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My self-summary
I am rather new to the pacific northwest, having lived most of my life in the midwest. So far, Bellingham has been terrific, certainly very beautiful. I am seeking a LOCAL connection. I appreciate an intentional, attentive, and inquisitive man. I very much enjoy being around other creative minded individuals.

For those of you in Canada, while I am flattered by your interest (or okstupid's algorithm) I am some time away from a valid passport.

For those of you in your twenties and thirties - NOT interested.

i get a lot of visits here: according to what this profile tells me I get around 93 average visits a week/ is that good? I also get many many likes. Hundreds as a matter of fact - not sure who actually likes me, as I don't pay to find out. SO...with all that supposed activity, how is it that the actual communications between you and I are so seriously low? Is there something about the system here that I am missing? I'd welcome your thoughts on that topic.

I am dynamic, very passionate, and a person of gumption. I definitely have my own ideas about things. I laugh with every part of me. I am full figured and hirsute. I appreciate that the men I spend time with are "into" those characteristics. thus the profile name.

from what i can tell there are two types of hair loving men. those who think hirsuteness is "interesting". like a novelty they have never tried, a bit like a new flavor of ice cream or something.

verses, the men who get emphatically off on it.

of the men who get off on it, there are some men who forget that there is a person attached to all that hair. those men i experience as shallow and taking.

what i am seeking is someone who adores the hair, who gets that i adore the acceptance and attention of my hair and my curves, and who actually gets that sexually "all of that" is part of the equation for BOTH of us.

sortof like a win/win.

someone recently wrote "hair positive" I liked that phrasing. that works too.

scientific american once wrote an article about the eccentricities of the creative mind: “I don’t feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I feel like an octagonal peg with conical appendages.”

while my personal vocabulary is not that robust, the square peg in the round hole says it all

I came to OKCupid inspired by the fairy tale love story of two geeks. The bride and groom are now wed complete with wedding hashtag. She was someone i had just connected with re: social media. There was a huge cover story written about them in some geek magazine in Chicago. I hadn't heard the distinction of geeks in relationship to OKCupid, but something about the article resonated with me. I realized that many geeks are really drawn to me, and that I, in my own way, am equally geeky. While i find this place - this online dating place - really really deplorable at times, occasionally there is a redeeming outreach that acknowledges the geek and/or the romantic in all of us!! It's what keeps me here. I believe in happy endings. Do you?

I am seeking connection and involvement. To me, connection means spending quality time getting to know one another. I desire with every part of me involvement. I like that you have time for me and I value your vested interest. This means seeing each other on a regular basis vs something fleeting or one time. A bit like give this gal a chance.

Anyone can get laid - I am more substantial than that. I don't discount the need for physicality - at all - as a matter of fact, sex is very important to me. I consider sex an integral part of what makes a complete connection work. I just don't want to hang out for just the sex of it.

What about you? What are you seeking?

Full disclosure: I have genital herpes. Expressing this detail upfront moves a very difficult conversation forward from the start. I feel my role is to inform. Your role is to get yourself educated and decide what that means for you. Please don't ask me for Herpes 101 lessons. I am allergic to all condom protection. Barriers are not up for discussion either. The allergic reaction to condoms is worse than an outbreak.

I know that stating this detail in my profile is pretty kerplunky. What I also know is that getting to know and like someone, only to tell them and then have that person run, is worse. Herpes does not make or break a person. It is very common - i repeat herpes is common. the reality of the stigma of it is annoying, and can pretty much mess with someone's head. It took me some time to be with my diagnosis. It took me a longer time to speak it. And it took me an even longer time to post about it openly in a place like this. It's liberating to share about it.

Thank you to those of you who have acknowledged my candor. I would be rich for all the comments I get that say they have herpes too and yet it's not listed in their profile. Whats that about? Since my diagnosis I have not given a single person herpes, just like all those circumstances prior to my diagnosis. No one I was with ever got it. If you look at the term fear mongering it gives one something to consider.

If you got to the bottom of all of this - wow - that's really cool - and thank you. i realize it's a bit of a mouthful.
What I’m doing with my life
I have owned and operated my own business for over 20 years. I feel there is a difference between those that have been an employee all of their working career verses what I do as an entrepreneur. I consider myself a self starter and resourceful. I have never been on automatic as far as my work goes, a day to day grind would stifle me. I do find myself tired of the work thing. Working was a part of divorcing, which was part of survival vs my ultimate goal in life. I more aptly imagined myself as someone's life partner - complimenting him, and expressing my creativity along the way. Still think this actually. I am aspiring to create a new work path as a full time creative. I dream of how to turn my creativity into a profession or a more meaningful work/life expression. These life shifts would be especially great to share, and or to shift with someone. Perhaps you are seeking someone to compliment your life? Perhaps that someone could be me? Perhaps you seek someone to champion you or stand by your side...I'd welcome that!!
I’m really good at
laughing. with every part of me.
authenticity. i am as honest as all get.
curiousness. show me things. i want to learn more
creativity. at this point its compulsive.
cooking from scratch. we all need to eat right?
kissing. lets disappear into a spit swap, shall we?
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes, my hair, my smile and my laugh...and my curves. oh and that i am a bit of a gabber. uh - can you tell?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I cook from scratch enjoying the meditative focus. I love food and enjoy expressing myself through food. I am veggie centric and yet, i adore an awesome steak or a burger. If you appreciate what I describe, we'll do just fine. If you cook and love food as much as I, we'll do even better.

If you think Olive Garden is THE place to eat out, we won't get along. At all. Ever. Chain eating just establishments do not work for me. To some this is a deal breaker. I realize my food thing might be intimidating to some, I promise I am flexible about it. I just enjoy when someone shares this particular interest at the same level as I do.

My music tastes are very eclectic. LOVE books, I love theatre, and I enjoy a good film.

While I enjoy a DVD occasionally - I have not watched television since 1996. i don't have a television. I DO NOT watch TV. That would especially include sports. I enjoy netflix once in a while, and perhaps that is TV like, yet to me it is different because i am not attached to something at a certain time and/or enduring the noise or intrusion of commercials. I loathe commercials. Bottom line is if you think i am going to shift my ideas about TV. Think again. If you say to me - oh what's the big deal? We will never ever get along. I hope I have offered clarity on this topic.
The six things I could never do without
sunshine, kisses, playfulness, intention, my camera and my lap top
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how not to get lost when i run a bellingham errand. the other day i mistakenly found myself heading towards mt baker ...ooops!!

i also think a lot about sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
on a typical friday night I am making something fantastic in my kitchen. perhaps you'd like to make something fantastic with me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I already have. it's in my profile. check it out
You should message me if
message me if you'd care to pursue a purposeful conversation/inquiry. key word: pursue. go for it gentlemen