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51 M Studio City, CA

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Dec 30, 2010
5′ 9″ (1.75m)
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Not at all
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Capricorn, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from masters program
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My self-summary
I am a blond haired, blue eyed composer and orchestrator with music in 200+ films, including Twilight.

I am also a fashion photographer and because music is lucrative right now, I have the luxury of pursuing larger projects in the more exotic kinds of photography I most enjoy but that don't make as much money as pure glamour - fetish, Hentai glamour erotica, working on three books for one very large German fine art publisher.

I've been lucky in my professions ~ music, photography and hands-on healing ~ my father left me with a core of masculine strength that gives me an anchor of contentment, which I enjoy using to help others anchor themselves, too, in a world constantly pulling us away from our true selves. I've been able to find peace and satisfaction in my work both with music and hands-on healing, especially Tantric Healing Massage, rewarding because my hands are so sensitive, they feel what my clients are feeling, which usually includes several orgasms in every session I do.

my clients, all women and girls recover their feelings under my hands, wake up again, some for the first time, to find pleasure waiting, to find they can and do become fully alive in all their senses - fully - awake! Expressing and accepting pleasure, which is what we were born to do. The body defines happiness as "pleasure"! This is something becoming the father of a brilliant little boy ("Buddha Baby" I used to call him) taught me: More than anything, I want him to have a happy life and that has led to a constant striving to learn what that is and how to provide it. He taught me by demanding a massage every night in order to settle is naturally-curious, strong-willed mind down, that pleasure is indeed one of the main ingredients. The first plural word he learned was "feet" - which he would say as he offered me his other foot to massage, too!

And though fathers pass indelible strains of strength to their sons my mother also gave me more than half my DNA, made of design, art, creativity, ESP and a deep understanding of how charisma and pleasure work hand-in-hand to bring sex appeal to the female form that in our society is neutralized and suppressed as fast as our girls can learn it! It is a scandal that such institutionalized oppression could exist for so many hundreds of years unchallenged! To make pleasure shameful, to actively derail women's role in the co-creation of the human race with God as dirty and corrupt or our most interesting uses of pleasure and the body as perverted is shocking by any standards, if you step back and take a closer look at it!

And God forbid if she should ENJOY it!

So that is what I do besides write music. I work to set our girls and women free and it appears to be working, and more people seem to be doing it. I personally believe it is man's role to give women pleasure and that is our mos basic human need and mission.

It's not that men should be the arbiters of women's pleasure, but because we catch on to what men are doing in different ways from women and we are required by our very manhood and ultimately by God to bring this to light! There is also the practicalities that the scent of a man can move a woman toward pleasure if properly applied, and men who are sensitive can pick up on where women are and aren't allowing pleasure and very effectively open those closed down areas, for most women, more effectively than other women.

The way Tantra found me shows this to be true: at age 16, my massage clients at Esalen began to "catch" oprgasms from me, when they hugged me and during massages and that never went away - it continues to this day and has taught me a lot about womens' bodies an sexuality, some of which is news to a lot of women I've shown, such as going from zero to full-fledged, full-body orgasm with no build-up (it works with every woman or has so far!).

I know so few things, yet that one truth is crystal clear: "PLEASURE" is how our bodies define "happiness" and when our bodies are happy so are we.

My father got his Harvard MBA at age 19, became a single dad when mom left the planet at 45, as her mother had done, generations 4 and 5 of 7 known soul-healers on my mom's side, all maternal until me and my son came along (not bad English, just talking about lineage!). The tradition in my family is when the one with "the gift" comes, mom stops having children and tends to her spiritual education, which includes a lot of psychology being the gifts are fairly unwelcome "power" that makes one different in a world that does not like "different". My mom and hers were only children but thee are lots of cases where the gifted child did not come alon until 8 or 9.

My mother normalized my premonitions, when too young even to understand much of what I saw, in nightmares and daydreams, often of death and mayhem that I would read about the next day in the paper, or hear on the news as my own radio dial more often than not was spinning out of control. Getting it under control is not something that can be taught but because she saw her mother do it, my mom could and my watching her, helped me do it. It becomes necessary because the precognition will always naturally go toward the most intense emotional incident so that every time that radio dial would stop on the most devastating, frightening and bloody event that after a while began to make me crave beauty and art and I was able to use the same channels to bring music in from the spheres insead of trauma and mayhem!

