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36 M Philadelphia, PA

My Details

Last Online
Jul 20
5′ 8″ (1.73m)
Body Type
Mostly vegetarian
Catholicism, and somewhat serious about it
Pisces, and it’s fun to think about
Graduated from masters program
Science / Engineering
Relationship Status
Relationship Type
Doesn’t have kids, but might want them
Likes cats
English (Fluently), German (Okay), Russian (Okay), Spanish (Okay), French (Okay)

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My self-summary
Hi, welcome , thanks to check my profile, I am excited that you have decided to follow a positive first step into know me.

I sincerely hope you can find this opportunity as fascinating as it is for me.

Who are you looking for here? if you are looking for a great companion to attend any kind of events, congratulations, I may be that social partner.

If you are needing a sincere friend that never breaks his word and on whose shoulder you can recline your head, I can be also your guy.

Finally, if you are looking for a man of character, with a clear plan of life, that has already not only a life to share, but a great successful career, to go head in a serious relationship, thinking in a possible permanent mate for your life, or to start a family, I could be also that winner you are trying to find in this world.

I know that everybody is in some search on life, to meet interesting people, to find a dreamed friendship, cultivate a nice connection, or discover a great love.

I wish this be a great opportunity for us, it is important that our lives are crossing each other in this precise instant for some reason.

1) Who am I?

I am a young professional looking for nice friendships, or for a potential committed serious relationship or in general a really decent and respectful connection with who ever become interested in me.

I'm open mind, always optimistic, friendly, faithful, loyal, idealistic and moreover a person with a lot of creative personality, I like to invent things, to develop new ideas that make better this world.

The things you notice first of me possibly is that my job is precisely in writing, and if we have the chance to meet possibly either my politeness, I try to have very warm personality, I like to have short talks, or my voice, it looks it sounds really well, at least the people express delight to talk with me for some minutes, sometimes for many minutes, so I have good social skills.

Physically I can say that I am a healthy & vital, certainly fit, since I practice sport & I take care of my image.

I define myself as a guy with very clear goals, I enjoy to have a a permanent constructive attitude, to be a person with open mind, and at the same time with a lot of discipline.

I am accustomed to have a very ordered style of life, working hard to be extremely happy, willing to share the best of my life with nice friends, moreover, with a lovely family.

Who I am looking for here?

As many people, I am very sensible to the physical beauty, but as an intellectual person I feel extremely attracted for beautiful minds, people that live in a creative dimension, thinking in great, projecting great goals in their lives and working right now to see their dreams accomplished in the future.

I really enjoy the opportunity to meet any kind of interesting people, but moreover I love to find smart ones, specially when they are gifted with huge emotional intelligence, people that know that we are here primarily to be happy and to make possible the happiness of others, and that count with strong spirit, brilliant personality, force of will and sweet character.

I am here looking from a nice friendship to the Perfect soul mate, even to find my other half, not necessarily a 100% match, but a fine lady that can complement my self in all aspects and that I can complement also her in many others. So I am primarily interested in serious relationships.

In friendship or in a more deep relationship I am very supporting and a reliable person, you can count with me in the good and bad situations of life, I don't change easy with the circumstances, the people say that I am somebody that inspire confidence & respect due to my stability in the social treat.

I am definitively in search here of winners , not necessarily for a Top model, or an ideal crystalline soul or some brilliant mind like Einstein, but very real human beings with positive attitude, that is my definition of winner, only who starts to think negatively is a loser.

I think somebody is really interesting if it has creative vocation, if is a person that instead to criticize others prefers to build paths toward happiness and success. Circumstances can be modified by with the power of self esteem, hope, faith and a solid character, able to overcome any obstacle in the way.

What is my life style?

My daily routine begins everyday so early at morning, I like to take a nice breakfast. I also begin my day meditating, and also ends it in the same form, it is a great way to maintain a very positive mind all the time. I sleep very well, in complete peace with me and with the universe.

I love to live positively , with style, to make every instant something magic and special, to live intensively, and to express my inner energy, to look enthusiastic, specially with people that is open to togetherness.

In my free time I use to practice sport, that depending of the weather could be tennis, swimming or figure skating, and if there is no too much time I like to visit the gym to do weight lifting.

I love photography and so to visit interesting places to capture nice images with my lens, I like a lot to enjoy life, I am an inspired person, I still see the life in a very poetic way.

My profession is something for which I feel passion, I love what I am doing and I think it is really exciting, is helping to move the boundaries of science and technology ahead.

To have a job I love is really a blessing, however, my life is many more than just formulation equations or solving technical problems, I try to have a very balanced style of life, and to get fun of it.

What is my profession?

