31 Toronto, Ontario, CA
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My self-summary
greetings, i am spider monkey. If a tree is in your front yard, it is city property. if it's in your backyard, it's mine. now that we have that out of the way...picard wearing chest revealing bed wear is two drinks...

i'm not so good at writing these kinds of things. a lot of this article was put into words with my partner's assistance. we've been together for about six years.

we're kinksters who are both on fetlife. we both define as queer switches. we're also poly. for me this means obviously my relationship with them trumps everything else I'm doing with anyone else. i expect folks i sleep with to be able to play nice with my partner because without their support i wouldn't be meeting or getting naked with anyone i meet here.

i am a big tramp. i'd like to explore sleeping with lots of different kinds of people. i guess this makes me more of a polyfucker than actually interested in having an ongoing polyamorous relationship. i don't want to fall in love with you. i guess you could say i'm interested in casual hedonism.

monogamy and relationship aren't what i'm looking for from anyone i meet here on okc. if you want a relationship, you should probably stop reading now because if you try to get this with me you will just upset yourself.

i'm very active and I like to do lots of fun spontaneous things with different people who are fun and like to cuddle and have no strings attached sex. if this is you and you think you could have some light fun with me, then read on.

i am interested in queer men, women, trans, gender fluid, and genderqueer people however they identify.

i'm a 30 year old, biracial, queer, slutty, perverse, poly-friendly, completely flaky, giggly, cuddly, wiry, tall, athletic, tree climbing, gentle, martial arts obsessed, fire spinning, friendly, smarty pants, pot head, cheap beer drinker, photographer, strange object collector/hoarder, enigma who really likes to sleep for hours on end... and who has at different times in recent years tried to make effort to understand more about how my mind and emotions work and how they impact the people who know me
i'm very much in my body. i'm very sensual and really enjoy cuddling and sex... lots of sex.

i quite enjoy giving massages.

sometimes i'm dressed in a skirt with my hair styled by my partner who also styles my clothes/look. sometimes i'm flying through the air hacking at someone with a sword. sometimes i'm dressed like a military street punk, and sometimes i'm super flaming.

you should know that although i pass for white, i'm not at all. my partner is visibly black as well as being queer and genderqueer. it's probably a good idea for folks who want to be friends with either or both of us in the long term to not be actively racist.

i also can come across as pretty damned straight and neuro typical even though i'm not either of these. i not ashamed of anyone knowing. i'm not in the closet about who i am.

but honestly? don't try too hard to categorize me or understand me. you will not succeed and you will make yourself crazy trying to. :)

i am shy, sensual, perverse, quirky and evolving
What I’m doing with my life
hanging out with my partner and their/my/our family.

using my staffs and brand new bow and arrow. kung fu. Sex. more sex. lots of weed and apple cider.

tree work. my job is climbing trees and either cutting them down or cutting bits off with hand tools and chainsaws...safely; i'm an arborist.

looking for casual sex with folks who are poly and queer friendly, aren't too interested in me being masculine at all times, who are fine with me being a shy, flaky, silent type and who don't tell themselves they're seeing a white man.
I’m really good at
talking to my partner even though talking is not my happy place
massage (with varying levels of intimacy) Rawr...
offending people...not by being oppressive...but i can be an ass...frequently and unabashedly
climbing trees
being nonthreatening
fire rope dart
rappelling off of things
speaking in my diaphragmatic voice...when necessary
setting up ziplines
picking holes in peoples arguments
kung fu spear and three section staff
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm either in a tree or leaping over objects at speed or i'm practicing chin-na.

looking good while doing it too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
at my partner's request, i have read some books that helped me learn more about myself and about issues i have struggled with that i realize come out of having an emotionally neglectful and abusive single parent childhood, such as intimacy, anxiety, shut down emotions and masculinity.

one of my favorite books about this stuff was "I Don't Want To Talk About It" by Terence Real. it's about how almost all men in this society face depression. but because we aren't taught as children to be communicative and emotionally grounded, they can't understand or express their crushing feelings, and instead hide behind coping strategies such as - power, work, money, sex, relationship, exercise, success, eating too much or too little, drugs, fun.

another eye opener for me was a book i read a few years ago called "The Invisible Presence - How a Man's Relationship With his Mother Affects all his Relationships With Women"

and yet another is "Children of the Self Absorbed - An Adult's Guide to Dealing With Narcissistic Parents".

i haven't read any of these books for a few years. my partner would like me to, though. i'm not dealing with any of these issues right now. not sure when i will be again. you should probably know that.

for the past few months i've been obsessively reading Orson Scott Card's Ender series. love those books. love 'em.

i like Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels. hitchiker's guide is pretty excellent. Star Wars...i do have several Star Wars books.

Star Trek - TNG was my religion when i was a kid. come to think of it, it still is.

Tool. 'nuff said
system of a down
Marilin Manson
Gogol Bordello

sweet and salty bars
tim horton's donuts and coffee
kettle chips
pear cider
The six things I could never do without
pretty girls and boys of any gender
kung fu classes/practice
interesting climbing and rigging opportunities
being naked often
new friends
I spend a lot of time thinking about
safer sex along with meeting and being sexual with new interesting sexy people.
On a typical Friday night I am
it's always different. sometimes it's hanging out at home with my partner. i've got an extensive sci-fi, action, drama and kung fu film collection. so we'll watch a lot of movies. sometimes we go to kinkster events or go dancing.

smoking pot and drinking a guinness or a cider.

thinking about the impending zombie apocalypse...seriously.

on the other hand, i could easily be out riding my scooter or if it's summer i might be hanging with the men i work with drinking beer and shooting the shit about...whatever.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i almost never use a napkin to clean up my semen... why waste that tasty protein?
You should message me if
you're poly or poly friendly.

you're not homophobic or queerphobic.

you're not racist.

you're not proper or well-behaved.

other than that, you live in or around Toronto (i'm not really looking for pen pals, just ppl that are close enough to meet please)

you're lusting after some of this sexy tree climbin' ass i got over here.

high marks if you're a girly queer boy or a very boyish queer girl.