I like this site - it feels like it could help the greening of Tantra, which originally was meant to always only ever be the super-secret practice it remained until 1995, when my guru, the last steward of the secret discipline, revealed his position and the need to quickly teach the 180 asanas and transmissions that would give us the ability to use them without burning up the circuitry of ours or our client's bodies! He was dying, and he almost took the secret with him. I'll explain why another time.

He assembled ten of his teachers of his Yoga teachers to receive SOME OF THE FINEST GIFTS to humankind, the wonderful sex magic that helps women power the female body using extreme pleasure and how to use her attractive power to fuel her personal charm and charisma, as co-creator of the human race with God! It is one of the most powerful forces I know of - astounding, spectacular to behold and at the present I am developing the precise protocol women can use to attract their soul mate without attracting every other man who is "almost him."

Still - can't seem to do it for myself, despite working with and loving, and being loved back by some of the most beautiful women in the world, my lovely models. At a young age, I first became Creative Director of a San Francisco ad agency that specialized in fashion print campaigns. I then gave it to my partner, after building it into the top boutique agency in the city, in order to write music, which I was much better at than photography. It proved what I've noticed at least in my own family: For the most success, do what you do best. I ended up making much more money and having much more personal satisfaction.

And even though it looks like deja vu all over again - having made millions writing music and looking more interested in Tantric Healing than music, in fact it isn't happening that way. This time I'm not throwing it away to move to the next stage, especially since people are already noticing they are the same, the music and healing!

Now I spend hours every day - most of every day - writing music and doing hands on healing, blending it all together according to GAIAM, successfully since last year they called me, "One of eight master healers in the world,” but one still in search of my soul mate! Who?

I only have a sense of her ~ young and skinny but not stupid and plain – a muse and a great artist in the
same person. In other words, a greater artist than I, but one who is inspired by my work as I am hers - possibly concert mistress of a major orchestra, since I orchestrate (for the London Symphony among others), someone for me to inspire, who inspires me, whose sensuality informs her life, moving through her days as if it were a dance, a beautiful, tiny girl; Asian (esp. Japanese), a natural blond or red head, curious about especially everything artistic and how she can learn to accept and allow full pleasure without guilt or shame cause full pleasure is simply on the menu from now on!

Because I love romance - skin to skin, forever finding new ways to satisfy and it isn’t even all sexual, though that’s the strongest part and why my current favorite form on the All-Love hit parade is Erotic and Romantic but All-love still wins out over all.
What I’m doing with my life
Writing, composing, writing and more writing! Taking pictures for three new photo books and writing songs for two CDs and three CBS shows, writing source music and developing three films (all the "threes" are coincidental).
I’m really good at
Making you look sexy (from being in love, the JBF look and/or photography), reciting Middle English poetry, riding and training horses in English and western styles, training dogs, horses and higher form primates (such as children-I have been called "dad to the world" for childrens' response to me), listening and making you feel better, applying active listening and attention and tracking emotions, taking care of my own needs so I can be there for you, moment by moment, in life and in bed, including that most precious gift, the full-body orgasm; trance induction and past-life regression, several kinds of massage therapy, talk therapy, Reichian Therapy (the only one that works!), kundalini yoga (teaching and practicing), meditation (teaching and practicing), trance-channel (talking to the dead), clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometry (reading objects and people),
hands-on healing, making love, Loving, being in Love, cuddling, fukcing, spelling, grammar, cooking, traveling, running companies, conducting orchestras, producing in the recording studio, directing voice actors and comping vocal tracks (combining the best of all performances, a technical/artistic skill), engineering and producing in class A studos (Record Plant, Conway, Capitol Records, teaching yoga, leading meditation and guided massage, leading workshops, orchestrating, arranging, playing the piano (I beat van Cliburn AND Rubinstein for my track in Twilight), photography, clothing design, science, business (I was a combined music and economics major and studied with John Kenneth Galbraith (economist and best-selling author)
and Stan Kenton (big band pianist and orchestra leader who pioneered combining the orchestra with popular song forms that I used in Trance, my CD that Peter Gabriel said invented a new
musical style - "World Fusion"), putting people at ease, riling people up, grass roots organization, using Robert's Rules of Order to control meetings and head off power-grabs, cooking gourmet foods. writing melodies. The last one is responsible for several million dollars of my total income.
I’m looking for
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You should message me if
You want to get meet or seriously investigate the opportunity, you want to model, you want to learn tantra, get a massage or healing treatment, you want a reading, you are fantastic lyricist, you are a fantastic vocalist, you are a dancer, you are a very good to virtuoso instrumentalist.