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My self-summary
Most of this profile is at least two years old. I think I've taken out anything that no longer applies, unless I think it's funny, so this is all still a good indicator of my scents and sensibilities.

I hate having fun, and laughing, I am not down to earth, nor am I laid-back. Crazies please apply. I am actually exactly six feet tall, assuming I've been to a chiropractor recently. If you can tell which other details on the sidebar are literally true and which are true, you get cake.

I like people who know what they like, as well as what they don't like. I like people who don't take what is normal or average into account in their decision making. I believe in objective reality, but understand that I am not objective, ever. I probably don't have the same facial hair this week.

Mostly cishet male. I wear skirts for fun and utility sometimes, and as a bit of a fuck you to the fact that kilts cost three to five times more than skirts. I put Cis Man as well as Non-binary/Other because I don't want to forget or minimize my privilege in passing to the world as a Normal Human. But at the same time I don't feel strongly identified with masculinity, or manhood. Gender is a construct, like race, but we don't get pretend those constructs don't exist. That's where I'm at on that sort of thing.

Intersectional Feminist/antiracist/antikyriarchy, humanist, Socialist, geek/nerd/dork, atheist, Unitarian Universalist evangelist, religious Cosmos watcher(and heckler), GGG, commited to polyamory, trying to ride bikes more, trying to be a better ally to everyone, nonviolent communication, compersion, intermediate blues dancer, beginning guitarist, crappy-but-determined writer of crappy-but-determined poetry, occasional runner, constant cuddler, one-time actor-stage manager-opera singer, math whiz, SCAdian, ex-WoWer, novice rapier fighter, lettered in chess and knowledge bowl, reflexive pianist. Currently living laterally.

I am non-hierarchically polyamorous, I have friends I go on dates with, or sweeties, or partners, depending on your definition, in Eugene, Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham. My anchor partner has never had an OkC account. Past partners and current friends include, but are not limited to, ixregardo, robyntheslug, anthm, and cyclonepeacock. For me, poly ≠ dating a lot of people, it's letting each relationship grow to its full potential, be that friendship, romance, sex, or some combination. Six months ago I was totally single, now I'm going on a date every few weeks without necessarily the expectation of finding my next live-in/life partner. If you are your own person, with your own stuff going on, and you would like to share some but not all of it, read on.

INTP, which probably doesn't matter. And triple Aries, which definitely doesn't. Born in Salem (the closer one), lived in Aumsville, Eugene, Shoreline, Bellingham, and now Portlandia. I like this green, blue, and rainbow bubble we've got going in Cascadia, although I acknowledge it'd be really stupid to secede.

I'm straight and I actually have a bit of shame about it. But I know I am because I've done the work(and the kissing). I'm attracted to a mix of femininity and masculinity, but more than anything I'm attracted to people whose faces are a strong expression of who they are. As in, expressive and emotive. I'm willing to entertain the possibility of dating trans folks, but I have yet to feel chemistry with a trans woman, and have yet to have a trans man attracted to me. I'm looking for friends of all persuasions. I'm not willing to give up the people I love for you, but if you want to be friends with them, great. I live a fairly quiet life-work, school soon, going social dancing a few times a week(mainly blues with a side of contra and tango), making fancy dinners and watching Britcoms or fantasy/sci fi shows. I'd like someone to stay in with, and also to go out with every week or so. Monogamish? Poly? Ethical Sluttiness? Labels are often inadequate, and I'm open to the possibilities that life throws my way.

I personally think polyamory is a bit ridiculous. I also think that human relationships are all a bit ridiculous, and it's better if we just admit that right off the bat. I'm by no means an absolutist (not to be confused with 'absoslutist'), and I won't judge anyone else's lifestyle so long as said style does not include being dishonest or nonconsensual. I came to my relationship habits the Way God Intended: through hellishly dysfunctional relationships that left me scarred and scared (kidding![mostly!]). What's important to me is caring about and respecting one's partner(s) enough to be open and honest with them, to make decisions with lots of thought and discussion so that everyone can be as happy as possible in this imperfect world, and to learn from everything.

I'm sad that the adjectives are gone, so!
I am Adorkable, Loquacious, and Cusackesque

I enjoy meaningless cuddling. I consume webcomics, indie rock, and ethyl alcohol. I <3 Jason Webley, performance art, and spoken word. I double-heart nice girls who don't bite too hard. I like to go out dancing and actually dance.

I'm outgoing and sociable and more or less witty and maybe I'm not always nice, but I am good with lawful tendencies. Also-and this is not a contradiction-I'm a shy little guy who worries a lot and stays home most days. It seems like all my 90% or higher matches are 30-somethings in NYC, Berkley, or Europe.

I'm a godless pinko baby-killing welfare-state anti-gun peacenik hippy-trying-not-to-be-a-hipster (and failing). I also hate justice, freedom, apple pie, and all that is good and decent. But seriously. No, really serious. Being an agnostic leftist doesn't mean I don't have a solid ethical framework. I like to think my beliefs free me to make better decisions for myself and others.

