29 Irving, TX
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My self-summary
yes my summary indeed. its easy to write something about your self but also really easy to be actually not true for majority of the people that they think they can self summary.
well here is my self summary
Im from el paso tx i grew up in japan for 16 years. I am very positive about everything i can be positive of.
my friends/co-workers say that im very laid back and very nice (i guess) I love to have a great time with friends or even by myself.
life is a beautiful struggle and I do believe that life is like a box chocolate you never know what your going to get.
growing up I was given a choice to believe in whatever i wanted to believe. i am irreligious but i do respect other religions. when it comes to church I do not go by choice but if i get invited i will go because i show my respect to others but if you can't then we have an issue

i know a lot of girls prefer guys with short hair but i love my long hair and i have no plans to change it.

I do have my own car. I drive a Dodge Charger and it is awesome!!

this is one of my favorite quotes that im thinking about getting a tattoo one day
Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned
十人十色(10 people 10 colors which means every one has their own unique color that makes them who they are)

i have some odd habits. well more like tastes for doing things,
for example. i watch certain movies only when the weather is raining/lightning storm/snowing and no lights at all. movies like the crow the matrix Sherlock Holmes underworld the dark knight 9 snatch friday the 13th nightmare in elm street, basically something dark, horror, religious movies

when its a really beautiful sunny day i sometimes go out for a walk without a destination and just walk for hours but i usually do not like going out on a sunny day.
I LOVE RAINY DAYS these kinda days i want to go out specially if its a dark raining day or lightning storm. but sometimes i like to stay home and play zelda or dantes inferno, most of the time its mario i play.

add me if you like
gamertag for 360 "Micky4649"
PSN tag "Nickism69"
skype 'Nicky0220
people do judge me before they even get to know me........i guess shrek and I have the same issue

NOTE; I am busy so if im late of replying your messages please wait patiently i will get back to you soon

日本語で会話できる友達募集中だからマジでメッセ送ってよ(笑) plus if you know Japanese then you should know what '4649' means

New way to talk to me kik @frankjaeger0
What I’m doing with my life
Working as an actor isn't a easy life but I do wake up everyday happy and thankful that I get to do what I do.
Currently working on a live talk show filmed here in DFW so if you're interested in watching the show hit me up for details.
I have done theatre, extra in movies, back dancer for a music video.

Also I've been doing some modeling. It turns out I look very well with alternative modeling (see picture above with the name Ja cage in it) and l plan to do more with cosplay as well.

If you like to drink come see me I bartend as well. Just hit me up and I'll tell ya where I bartend
I’m really good at
making people laugh, earn peoples trust and respect. cooking. swimming. video games. having fun. Listening to people. People watching. Voice of Herbert the pervert (I'm really good at this) speaking Japanese write Japanese
reacting a certain scene from a movie. I love cats im really good of handling with cats.
I take care of for those who are good people. Doing a good deed always makes me feel good.
I'm also good at cooking as well :)
I'm really good at making friends with any one
The first things people usually notice about me
Im very goofy so people think Im a weirdo but once they get to know me they know im just trying to have fun and make people laugh, also im very respectful. people tell me that i am a nice guy or a great guy but i think they are use to dealing with shitty people :)
when some one stands right next to me I always get ' god your so tall' lol
also my eyes, my eyes tell a lot of things to people
also my long hair. please do not give comments that i need to cut my hair its not going to happen
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love movies i will watch at least 5 movies a week (that includes at the theaters too) and collect movies too so watching movies at home is not a problem at all.
snatch, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Biohazard(USA Title Resident evil), wallE, UP, Lord of the rings, Lock stock and two smoking Barrels, Rock n Rolla, Superbad, American gangster,Alice in wonderland, Watchmen, clerks, clerks 2, Big trouble in little china, Escape from New York, Escape from L.A., Fifth element, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob strikes Back, The Crow, Underworld, Daybreakers, 300, The Dark knight, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Corps bride, The Matrix, The incredibles, Austin Powers, The Goonies, Blade, Silent Hill, Role Models, Home alone, Iron man, Iron man 2, Be kind Rewind, 9, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Men in black,2 and 3, The Expendables, the Expendables 2, Dr strangelove or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, Dark shadows, lawless, looper, The Hobbit, Robin Hood prince of thieves, Inglorious Basterds, TAXI(France version), District 9, District 13: Ultimatum, Live free or Die hard, Ratatouille, Super Mario Bros, X-men, Memories of the Geisha, Shrek, Police academy, city hunter, Project eagle, project A, Forbidden kingdom, Rush Hour, Mask, Tron;legacy, the Unforgiven, 隣のトトロ(my neighbor totoro), もののけ姫(princess mononoke),千と千尋の神隠し(spirited away), 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ(pom poko),ハウルの動く城(Howls moving castle)
if you love giburi series thats a huge plus

