24 New York, NY
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My self-summary
I'm a really silly Asian girl. I love making everywhere I go an adventure. My personality is a combination of sassy, fun and cute. There's really no class I fit into because I am all encompassing. I just love everything and especially exploring new places. Also, I love the movies. I have a wide movie palette ranging from classics such as Gone with the Wind with my favorite sassy Scarlet O'Hara to epic dark romances like Phantom of the Opera to awesome modern-day movies like the Hunger Games and of course, one of my all time favorite movies that I wish every summer would be like--Grown Ups with the epic Adam Sandler!! = D Oh u can't forget the minions from Despicable Me!! LoL..oO Also, in my spare time, I like reading manga, playing video games, and reading Victorian Era books like Emma and Pride and Prejudice. Just waiting for my Mr.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a Chemical Engineering gal..and I've just graduated from college..moving onto my job now..oO
I’m really good at
being creative...and thinking out of the box..( :
The first things people usually notice about me
my eyes..or hair..i guess..oO
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite movie's Grown Ups starring the epic Adam Sandler, and I just wish every summer would be like that.. =DD and of course, 21 Jump Street.!! You can't forget 21 Jump Street.! +D Also, I love dark romances like Phantom of the Opera as I stated before, musicals like Wicked, and just plain..comedies..or romantic comedies. The book I'm currently reading Emma..because I just have a pull towards Victorian Era books..and gallant men..; D

So basically:

Favorite Movies: Titanic, Grown Ups, Phantom of the Opera, Romeo + Juliet, Anything trilogy-like..such as Batman, Iron Man, Thor (just saw Thor..haha), Wreck-It-Ralph, anything related to Disney or Pixar because they're all epic! I also love the Hunger Games trilogy and am also looking forward to the new trilogy coming out (I think the name is Divergent..oO) and of course, The Lego Movie..xP

Favorite Shows: Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I love how he travels to different countries and tastes so much of their various, epic cultural matter how disgusting the bugs might be..but does it with an epic hairdo..=DD
Also, I like watching Iron Chef and Chopped. I've seen some episodes of Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, and Game of Thrones. I also like the Disney shows and iCarly even though it ended..*sad face..* Oh and also, a new addition: The Big Bang Theory..Sheldon + Amy..lmao!! my favorite!

Favorite Musicals: Oh! And I'm also a big fan of musicals! Always wanted to see Wicked, Hairspray and of course, LES MISERABLES on Broadway!! *O* I've seen the movies for some of them..and they were epic.!! *faints*** And plus, I think one of my favorite songs HAS TO BE ON MY OWN from Les Miserables.!! So much emotion.! :OO

Music: Anything really. But I'm really in love with Bruno Mar's Young Girls song right now..*O*

Books: I'm mostly drawn towards anything Victorian Era like Pride and Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, Jane Eyre, etc..I don't know. There was a certain aspect of romance in these stories that brought about a particular sense of the warmth of the sun entangling both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy's hands on the frostbitten morning of their sudden realization of what was always there..OMG! I just feel like a hopeless romantic

Food: Chinese, Malaysian (especially the Roti Canai that I recently had..*O*), Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese (oh..the pho noodles =D), Korean, Indian (Naan + Roti Bread..=DD). Basically anything Asian..and I also love Italian (pizza + pasta) as well as French cuisine (oh so elegant =D but so small portions..D:). Oh and I also love Danish + Belgium chocolates.. =D
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the meaning of life! Confucius style! @@
On a typical Friday night I am
1. Sometimes hanging out with my friends
2. Being bored in my apartment..
3. Reading comedic/romantic comedic manga
4. Watching comedic/romantic comedic anime
5. Being bored in my apartment..
6. On my computer surfing the web like watching channels such as Kevjumba, NigaHiga, Off the Great Wall, Mad TV skits with the epic Bobby Lee and Michael McDonald..or on the weird part of youtube watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern! The bugs are gross..but he has an epic bald head..=DD
7. Other days..just being bored in my apartment..oO
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Spongebob is hot..sometimes..
You should message me if
u can