I am a person with the feet well based on ground but with multiple talents:

I am a professional researcher in Science and Engineering, and also I have a creative side as a Visual Designer.

My research field is Medical Robotics and Space Robotics, I am working with different kinds of machines solving challenging tasks, in which there is a lot of Quantitative methods involved.

I am a Polymath person, that it is not as many people think only characteristic of the Renaissance men, but a type of IQ that is equally attracted & skilled in various professional fields.

I am very productive working in interdisciplinary teams, that I enjoy to coordinate, I am a natural leader.

How about my education?

I have double nationality German and Estonian, from my parents, although I grew up primarily in Europe, as well as the Caribbean and South America. I have since birth multiple citizenships and background.

I have 3 years living in East Coast, I'm fascinated with this region, I love the weather and the People, I lived before in Texas for 5 years and before that in California.

I am Masters of Science in General Statistics and industrial Mathematics, both from UTexas. I am currently in my last year of a PhD in Robotics at Drexel University.

I am a professional scientist and engineer, specialized in medical robotics, Robotic spacecrafts and also in high mathematical and statistical optimization methods.

I was raised Catholic of the Latin rite, I feel very comfortable with my religion, but I am also pretty curious of Eastern Catholicism, Orthodox Christianism, and Buddhism.

With whom I feel to be compatible?

Many people think ideal couples or perfect partners exist only in fair tales but I am convinced they actually live here in the real world among us & I am open to the possibility that one of these days I find one in my way, may be you are destined for me or to the contrary I am for you.

I feel I could be a very advisable companion if you like somebody with which you can talk about anything, not only a good companion, but also a reliable personal consultant or if you are looking to get very intelligent & skilled sons I could be a nice prospect in your list of options for father and husband.

Since my teens I have trained dance (ballroom, tango, classic) so I don't conceive the life without music, or a good dancer aside me, in particular I love to meet new friends in parties, specially when there is a nice music.

What are my values, my principles?

I have lived in other cultures, so I am a very open mind person, I have learnt various languages.

I am not here looking for somebody with whom construct a future, a life, but more over with whom I can share the one I have already built for me, since I have already found a clear future in my horizon.

I think really happy and mutually convenient relationships must be balanced, symmetric, at a similar level, so I don't believe in dominance, emotional co-dependencies or in to be submissive, to create bonds of love.

I am still a very young person, and what I want to conserve of my youth is the openness toward the people and to get more experience, to learn something new.

I enjoy a lot to discover the poetic or philosophical side of each person I interact with. I think truly happiness is always reachable, is just a mental attitude, you don't need to own the entire world to have it.

I believe in the generosity of life, in the power of faith & in a progressive God plenty of Love to us and command us to be also lovely with everybody, as much as that can be possible.

I am a very tolerant, I am spiritual but not sectarian, middle on the road in politics, my friends are a very diverse group of people with different mentalities, I think diversity is the sauce of life, I accept every person as it is not as I would like it would be.

How about my Personality type?

I am a very dynamic but also a tranquil young guy , always optimistic, that take the life with hope & harmony, peace & that love the magic of intimacy, in all its forms, so I am a family & home person, although due to my trips I still remain single.

I am also very sincere, always talking directly to the point, I don't like to do turns or to play games with the feelings or expectations of others.

My way to approach people is simple, but so soon you are going to feel that I am a cultivate person, natural, but sometimes refinate, I consider myself a man of world.

I believe to be a person that you can trust since the beginning, I never break my word and I am extremely loyal & discrete with my friends.

I am a very perceptive guy, I have the gift to know so fast how is the inner being of each person I meet, but I never want to be judgmental, I like to see the positive side of very human being.

I am a energetic person, with great level of productivity, but not a workaholic. I like to enjoy life in all its aspects so I am not married with my job.

I think that to be disciplined or goal oriented does not mean to don't be able to have a fun life, but to have a time for every thing.

What do I like?

I listen music, watch movies, read good books, share massage, caresses, hugs, tenderness, relax, cuddle, good talk, board games, dance tango & to paint portraits. I also collect videos & movies specially Science fiction, Historical, fine Arts, Dance, Opera, theater,documentaries, I have a hundreds of foreign movies.

As a sport I practice figure skating & I love also to swim. Yoga , Pilates, meditation & Taichi are the base of my personal discipline.

I also like a lot children, I think they are the most wise people of the planet, they possibly are not very educated but they are more open, more sincere, more reliable than adults, also they have more tolerance & they still think positively about life.

I really would want to be a father, I think that is a very important part of my life that is still missing, I use to think frequently in all the good things I have to teach, who is going to inherit all my experience, all my wisdom, so I am looking for a Son, that is a priority in my life.