I use nested parentheses unabashedly(but always in a grammatically[and ideally. poetically] correct fashion). My turnoffs include 'unnecessary' quotation marks, violence or the threat thereof, and pro sports. Yes, even the Timbers. I just don't care at all.

The things I do on a regular basis: hang out with my female, male, and other friends, play video games, watch good/hilariously bad movies, cook epic dinners of curry or pasta or whatever someone suggests the day before, go to my local gay bar because it has the best music and fewer people with fake tans or pre-frayed visors, and get maudlin about where my life is going. I play video games, but I usually prioritize human contact over sitting alone. Unless I really feel like being alone, which happens regularly. I also go to SCA events several times a year, where I try to stab people with blunted swords, shoot targets with arrows or throwing axes, and get seriously drunk playing tablero.

Je suis une bete. Je souviens seulement un petit peux de francais que j'ai appris au lycee. Si vouz etes tres patient, nous pouvons ecriver entre eux. Si non, je suis desolee que vous ne parlez pas anglais, et votre mere etes une grosse vache.

Antithestasia gave me: Smarter Than The Average Bear
Awarded Aug 2, 2009

“Like a walking xkcd strip, but more verbose. Reads books and stuff. ”


quickpulse gave me: The Perfect Mix
Awarded Aug 17, 2009

“Known him forever - one of the best finds I've ever made on this site. He's sweet, dirty, and geeky in all the best/right ways. He'll listen to you when you call late at night, meet you at any roller derby bout (where he'll know half the people there), and will kill spiders for you if ask. hehe...potential here”


ibideb gave me: Brilliant Profile
Awarded Dec 23, 2010

“Just wanted you ladies to know that all this stuff Norel's written? Totally true. Try him, you'll like him ;)”

So. Anyone in these parts think they're nerdy/hip/alcoholic/awkward enough to keep up?
What I’m doing with my life
Sondering more.

Living bear family for mutual support in these Troubled Economic Times (thanks again, douchebags whose answer to everything is tax cuts and deregulation). Pining for more school, 'cause learning is addictive.

Doing my level best to be as little like this guy as possible.

I was all about Cross Country and track in high school, but lo these many years later I'm working on the C25k, because having the skinny gene just isn't enough when you have a sedentary job that serves you fried food. Goals include being able to run a 5k and/or marathon again, and becoming one of those geeks that takes off his shirt and is shockingly hot. Not a bulky body, just a useful one.

I'm now (re)addicted to yoga, with occasional doses of aerobic and anaerobic exercise thrown in. But damn it's nice to be able to move my back/touch the floor/lay flat again.

I spent my first year in college as a classical voice major, then I realized that I didn't want to teach bratty kids how to sight read or endlessly go to auditions only to be told I'm two inches too short/tall for the part. So then I was a Computer Science major, which means I can sit in front of computers for long hours making them do tricks. What I really want in life is to fix the world, make it just and peaceful and happy and free. I think I'm going to be disappointed, but I will use whatever skills I have to help causes I care about, and when I'm rich I just might go to law school and fight for truth, justice, and the Earthican way.
I’m really good at
Dancing as if nobody is watching (because I'm confident that most people are too busy worrying that everyone is watching) Alliteration, assonance, all other potentially irritating rhetorical devices. Staying up past my bedtime. School if I'm feeling perky and responsible (rare), acting, singing, math, massages, forgetting things, knowing a lot about something yet being utterly unable to explain it or make it work, doing nothing, watching cartoons, eating about one meal a day. Wishing that I had more important and/or interesting things to do. Best. Puppy. Dog. Eyes. Ever.
The first things people usually notice about me
Glasses, tallness, a passing resemblance to such luminaries as John Cusak, Alan Cumming, and Ed Norton (I don't see it). Often I'm wearing shirts that make people go "Oh my God, that's AWESOME!". Sometimes a tie or knee-high socks too.

I snort when I laugh too hard, which I try to do as often as possible.

*Antithestasia says*
Goggles, elbows, skin and bones, that's what little Norels are made of. Big ones are also made of houndstooth socks, expensive hipster glasses, and just a dash of awkwardness. They are also adorkable and taste like tea at three in the morning. They resemble John Cusack, only taller, and snort when they laugh, a symptom of terminal hawtness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) I'd list graphic novels, but I don't buy them since I wouldn't be able to afford a week's supply on a month's pay. Pratchett, Asimov, Christiansen, Bradbury, Moore (Christopher as well as Sir Thomas), Arthur C. Clark, Heinlein, Doyle, Frank (NOT Brian) Herbert, Piers Anthony, LeGuin, Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis. Everyone should read A Clockwork Orange and 1984, because goddammit they're both happening. I cried a little when I read Old Man and the Sea. I would love to get my hands on some Kurt Vonnegut. I have an unholy love for serial sci-fi/fantasy (mostly Kevin J. Anderson's fault, I think). I've read almost every Star Wars, Star Trek, Discworld, Xanth, Earthsea, or Pern-type book there is. I know I need to read quite a lot of other people, including but not limited to: Neil Gaiman, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson. Non-Fiction: Thomas Moore, the Apocrypha to the Bible, the Koran, the Baghvad-Gita. If you can point me to a good edition of the Talmud, I'll love you until next Tuesday. *Added* The Ethical Slut-I've known people for years that lived by this book without ever knowing about it. Simple, sane relationship advice whether you're male/female/other, gay/straight/other, monogamous/polygamous/other. With a large dash of hippy, which is coincidentally, my tolerance for hippy.