TV shows the x-files. family guy. the Cleveland show. the boondocks. heroes. south park. squidbillies ATHF battle star galactica. caprica. NCIS. northern exposure. the three stooges. star trek. burn notice. ugly Americans. mr bean. my wife and kids. that 70s show. Dragon ball(of course in japanese). ice road truckers. Game of thrones. Futurama.
I'm not much of a fan of the walking dead series.

music i will listen to anything except country, sorry didnt get into it but i am willing to try it if you know a great song.
I DO ENJOY GOING TO EDC. if you do not know what it is google it (or yahoo it which ever suits you)

since i grew up in japan Japanese food is my favorite thing to eat but i also love trying new food too. i also cook a lot if the day had 28 hours I would be cooking everyday for sure lol
i also love vegetarian food too so if you know a great place that has great vegetarian selection please message me

im not much of a reader but currently im trying to finish thus spoke Zarathustra (GOD IS DEAD) by Friedrich Nietzsche, this book really caught my interest
but i do love to read mangas but only in Japanese though its not the same when its translated in English
Adding more tittles here bram stolkers Dracula, George R R Martins game of thrones series metal gear series (English and Japanese versions) Anthony Horowitzs Moriaty Alice's adventures in wonderland Frankenstein crim and punishment

video games is another thing i do. metal gear solid. super Mario. final fantasy. dragon quest. kingdom hearts. castlevania. metroid. legend of zelda. little big planet. DJ hero 2. super smash bros. goldeneye. street fighter. marvel vs capcom 2. muramasa demons blade. God of War. Dante's inferno. just cause 2. Devil may cry. chrono trigger. Mario kart. Mario party. Mario&Luigi RPG. Child of Eden.
The six things I could never do without
we lose everything when we die

But I would add my kitty Mii she is a big part of my life now
I spend a lot of time thinking about
life, who i am going to be with in the future. the universe, what can i learn next. funny lines from family guy. whats going to be the great awesome film that's coming out
how can i get an opportunity to work with guy Ritchie
On a typical Friday night I am
At work or out dancing and drinking. some nights i will just be at home watching movies
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
it wouldnt be private if i share that here......ok......I have a nose piercing
Wait ok I secretly play rocksmith to practice my guitar.
I have a tattoo now.
You should message me if
if you have the same interest and think we can be friends. if you like movies, video games, japanese food, japan, sushi isnt the only thing thats japanese food you know. drinking, going to the church (lizard lounge) anime, dancing, cooking, cats, talking, walking at the park or just wanna meet some one. if you like the three stooges. if you wanna try japanese food. if you have tattoos.

its a big plus if you like giburi series, super mario bros, tattoos, dragon ball, metal gear solid, movies, and if you let me cook you something

Age, Race, doesn't really matter to me, if you have kids that doesn't really matter to me either

DO NOT MESSAGE ME. if you are one of those people say 'dogs are better than cats cause cats lick themselves' it really pisses me off when people say that cause dogs is just as nasty as cats are also i got a news flash for you dog lovers dogs eat sh!t cats don't. but do not get me wrong i like dogs too back at home my folks own two dogs and they are awesome.
Also no messages of saying 'cut your hair'or try to make an offer to get me to cut my hair. Believe it or not I get messages from dudes as well about this. I can't be clear enough.
so if you do not get the memo leave my page right now, go on, jog on, walk on, goodbye, bon voyage, fuck off.