What are my skills?

I am good listening people, guiding, giving emotional support, motivating, bringing relaxation, transmitting inner peace, supporting the people I love to help them to reach their dreams.

Due to my work, studies and high competitive sport activities I have been involved with serious scientific research on PSI (use of ESP) to apply the most advanced & valuable techniques to increase performance, efficiency and self-control based on Autosuggestion.

What makes a person attractive for me?

I think respectful treat, to give or receive guidance, advising, to be skilled to enjoy intimacy, please don't judge bad I am not referring to go to bedroom business but to be together, to take care of other, and to share feelings or thoughts in the intellectual, emotional and experiential planes. I believe Sexual intimacy is something for only two persons no more.

I admire intelligence, especially the emotional one, talent, disciplined people, loyalty, courage, nice personality, people with goals, plans and self security.

I would like to meet young positive persons, with nice personality, good character, very social and that like to enjoy the life but be disciplined.

What is my own Philosophy in Human relationships?

I think the human beings are moreover affective ones, that can be classified in compatible or not depending of the different types of persons. Therefore, personality & character are so important for me, as well as the personal preferences, the likes and dislikes.

I think two persons are mutually interested each other primarily through emotional and spiritual connection and also through the common things that they like or dislike, hobbies, entertainment.

I believe only who is really strong is able to express tenderness and to move his businesses in life without damaging anybody, the one that needs to shout or to be aggressive is really extremely weak inside.

I learnt that at 18 years old we have the body, feelings & mind somebody else made, at 24 the one we have made & at 30 the one we deserve, please meditate on that for a while.

What Partner or fiance do I want?

Definitively my type of beauty, the one that attracts me, is Caucasian, brunette, blond or auburn hair, I am so weak infront of a beautiful waived or curly haired lady, as well for the light eyes, specially blue marine eyes, clear greens, violet purple eyes, grey eyes, or Aqua eyes. I like a lot a fair skin, a fine features face.

My ideal woman must be between 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 9 inches and must be fit , or athletic.

I want to engage a lady among 25 to 33 years old, somebody with a charming personality, not dominant, not extremely competitive, wanted to be a good mother at most in three years, with good education ( Bachelor's degree give points!), a person with enough self esteem, self security, not jealous, not a conflictive & definitively not selfish.

I'd like a nice & lovely young girl still open to grow & improve, that likes challenges, optimistic, self secure that can be tender, who likes companion, plenty of vitality, healthy, emotive, balanced, strong but not dominant, radiant of inner peace, goal oriented, generous, attractive, with glamour, charming & good taste.

I believe two persons are attracted primarily through emotional and spiritual connection & not through just only the chemistry of hormones, so perhaps my approach can be in some way Platonic but that does not mean lack of genuine interest but to the contrary certain idealism or romanticism that I think gives color to the life.

I think the human beings are essentially affective ones, that can be classified in compatible or not depending of the different personalities.

Therefore, personality & character are so important for me, as well as the personal preferences, the likes and dislikes.

I know there are other aspects that people consider important in human relationships as a sensual attitude or sex appeal, but for me they are not in the core, but in the ornament.

Though I recognize that beauty is something that catch my eye, so an extraordinary body, a nice personal look or an angel face is a turn on for me but it is not all.

A good character, goal oriented, Loyal or able of fidelity, spiritual & with family values, a warming personality, able to give support ( in the good and in the bad times of life), generous, responsible are important qualities of a potential nice mate that I would want to find.
What I’m doing with my life
Hi, I am a young creative Professional, working in research for Engineering, particularly in Control and Telecommunications. I also have a second activity, I am Artist (visual and plastic), so every certain time I love to take part in exhibitions.

For now, it is very important for me to expand my social circles, and balance my social life with my professional duties, and my sport.
My sports are Taichi, figure skating, Yoga, swimming, Lawn Tennis. I don't practice them all the time, it depends of the season of the year, but I attend regularly a Gym all the year.
I’m really good at
What are my skills?

I am good listening people, guiding, giving emotional support, motivating, bringing relaxation, transmitting inner peace, supporting the people I love to help them to reach their dreams.

Due to my work, studies and high competitive sport activities I have been involved with serious scientific research on PSI (use of ESP) to apply the most advanced & valuable techniques to increase performance, efficiency and self-control based on Autosuggestion.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a pretty relaxed guy, always with open mind, expecting the best, hoping the best and wanting to receive and give love. This is reflected in my approach to the people in meetings, I am not shy at all, I enjoy short talks and I am very skilled into make them very pleasant.

My tranquil voice, its tone, or the expression of my sight , the people said is a little mesmerizing. Sometimes there is people that says I inspire peace or tranquility, with a great dosis of personal magnetism.

