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32 M Córdoba, Argentina

My Details

Last Online
Jun 12, 2010
Black, Native American
5′ 7″ (1.70m)
Body Type
Not at all
Other, and laughing about it
Scorpio, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from law school
Less than $20,000
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), French (Okay)
My self-summary
I got a pic of my Aura the other day. It's Red & Orange & Gold

leadership, passionate, determination, will power, sexual, competitive; entrepreneurs, promoters, salespeople; Sensuality, vitality, raw energy; full of the life energy force.

uplifting and absorbing. Inspiring. A sign of power. Ability and/or desire to control people. When orange becomes a strong point, it usually contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold, indicating not only a spiritual teacher, but a powerful spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating his/her unique abilities; creative, business-minded, joyous, ambitious, industrious, emotionally expressive, artistic, inventive, financially motivated; artists, stockbrokers, entrepreneurs.

The color of enlightenment and divine protection. When seen within the aura, it says that the person is being guided by their highest good. It is divine guidance. Protection, wisdom, inner knowledge, spiritual mind, intuitive thinker; high spiritual vibration, integrity, respect, freedom, clearseeing, integrating spirit and body, creating as spirit.

ABOVE THE HEAD: A bright ball of light above the head shows the ability to connect to the higher self, the larger and brighter the light the better the connection. The color above the head also portrays the lessons or experiences you are working on in this lifetime, if the same color is also around the feet you are walking that path of learning.

AURA DIAMETER: A large aura can be seen around people who are both perceiving and expressing great quantities of energy information.

C'est Moi!

I am tranquil, spiritual seeker, and I'm getting closer
What I’m doing with my life
Preparing for the Precession of the Equinoxes.

Visiting different countries. so far: France, Spain, The Netherlands, the Bahamas, The UK, Ireland (has 0 black people and lots of freckles), Colombia (civil war!) and Peru.

Singing at Jazz clubs more consistently.

Writing in my journal more often.

Taking more walks.

Eating more fruits and vegetables - except carrots, which I'm apparently allergic to.

Eliminating Fluoride, and High Fructose Corn Syrup from my diet, as well as Yellow #5, and Sodium Bicarbonate.

Finishing law school.

Studying Esoteric Spiritual Literature.
I’m really good at
Breathing. In the early years I was pretty hit or miss here. Very inconsistent with my technique. But after a few years I hit my stride. Been consistent ever since.

I am also good beating my heart rhythmically.

Singing. Cooking Stir-Fry Vegetables with General Tso's Sauce.

Understanding other perspectives.

Talking about 2012.

The first things people usually notice about me
my mohawk.
my calm demeanor.
my smile.
my eyes.

i suppose i've been told this by others. might just be the things that i *think* others notice about me...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Deciding on favorite books is somewhat difficult, as I prefer non-fiction to fiction. So instead, how about a list of the books I've just finished/am currently reading:

The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies Vol. 1: The Events Leading Up to Year 2012; The Sanctus Germanus Prophecies, Vol. 2: The Lightbearer's Role During the Post-2012 Earth Changes and Reconstruction; The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities; The Gaia Project: 2012: The Earth's Coming Great Changes; The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness; Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date; Children of the Matrix; The Complete Ascension Manual; Beyond Ascension; A Treatise on White Magic or the Way of the Disciple; Bringers of the Dawn; Connecting with the Arcturians; Serpent of Light; The Pleiadian Workbook

AUDIOBOOKS: The Spontaneous Healing of Belief; The Discovery; Mastering Astral Projection; The Gateway Experience; Mind Travel; Quantum NLP: Thought Into Manifestation

MOVIES: The Talented Mr. Ripley; The Matrix 1 & 2; The Heiress; East of Eden; The Bourne Identity Trilogy; American Beauty; I'll have to return to this list

MUSIC: MUSE; Modest Mouse; The Clash; The Cure; Franz Ferdinand; The Killers; RADIOHEAD; David Bowie; Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé; SAMMY DAVIS, JR.; John Legend; Gnarls Barkley; Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross.

