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24 M Minot, ND

My Details

Last Online
Apr 16
6′ 2″ (1.88m)
Body Type
Mostly anything
Atheism, but not too serious about it
Virgo, but it doesn’t matter
Working on university
Relationship Status
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Likes dogs and likes cats
English (Fluently), Spanish (Poorly)

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My self-summary
Questions? This links to my Formspring.

I promise I'm not as much of a tight ass as my writing style might indicate.

Moved to Minot from Sacramento, CA in late 2011. A lot of people have asked me why. Maybe you will too.

My brain is a lot smarter than I am, for which I'm grateful.

I see a great beauty in the universe, and it's machinations. I don't believe in a god per se, but when I look at our world, it removes all fear and doubt. I guess you could call that religion.

I like games; this includes Risk, Twilight Imperium, Scrabble, war (not the card game; the card game War is just horrible from a gamistic viewpoint), Halo, and foot races. I like Chopin, Bogart, and Antiques Roadshow. Hot baths with scented bubble mix and salts. Shootouts, fist fights, and violent video games. Explosions and loose women. A quiet picnic by the river. I'm an odd one, or so I've been told.

Every time I read the OkTrends blog, I remember why this site is awesome.

I want to explore, learn, and be challenged. I might be rock climbing one day, playing video games all weekend, going on an eight mile run, or being out and about with friends. Generally I like just about everyone, simple logic dictates that not everyone likes me.

~ I tend to think of human behavior in terms of adaptive chemical reactions.
~ I occasionally cry during touching movies.
~ I like the smells of air conditioning and vanilla.
~ I look at the big picture way more than can be good for you.
~ I am of the belief that war is truly beautiful. Ask me about this sometime. I probably don't mean what you think I do.
~ I like to think about the fact that the same molecules my ancestors were made of helped build plant matter, and in turn helped build animals, which in turn helped build me.
~ I like getting things for people. Making people happy makes me happy for some reason I have not yet determined (or do not wish to determine). I have no attraction to deliberately being used, however.
~ I have no fear of death. This is highly disadvantageous, I've found.
~ Sometimes when I draw, I make little explosion and "whoosh" noises.
~ Someone deriving pleasure from or admiring something I have created is one of my greatest satisfactions.
What I’m doing with my life
What I want, for the most part. I like to read textbooks (currently on a series of academic papers by Shinichi Mochizuki), watch open courseware lectures on youtube, write, lift weights, watch movies, and shenanigize with friends.

I get research grants to go to school, in addition to my free tuition. I'm pursuing my master's, double majoring in intelligence operations and mathematics (game theory) with the intention of going into game design (tabletop rpgs, conflict simulation, strategy design) and writing fiction. I considered for some time going into private investigation, but I've decided against it for the moment. My goals in education have changed significantly, and in rather unexpected ways, but I think where I'm at now is where I want to stay.

My goals for life are myriad in nature and labyrinthine in purpose:

-study singing, dancing, and acting
-attend the École Polytechnique
-be kept in solitary confinement for at least a year
-be a member of as many countries' armed forces as possible
-live at a monastery, practicing to be a Buddhist monk
-fight in the foreign legion
-smuggle illegal goods (but not slaves) by boat
-go to a culinary academy, work as a chef

On second thought, I wouldn't call these goals, so much as opportunities that I would jump on without hesitation if they presented themselves.

As for work, I'm a professional student. It pays the bills and keeps me sharp. I also keep myself busy with other mental as well as physical challenges and goals. Most of my work involves "conflict" simulation and resolution. I also work full time for the local hospital as a receptionist. I'm told my phone manner is excellent.

I do some traveling, I like to get out here and there. I used to do snowboarding, hiking, and skydiving back at Hill AFB when I got to do them on the cheap.
I’m really good at
Being completely blasé about bizarre, terrifying, and/or outlandish occurrences.

Using a meat/cheese slicer, event planning, various crafts, marksmanship, multiple choice tests, wrestling, being objective, thinking too much (and not at all, when it's called for), and designing plots, characters, and settings. Making awesome pecan pie and bizarre analogies.

I'm not so much really good at any one thing as I am just marginally better than proficient in most things. I have conversational knowledge in a wide range of subjects, from the finer details of Star Wars (expanded universe, mostly) to the biochemistry side of neurology. The exception to this is my VERY limited knowledge of non-military history and geography.

