37 Emeryville, CA
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My self-summary
**if you can't be bothered to read this long-ass profile, you're not interested in dating me**

I'm looking for partners who fill my world with interesting things and amazing experiences. I want to connect with other people on a level beyond the superficial. Barely spoken moments, met glances with saucy smiles and dancing eyes, from across a room or fleeting as I bike past.

I like shy, yet confident, while still being cute people. Individuals who can hold conversations but not make it only about themselves. Well read individuals from the most basic paperback to introspective growth texts. I'm attracted to bigness: thick curves, enormous ideas (and the drive to make things happen), turning life up to 11 for those tips of the bellcurve and being able to curl up and sink into comfort at a solid -4 sometimes as well. People smart enough to know they are awesome but not cocky about it. People who know they are beautiful without letting it ruin them.

Juxtaposition and Dichotomy are some of my biggest turn-ons. Straddling lines and weaving through rules while still making forward progress to whatever it is that excites and drives you. Share that with me and enjoy when I share it with you. I have changed my listing to simply say Bisexual Man, because Okc filters still aren't great with the "other" stuff, but I consider myself Genderfluid and Pansexual. I can be a bro and I can be a sissy, and everything in between. As such, I tend to only date other Unicorns, the definition being bisexual, poly, switches at the least and more-so pansexual, poly switches are the pinnacle of awesome. Genderfluid people to the front of the line. I also tend towards non-normal looking types. Brightly colored hair, visible tattoos, piercings. I'm currently designing a couple pieces of ink that will be my first and have various piercings for fashion and enjoyment around my body. Not a deal breaker, but there's something about a septum piercing or large ink chest piece that makes my eyes focus with intent.

I want creatures in my life I can get lost with through day trips, projects and events. Imaginations that float high without losing sight of the ground. It's a a special, rare balance of dreamer/scientist I seek.

*other huge bonus points in a potential partner*

1. You're a morning person and work M-F. I work a 7-4 shift and up until recently worked 6-3. I'm up between 5-6am on the weekends, usually putting in 20 miles on my bike or having laundry done BEFORE 8am. If getting to brunch by 9am to avoid the hipster/doucher/lazy rush curls your toes, we should talk.

2. You're not new to poly relationships. I have 20 years being poly (yes, since high school) and I will not waste time dealing with you trying to fix your relationship through 'opening up'. I also don't deal with 'fake poly' where there's a One Penis Policy (or any variation of such rules) or anything but 100% open and honest relationships having already been established. I also expect to meet your SO for a friendly meal by the 3rd or 4th date.

3. You're kinky. This does not mean you read 50 Shades of Abuse and bought a "D/s Beginners Kit" from Good Vibrations. Again, 20 years experience and I'm in the deep end of this filthy pool. If you live in the bay area and haven't visited Mr S Leather to shop or get ideas you're probably not kinky enough for me. I also only play with switches because, again, Unicorn. I also have experience as a Bull, if you're a couple with a sissy husband.

4. You're looking for a wild-yet-grounded primary to forge a partnership of debauchery and awesomeness here in the bay as we create a shared Temple of Wicked Wonderment together. Primary characteristics include knowing your credit score and it's over 700, working an actual career-type-job, paying your bills (mostly) on time and still being able to responsibly party about once a month while maintaining all of that.
What I’m doing with my life
Newish to Oakland, by way of Detroit. I grew up in the suburbs and then spent the last couple living within the city above a gallery/venue space where a lot of eclectic events happened downstairs. Currently staying in West Oakland while working in a new field and finding my own challenges to overcome on a very personal level.

Changed my outlook as well as my intake. Breathing deep, learning to let go and discovering my next chapter. As my name implies, it's a winding journey. Figuring out what I need to level up in order to do what it is I want to do. Concentrating on what I need to create.

Spending time exploring the kink/poly/sex positive scene here in the bay. Events like Kinky Salon, Bent, Folsom Street Fair, etc are all on my radar and would love to find a partner in crime to attend. I trend towards the TNG variety of kink instead of the Old School one. If you're into protocol and strict roles, keep walking.
I’m really good at
-finding my way around on my bike
-Intelligent yet inane conversations about random correlations
-researching topics that interest me to no end
-hurting people who enjoy it and learning to enjoy being hurt more
-finding the bright side to almost any situation
-exploring innerspace
The first things people usually notice about me
-my facial hair. It's kind of awesome.
-my laugh
-I talk, a lot
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Geek Love, The Dark Tower series, Game of Thrones, anything by Hunter S Thompson, Elmore Leonard and Christopher Moore. World War Z, War Day, American Gods, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Sex At Dawn. I recently started "How to Be An Adult".

Mad Max: Fury Road, Gravity, Videodrome, Requiem For A Dream, The Muppets, Cabin In The Woods, The Big Lebowski, All the Cohen Brothers movies, John Dies In The End, Interstellar. lots of weird, eclectic stuff. Dance-off movies and Musicals.

The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Adventure Time, Archer, Rick and Morty.

Electronica - Glitch Hop, Psytrance, Electro House, Trip-hop

Dirty, filthy garage rock - white stripes, rolling stones, george thoroughgood, the black keyes

hip hop - B.O.B., Macklemore, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Atmosphere, Cunning Linguists, Jurassic 5, Immortal Technique.

punk/ska - Iggy and the Stooges, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Reel Big fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Caravan Palace

Silly shit - TMBG, Stephen Lynch, MIKA, Jonathan Coulton, Epic Rap Battles of History

Tom Waits is a God. Seriously.

food: I eat things that taste good. My friends tell me the taco truck a block from their apartment is the best in the area. I'm down to compare with yours and find out if it's true. Because friends are vegetarian, I'm sensitive to people's food needs, but I'll eat pretty much anything.
The six things I could never do without
my bohemian family
my bike
intelligent conversation
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why people let society dictate what they do instead of what makes them happy and fulfilled.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have no typical Friday night, everything is new.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I judge anyone who puts "I like to have fun!" in their profile as the most boring person ever. Seriously. Everyone likes to have fun. Use your words and tell me something about yourself.
You should message me if
-you want a cycling partner. I like to do 3x around Lake Merritt once a day and love 20 mile rides.
-You love to talk about random things
-you can show me around Oakland or San Fran and help me find my type of weird here.
-you actually read this to the end
-you don't have a problem when I send you my cell number to text.
-you understand why Meghan Trainer and Iggy Azalea suck.
-you think people scared of Oakland is silly.
-you're poly or poly friendly
-you can send a message that isn't 1 or 2 lines
-If we are a match above 80% you should think about it. If we're above 90% you should do it just so we can squeal like schoolgirls about all the things we have in common, like breathing and our love for "dance-off" movies.