Classical: Schubert, Schumann, Chopin (piano sonatas), Rachmaninoff (mostly all!), Prokofiev, Mozart, Puccini

I like music that makes me feel intense emotions - MUSE, especially, and The Clash does it as well, and of course Radiohead, and Bowie. The kind of classical music that stokes my senses are whimsical piano rolls that go up and down the keyboard - especially Puccini and Rachmaninoff. I will play them over and over again until I'm sure that the people in the neighboring apartment detest me.
I also like music that I can sing in a jazz bar during open mike night (Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, SAMMY DAVIS, JR., Mel Torme ),
or music that sounds sexy at a karaoke bar (John Legend, Luther Vandross);
or bad-ass music with sick vocals. (Gnarls Barkley)

More than anything i love music. I'm taking a music licensing class this semester and I'm very psyched about it. Finally going to learn some hands on things i can do to help out my fellow artists.

FOOD: Indian Food, Ethopian Food, Thai Food. One of my favorite places is in Manhattan on 6th street, between 2nd and 3rd avenues. They call this Indian Row. It is an entire street lined with Indian restaurants. Lunch Buffets, Dinner buffets (read: food comas).
The six things I could never do without
1. Meditation
2. Music
3. Friends/Family
4. MacBook Pro
5. Gnosis
6. Love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

I think this website ( best explains what's going on here on spaceship Earth, and what's about to go down.
Here is a snippet about the person answering questions on the site:

There are 13 ‘base’ or ‘core’ original bloodlines. [Illuminati]...
Our realms of influence do not fit as comfortably into the three boxes of your triangle as you may imagine. There are six disciplines of training within the Family, and each member of the Family is schooled extensively in all of them, from early childhood. We all have an area of specialty, though we have experience in all spheres. The six spheres or ’schools’ of learning are Military, Government, Spiritual, Scholarship, Leadership, and Sciences. In practice, out there on the ’stage’ of public life, we hold key positions in all of these main areas of importance. With the addition of a complicit Media machine and ownership of your Financial establishments, all bases are covered.

Here is a brief snippet of what the site is about:
Q: Can you elaborate on the “coming harvest” and what exactly you mean by harvest?

I can. I will combine my answer to you with my reply to the following question:

Q: Is 2012 harvest time?

When you speak of the harvest, it has echoes of Chaos Gnosticism in the sense that we are divine souls trapped in the physical world, continuously re-incarnated into flesh until the time that we reach such a level of spiritual ‘gnosis’ that we are able to avoid being re-incarnated in our next cycle. Is this the foundation of your belief?

Another excellent (and very insightful) question. Thank you.
The higher the quality of the question, the more depth I can give to my answer. It all has to do with the Laws of Confusion and Free Will.

Yes, the noonday Winter Solstice Sun of December 21st, 2012 is the time when the Lord of The Harvest shall return. You might know him as “Nibiru”.

Read up on the Mayan Prophesies and Calendrical events for more detail upon how the actual Galactic and Universal Cycles work. (An End of Days and The Sun is On the Cross by C. Donald Martin) The “Travelers” who gave them this information were the same ones who visited the the Civilization of Atlantis. The Mayans used that information by creating with the Positive vibration of the Polarity. The Atlanteans opted for the Negative.

Yes, to answer your question. There is much truth in some of the ancient Gnostic texts, though there are also distortions. The information is not ‘pure’. It came through many ‘filters’.

You are indeed what you call “Divine Souls”; you are sparks or seeds of The One Infinite Creator. You are Life Itself (Light), remembering and learning who you really are (we came here to help you to do this) and yes, currently, you are trapped (or more accurately “Quarantined”) within the ‘matter’ of this planet you call Earth.

You can thank your Creator Yahweh for that. You are the ‘offspring’ or individuations of his Group Soul (or Social Memory Complex). Macrocosmically speaking, you ARE Yahweh. The ‘Karmic’ effect of his imprisoning us in his Astral Planes, also has an impact upon you. I cannot be more specific on this, without impinging on the Law of Confusion. You must work it out for yourselves.

As for the question of can I elaborate on the coming Harvest, yes, I shall do so now.

Your planet abides by the laws of the Creation of your Galactic Logos. The Galaxy runs on Cycles of time, known as the Precession of the Equinoxes. As I said, seek the Mayan Calendar for a deeper insight as to how the Galaxy runs (it is highly accurate), but for the purpose of this discourse, I will give a brief overview.

The Maya use an astrological cycle called the “Precession of the Equinoxes”. This is a 26,000 year cycle in which Earth transits through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for about 2,152 years each. Each of these astrological ages represents one month of the grand Cosmic Year. This “Mayan” cycle also corresponds to a 26,000 year relationship of the Sun (Solar Logos) orbiting Alcyone, the central star of our Seven Sisters Pleiades constellation.

