34 Redmond, WA
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My self-summary
I'm a geek, nerd, and gamer, and I even get paid to be so. I'm mostly a writer, but I dabble in visual art and music. I really like to build things, particularly if I have a use for them and can puzzle out the method on my own. I like to know things, and like to know people that like to know things.

I'm an INTJ, which means it takes me a little while to transition from "hoping I'm not acting awkward by faking being at ease" to actually being at ease, but then it's hard to get me to go back into my shell. I like to go out and do things--movies, outdoors, concerts, etc.--but I'm never going to be comfortable just going places on my own and trying to cold start a conversation. So here I am, using the internet to simplify getting that crucial friend buffer.
What I’m doing with my life
I moved out to the Seattle area in late 2012 (from Atlanta via a five year stint in North Carolina). I'm a game designer at a video game startup, and was previously lead designer for another small company. But the job out here was better, and it also seems to a much better area for long-term "wanting to get paid to be a geek" ambitions.

What I'm doing with my life, other than working to make engaging interactive entertainment, is still a little nebulous. Right now, I'm just trying to build my social circles back up after a cross country move.
I’m really good at
being an enthusiastic dilettante. I'll try most things once to see if I like them, and I like to think that I'm better than the average random person off the street at the things I liked enough to stick with, but I've never been able to name a particular specialty.

Was that too humble? Then I'm really good at an eclectic array of exciting things that held my interest for more than five minutes. And spreadsheets. They come from miles around to see my spreadsheets.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Is he reading my mind? He certainly seems the type to have exciting and dangerous mental powers that would allow him to ascertain my first impression by sifting my very thoughts. Also, he's imposing the need to use unnecessarily complex grammar upon me! I must sing a distracting song in my head to deflect his awesome telepathy before he learns my darkest secrets! Meow meow meow-meow Meow meow meow-meow Meow meow meow meow meow-meow meow-meow!"
You should message me if
You enjoy sending mail to strange men on the interweb.