I am a good observer, I use to pay attention to many details the rest of the people omit by checking the appearance of the person, and so I am extremely curious at first sight, I project that impression.

I like to be a formal person, to take care about how I dress in every occasion, to be in good shape since I love to exercise, I also like to live in a very balanced way. I believe that it is true that mens sana in corpore sano.

I use to be a really warm person, to enjoy to express courtesy, love & if the moment and circumstance is appropriate even to be motivating or tender.

I like to be polite even with the unknown people, is my way to introduce myself, I am happy making others feel well, I'm an excellent host, my pleasure is to attend my guests.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In literature I prefer poetry than novels, I also enjoy Biographies, Animal or wild life protection articles.

Some of the best books I ever have read are: Hundred years of Solitude, think and grow rich, Odissea, Iliada, The Gospel, Poems of Sergei Esenin, Poems of Jose A. Silva, Poetry of Rabindranah Tagore, Poetry of Khalil Gibran, The power of the subconcious mind of Joseph Murphy, How to Take Yourself Apart and Put Yourself Back Together by Harold Sherman, the Silva method by Jose Silva and the miracle of the mind by Dan Custer.

I also read sometimes about dream interpretation, Science fiction, UFO, the evolution of man and the history of the art and science ( I like a lot Carl Sagan, Jacob Bronowski, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark).

As I told above I like to watch movies: adventures, historial, biographies, romance, good comedies, musicals , also about fine Arts and Dance videos and other performance arts and Science documentaries.
( the red violin, Immortal beloved, The family man, White Nights, SunFlower, bed of roses, Joe vs the volcano, Fame, Paper chase, Familie ties, Bosom buddies, Merlin, Robin of sherwood, the sound of music, etc )

In all this vast variety the common denominator is that the movie must be really entertaining, I dont like films created to make the expectator suffer a lot, experience anguish or terror, so I avoid extreme violence movies, terror, and drama ones.

I love sometimes, if there is free time, to play with board games, I love chess, and I found also very interesting the american computer games, specially the ones that are very rich in special effects on virtual reality and 3d animation

I also love to read inspirational books, as well as History of Art or Music, I feel part of my mind is really very artistic or enjoy a lot the aesthetic experience.

Favorite Music: The Beatles, the Beegies, Michael Jackson, Aha, Abba, Elvis Presley, Richard Clayderman, John Denver, Jazz, Blues, Swing, Barroque Music, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Motzart, Bach, Vivaldi, Albinioni, Air supply, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Boccelli.

My favorite visual artists of all the epochs are: Escher, Van Gogh, Monet, Michelangelo, Dali, Degas, Tolouse Lautrec, Gauguin, Tintoreto, Tiziano, Boticelli, Rembrandt, Van Dick, Rodin, Praxiteles, Miron, Fidias.

Favorite performers of all the times: Rudolph Nureyev, Macel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Margot Fontein, Anna Pavlova, Liza Minelli, Lucille ball, Julie Andrews, laurel & hardy, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Natalia Makarova, Ilia Kulik, Yevgeny Plushenko, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin.
The six things I could never do without
A good book, my camera, a rosary, paper to write something interesting, a lotion, a bottle of good wine,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
To find and enjoy in great really nice and interesting friends, have a lot of fun in my free time and possibly to meet the most extraordinary other person, my significant other, a partner for life, the person that I want to share my life with.
On a typical Friday night I am
meditating, resting after the hard work of a week, drinking a good cup of tea ( specially herbal ones that I love) , I seldom drink coffee, but it depends if the weather is appropiate perhaps, or even a cup of wine if I am in good company. I am definitively not a beer person and I don't smoke at all.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was a little shy while adolescent, it took some years to develop the ability to handle any situation and also meet different kinds of people.

Nevertheless, that changed dramatically when I learned different techniques of meditation and used precisely to overcome that shyness.
I’m looking for
  • Girls who like guys
  • Ages 22–30
  • Near me
  • Who are single
  • For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating
You should message me if
If you're -33 yrs, sincere, practice some sport, if you are fit, great talker or a nice dancer, like cultural entertainment, curious in PSI, honest, decent, spiritual, good companion, non selfish, good will people without rare vices.

Please don't contact me if you are uncontrolled smoker, drugs or grass consumer, alcoholic, sex addict, sexual promiscuous, in open relationships, or gold fisher.

I am a spiritual, middle of the road in politics and Christian person but at the same time open mind, however, I consider that I am not compatible with fanatics of any kind, but specially agnostics, atheists, wicca followers, extremely free thinkers, ultra conservative ones or free masons.