises and onion, and there seems to be a linear relationship between my age and how discerning I am about who I spend time with.

Hmm... like I said, summarising myself is hard.
What I’m doing with my life
I spend most of my time studying (paramedicine)
Recent spare time has also seen me at -
-Juggling conventions
-Medical conferences
-The Global Atheist convention
-Events with themes (such as pirates, zombies, etc)

I waste far too much of my life on -
-Sleeping in (the occasional sleep in is awesome but this is ridiculous!)

What I intend to do more of with my life -
(Also known as the procrastination list)
-Learn another language, either French or Spanish
-Get fit again. Ballet and pole dancing have piqued my interest
-Spend time with friends
-Get involved in international disaster relief efforts
I’m really good at
Hmm... I'm really good at procrastinating. Just like I'm
procrastinating answering this question (and all the others for
that matter) So here's a list of things that *I* think I'm good at.
Being calm, contact juggling, staff manipulation, cooking, using my fingernails, ignoring messages that have REALLY bad grammar, cleaning my room, 'Your Mum' jokes (My friends may not agree that I'm good at these, but they will agree that I am
persistent), thinking of amazing things as I'm going to sleep and then not being able to remember them in the morning, going on strange adventures, enjoying lifes greatest delicacies - wine and cheese, a number of other things only lovers find out ;)

Things I WANT to learn/become good at: I'm getting good at attending to accidents and heart attacks, I want to get better at piano, I want to learn how to sing, I want to get better at making/building/fixing things, speed reading, busking, sword swallowing, handstands, I really want to learn french and spanish and possibly hindi or arabic, massage, dance/movement (This year I want to learn ballet and pole dancing), I want to learn about wines (I've recently discovered the joys of red)
So many things to learn! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
This would depend on where I am and what I'm doing, but usually it's one of the following.
My balls (when I'm contact juggling)
My bad jokes (see above)
My strange ability to turn up in random places at random times with people you would never expect me to know.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I love books! No matter how popular e-books become, I suspect books will always have a place in peoples hearts. There's something about the way they feel and smell and look... Sure they will become rarer, but all the more special.

So what books do I like? Let's see...
Ben Goldacre's Bad Medicine and Bad Pharma changed my life.
Anything by Tolkien, David Eddings, Dan Millman
His Dark Materials series (The books The Golden Compass were based on).
I felt that Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was a case of having to be 'on the bus' until the end (see Electric Cool Aid Acid Trip for reference).
Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy was awesome, but the style of humour got really repetitive by the third book.
Pride and Prejudice, Catch 22, Scar Tissue, Nelson Mandellas autobiography.
If you've heard of/are a fan of The Journal Entries of Kennet Ry'Al Shardik, I'm keen to talk.
Also, I want to find copies of the original fairy tales, before they were made G rated.

Movies -
BE WARNED! As a general rule, I don't watch television. And I don't care about things like actors and directors enough to remember their names. Often I don't even remember the movies name. So when you ask me 'Have you seen X movie with Y person directed by Z?' I will probably say no.
Movies I did enjoy enough to remember:
Don Juan Demarco, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Fight Club, Clockwork Orange, Shortbus, Avatar, Children of Men, True Blood series, Nip/Tuck series, Milk (I actually preferred the movie over the book), Requiem for a Dream, Aeon Flux (both the original cartoon and the movie), Matrix + Animatrix, Anything by Hayao Miyasaki/Studio Gibli, Lord Of War, Blow, Star Trek (anything from the Next Generation) and anything set in pre 1900's england.

Music -
As a general rule I don't attend a lot of live music gigs. This isn't because I don't like music, but because when I go out, I want to be social and I find that REALLY difficult when in live music venues. I'm not very good at shouting over music.
Again, just because I like something does not mean I know what it's called/who it's by. Most of my music collection is stuff my friends thought I would enjoy and have given to me.
Things I love enough to remember the names of:
Portishead, Sigur Ros, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, Electroholics, Barons of Tang, Mojo Juju and the Snake Oil Merchants, Mr Tibby. I like a lot of the uplifting/minimal/smooth types of trance, as well as some really hard grungy psy. I recently saw Shpongle play live, which was amazing! I do enjoy a good dance from time to time, but nothing beats dancing in the sun with no shoes on.
What I don't like is most rap, pop, hip hop, R&B, country and western, happy hardcore, (really) heavy metal.

Chocolate, Blue Cheese, Wine and good food. All these things improve with good company.
But I really hate onion.
The six things I could never do without
Only six? Here's 8!
New people to meet
New places to go
My contact juggling ball
I *can* go without my piano, but I'd really rather not
Sex (yeah, I said it)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Paramedicine and the associated bioscience, pathophysiology and pharmacology.
Nuanced understandings of identity, sex, gender, orientation and relationships.
Sex - Sex I've had, sex I want, sex I'm going to get.
Food - I go through various gardening phases when I have time. I'm also a sucker for good food, but by no means a connoisseur (yet).
Why people are better at describing what they like in the 'favourites' section than they are at describing themselves.
My next adventure - I'm going to be in Uganda in January/February.
Music - Mostly my piano. Sure, I'm not very good yet, but I want to be.
Books - Whatever I'm reading currently. During semester, that's pretty much always text books.
Your mum.
Why 9/10 of the messages I receive don't meet the >80% match and >2 sentence instructions I've put into my "You should message me if" Is it really that hard?
On a typical Friday night I am
I work in a bar, so my typical Friday night consists of relieving drunk guys of their money.
Exceptions I can think of in the last year include:
Having sex
Reading a book
Contact Juggling
Building stuff
Rock climbing
Watching TED talks
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My ideal date is with a guy who has a top hat, tails and a cravatt and knows how to use power tools.
I have an XKCD tattoo.
You should message me if
-You want to show me around your city
-You want to offer me a place to stay (note, this option is only available if you don't want to date me - let's not get attraction and couchsurfing confused)
-You want to show me an amazing restaurant or activity in your city
-You're having a party and you think it'd be my kind of crowd
-Your message contains more than 2 sentences

I generally look for people who are fun, intelligent, funny, have integrity, are open minded (this doesn't mean closed minded but left wing) and easy going.

You should *not* message me if:
-We have a match rating below 80% (Experience has taught me that OkC is pretty good at this)
-You think spelling and grammar are not important
-You assume that I'm going to want to sleep with you just because I met you on an internet dating site (I use this site as a way to meet people I will probably get along with. If we happen to be attracted to each other as well, then awesome!)
-You don't have basic independence skills like cooking and cleaning up after yourself
-You are homophobic or against gay marriage
-You are sending me a message that has a stupid pick up line, Iz Sp3lld Lyk D1s, you are propositioning me for sex even though you haven't met me.