2) I prefer more indie films than big studio stuff: The notable exceptions are Ocean's 11/12, The Italian Job and others of the adventure/mystery genre. I love Quentin Tarintino, hoary-gory zombie movies and dystopian comedy like Delicatessen. Older movies from Casablanca to The Black Cauldron to Nosferatu to Seven Samurai. I sing along to musicals. Farenheit 9/11 was depressing but important, everyone should see it. Fin.

III:(which is music, in case you've lost track by now) In general, I'm a Seattlite:Alternative, Punk, Classical, Jazz and a dash of techno are my musical bread-and-butter. I can prove that rap is not music with a dictionary and some scratch paper. Generally, I'll like any song that shows musicianship and artistry. I do like political songs, weird, artsy, and experimental songs, and who doesn't like music that's good to have sex to?

Ok, OkC, here's a (very partial) list:
Neutral Milk Hotel
Van Canto
Weezer (Blue + Pink mostly)
The Ramones
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Gogol Bordello
Daft Punk
The Smiths
Tom Waits
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Modest Mouse
Frank Sinatra
Flogging Molly
The Decemberists
Jason Webley

D: Italian, Mexican, French, and good ol' Europeans-who-invaded-America style cooking, what with the burgers and fries and forty-two thousand ways to prepare chicken. Plus sushi. What could be better at 1 o'clock than sushi and cocktails?
The six things I could never do without
1. Something to write in/on
2. My incurable optimism.
3. A project to keep me engaged
4. Books/computers to occupy my hands and half my brain.
5. Comfy things to curl up on/in/with
6. Release. You know, catharsis-exercise or intense emotional experiences. Pervert.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...how knowing is half the battle. To-do lists. Of things! The fact that I should play my guitar. And piano. Whether I'll be able to accomplish all my goals, what the hell those goals actually are, if I'll be doing anything interesting tonight. I'm a combination of philosophical and shallowlyADD.
On a typical Friday night I am
In my airship, practicing MAD SCIENCE and plotting my eventual rise to power. Or on an off night, being insomniac and surfing 80's cartoons, the Daily Show and plumbing the terrifying depths of t3h 1nt4rw3b5 (i.e. Reddit, /b/, Newgrounds, and webcomics myriad and manifold)

...I should probably also mention that I'm into blues dancing, so I guess that's that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have now watched Dr. Who. It's okay as scifi but really, the character development is shallow and transient at best.

I'm really put off by people in baseball caps. I'll probably judge you really harshly if you're wearing one. Not 100% sure where that association comes from, I'm guessing childhood, like everything else.

Sometimes I get in a strange mood and say things I'm not sure I mean. I'm a 97% self-match, which is funny because I think I'd think I was a dick if I met myself. Most people who know me peg me as uptight and thin-skinned. This makes me laugh and laugh and then make incestuous self-deprecating dead baby jokes. I'm the straight man in my group, in more than one sense.

Like Gaston, every last inch of me is covered in hair. I am not, however, especially good at expectorating, nor am I roughly the size of a barge. Well, not anywhere that you'll ever see.
You should message me if
Awkward is your native language, the sea you swim in, the thing you transcend because nothing is really awkward until somebody says 'Well, this is awkward.'

You want to have coffee/tea/beer/all three and make me laugh until I snort or groan with puns and nerdy jokes and silly faces.

You are an actor, activist, or actuary (or all three, swoon). Poly, in an open relationship, okay with both of those choices.

You want to sit around in your pj's on weekend mornings listening to NPR.

You are a Tomboy, Betty Crocker/Paige lookalike, rockabilly, goth, gothabilly, crazy cat lady, nerd, masseuse, have eyes/sweaters/lips/hips/book collections/tits/brains to die for.
You're half as awkward as I am, but totally cool and sweet once one gets to know you.
You look unapproachable but really aren't.
You know what NPPP means(or want to find out)!

You're smarter than the average bear (I totally had this written before they made that profile award)...and now it's gone again. Everything is ephemeral.

You are an elegantly feisty slavic heiress with a brobdingnagian nose who needs a 'full service' cabin boy for your second yacht.

You own a copy of Everybody Poops. On tape. Read by Morgan Freeman.