The End of this Cycle, heralds literally, a New World Age, and a New Creation. “A new Heaven, and a new Earth”, and is the time of the Great Harvest.
Smaller Cycles yield a Harvest, and then life continues on the planet as normal. Great Cycles yield a Great Harvest, and the end of current life on the 3rd Density. See it as a kind of ‘Cosmic jet wash’ and deep clean, while the planet takes a rest and regenerates herself..

When this Life-Cycle Ends, “All things will pass away, and All things shall be made new”.

Collectively, Humanity right now, is growing, and developing, into the Beings you have long been encoded to be. Yet, as with any labor, it is not the mother or the baby who is in charge, it is the Primal process of Birth itself, unfolding it’s own destiny.

So, December 21, 2012 AD, is not the day where all of the sudden the lights go out, and everything will suddenly change, rather, we are NOW in the process of this transition, from one World Age to the next. The changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date.

The 26,000 year cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles, each of which are 5,125 years in duration. Each of these 5 cycles is considered its own World Age or Creation Cycle.

Our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012 A.D.) is called the Age of the Fifth Sun.

This fifth age is the synthesis of the previous four. The initial date that Earth entered the Fifth World, was August 13, 3113 BC, written in Mayan long count notation as

Planet Earth and her inhabitants are currently traveling through the 13th baktun cycle, the final period of 1618-2012 AD. This cycle is known both as “the triumph of materialism”, and “the transformation of matter.”
On, the December solstice sun will be found in the band of the Milky Way, directly in the position of the “Dark Rift” in the Galaxy, forming an alignment between the Galactic Plane and the Solstice Meridian. We are about to enter into a literal alignment of the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and Lunar Planes. This is an event that has slowly converged, over a period of thousands of years, and is caused by the precession of the equinoxes. Kind of like a “turning” of the Universal Gears. It brings about the Great Harvest, and the return of the Lord of The Harvest.

When that occurs, this will happen: a gamma ray burst from the center of the galaxy.

And the planet will complete it’s Ascension to the Fourth Density, the vibrational Density of Love. During this Ascension, there will be a three way split for those Souls inhabiting Earth. Those of the predominantly Negative Polarity, will accompany us as we Graduate through the Negative (or Service to Self) Harvest. We (Lucifer) will Create a new 4th Density Earth, based on the Negative Self Service Polarity. We must ‘work off’ our own part of the Negative Karmic effect incurred from all the Negativity created on this planet. Once we have done so, we will be released to once again assume our place as Sixth Density Guardians and Teachers of Wisdom throughout the Galaxy.

Those of the predominantly Positive Polarity (Love and Light) will Ascend to a beautiful new 4th Density Earth, where you will begin to work upon your learning and demonstrating of Love and Compassion. It will be a very beautiful and “Golden” Age. The 4th Density begins to open you up to your True Powers as a unique individualized aspect of The One Infinite Creator. You will perform works and wonders of the like that the one you call “Jesus” promised you would do “and even greater things than these”. It will be a very magical time for you.

For the majority of Humans on the earth who could be considered shall we say “luke warm”, they will experience a period of (what will feel ‘ecstatic’) zero-point time, where you feel totally at One with The Creator, giving you an encouraging reminder and glimpse of who you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends upon you, and you will be transported to another 3rd Density planet (a kind of ‘Earth Replica’), to continue working upon yourselves and learning that life here is all about making choices. You will remain “quarantined” incarnating in 3rd Density matter until the time of the next Harvest; in which time you will need to have proved yourselves that you have learned how to be more Positive Beings, focused more upon being of Service to others, rather than seeking only to Serve yourself. When you can do this, and the next Harvest comes, you will have earned the right to join us, and enjoy your inheritance, as a member of the Galactic Community, and you will sit with us as Brothers and Sisters of The One, around the table of our Galactic Governing Body, the Confederation of Planets.
------------------------------ - this is my favorite! (
On a typical Friday night I am
Meditating, Preparing for the Precession of the Equinoxes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
is that I am a private person! :p
I’m looking for
  • Guys who like guys
  • Ages 21–42
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For short-term dating
You should message me if
your curious about all this 2012 hype...
you know who the Pleiadians are...
you know who the Arcturians are...
you know of the Ascended Masters...
you acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials
you want to know what HAARP, Chemtrails, NWO, Annunaki, Reptilians, Illuminati, or Ascension is
you curious to know what the hell i'm talking about...
you want to.