26 Portland, OR
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My self-summary
I am Eva. Venezuelan-Spanish. Looking only to make friends and have casual sexual encounters with women, maybe men. because they are my favorites.

I'm in a committed relationship, but that shouldn't prevent you from continuing to read!

Originally a Venezuelan who grew up in Spain, and have a special interest in Latin America as a half-latina, half-european woman and a social activist. A lot of what I do relates to radical politics, writing, thinking, feminism, self-empowerment, Spanish, sex and long-term organizing. I'm also very art-minded and I really enjoy talking my passions out and hearing other people's.
What I’m doing with my life
Graduate from PSU in June 2014. Starting my Spanish MA in the Fall.

I have a wonderful relationship with a very hot guy. Looking for thirds.

I am a committed organizer. I'd consider myself a socialist-feminist, and I actively engage in meetings, study groups, and on the ground activism with that perspective.

I try to keep an open mind and immerse myself into challenging environments.
I’m really good at
Organizing, listening, teaching, eating, sexting, having sex
The first things people usually notice about me
My accent, definitely. This is both a good thing (I do like how it sounds) and a bad thing (so many of my interactions start with "Oh, you have an accent, where are you from?" and then me saying: "Spain", and then white dud saying: "oh cool! I went there for two days and it was awesome! Do you know Las Ramblas? And Dali??"). Yes, I know Las Ramblas, I know Dali and Gaudi, have taken naps and drank wine. And no, I do not care that you got drunk on your one night there and that you have an opinion about a city I grew up in that you think is very important for me to hear. Unless you actually do have interesting things to say :)

Also, that I tend to smile a lot. I promise it's genuine!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Haymarket Books (google it!), Milan Kundera, One Hundred Years Of Solitude, Julio Cortazar, Rosario Castellanos, Alejandra Pizarnik, Borges, Alejo Carpentier, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Sex at dawn, Revolution at point zero, We created Chavez, Marxism and Women's Oppression, Black liberation and socialism, homage to catalonia, Women, Race & Class, El albergue de las mujeres tristes, and many more.

Music: Mirah, Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, Björk, Modest Mouse, Animal Collective, Joan Manel Serrat, Ali Primera, Ruben Blades:

Movies: Pedro Almodovar, Do The Right Thing, Stanley Kubrick, Oldboy, Lucrecia Martel, Even the rain, Sex and Lucía, Black Power Mixtape, Tarantino, 3 Iron, and lots more. I love film, especially when i watch it for a second time and have great conversations afterwards, and I'm pretty open to anything not too mainstream.

Food: Indian, Spanish (Spain), Mexican, Ethiopian, CHEESE.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- How to become a more well-rounded independent person
- Political struggles and self-care
- Having a threesome. Like a lot.
- Group sex
- How does change happen?
- The community that I so much need to feel okay
- Women. Solidarity among us all, and how to build strong networks to take care of each other
On a typical Friday night I am
Going dancing, drinking, having nice long walks, relaxing with friends or watching a movie home.
You should message me if
-You find that we would be able to hold a long and constructive conversation about film, books, music, polyamory, feminism/queer theory or revolutionary politics. If it's in Spanish you should definitely contact me!
- You want to have sex with me, my partner or with my partner and I

-You like food as much as I do!