Trained (Air Force) in medical administration; hospital management, patient tracking, medical records, and basic field medicine. I worked at the clinic on Hill AFB until March of '09.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. Also, the only facial hair I can seem to grow is a neckbeard and a moustache. Needless to say, I prefer to be clean shaven.

I've been told I look young for my age, and act old. I look younger the less facial hair I have and the more hair I have on the top of my head.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Young Che, Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun, Dune, Watchmen, Canterbury Tales, American Gods, Sandman series (Neil Gaiman), Ender's Game/ Shadow (and some of the rest of the series), The Art of Deception, HHGTTG (the whole "trilogy"), Good Omens, Shibumi, Xanth series (Piers Anthony), Harry Potter, The Art of War (Sun Tzu), authors: Tom Robbins, Alan Dean Foster, Trevanian, Neil Gaiman, HP Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett, and Piers Anthony. Sci-fi novels. Epics.

Movies: I watch a lot of movies, some likes are Primer, District 9, Pulp Fiction, 300, Lord of the Rings, In Bruges, Saw, Primal Fear, Pandorum, Casablanca, Predator, Star Trek (the new one), Alien Series, Reservoir Dogs, Memento, Apocalypse Now, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest, Matrix series (the first easily being my favorite), Princess Bride, Dogma, Clerks, Michael, Fight Club, Animatrix, Moon, Ferris Beuhler's Day Off, Citizen Kane, 5th Element, Breakfast Club, Full Metal Jacket, Constantine, The Green Mile, The Blues Brothers, Law Abiding Citizen, Che, Dawn of the Dead (the newer, unrated version), Shawshank Redemption, Serenity, The Legend of 1900, Snatch, Star Wars (all of them), Hackers, American Beauty, Kill Bill 1&2, Lady Snowblood, Shooter, Clockwork Orange, Volcano High, Ong-bak, The Protector, Leon The Professional. Old Movies. Documentaries. Sci-Fi films. Epics.

Music: Though I have what I would consider many likes in music, it's often just something to keep my ears occupied while I do other things.

Folk Metal has attracted my attention, in a good way. Also, I have recently found the combination of techno and celtic/bluegrass is pleasing as well. Massive Attack has recently been a focus of my ears, and it's pretty darn good. "Angel", "Black Milk", and "Teardrop" are favorites.

Jamie Lidell. Thievery Corporation. Parov Stelar. Trip-hop is a term I recently learned applies to some of my favorites. I listen to mostly techno and rock. Most notably: Dio, Ozzy, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Richard Cheese, Squirrel Nut Zippers, some Daft Punk, some of Estatic Fear, Foreigner, Bowling for Soup, Tenacious D, Twisted Sister, Reel Big Fish, AC/DC, Crash Test Dummies, Astral Projection, Queen, Bond, Rush, Gorillaz, some Everlast, Midnight Syndicate. Favorite songs: Ambient Galaxy (Astral Projection), The Garden of Allah (Don Henley), The Spirit of Radio (Rush), Tom Sawyer (Rush), One Tin Soldier (Coven), Piano Man (Billy Joel), Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow), the Soulchild Remix of "19-2000" (Gorillaz). Favorite band would be a hard choice between Zeppelin and Rush.

Food: I'm something of a "foodie" (though that word bothers me in a way I can't put my finger on), though unfortunately most of my friends aren't. As for favorites, most anything with lemon, cajun spices, catfish, and/or mushrooms. I love a low country boil. Kimchi is amazing. I really like sandwiches, particularly BLTs, reubens, and shooter's sandwiches. Anything else is good too. I'm pretty open with food, and it's hard for me not to like something if it's prepared well, and I've tried a lot (even pig brain sandwich).
The six things I could never do without
An infinite world, a cold pillow, Carmex, games, dreams (though I rarely remember them), and fruit juice.

That said, I tend to consider anything I have to be a luxury.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What I want to do with my life. Strategy, the nature of information, and flow. Beautiful romantic things, and gritty epic things. Work.
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading, watching a movie, hanging out with friends, playing a board game, maybe video games. Maybe all five at the same time, though that would be pretty taxing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think a bubble bath with scented oils and "No Scrubs" by TLC playing with some tiramisu to savor (and maybe a book) is an ideal evening.

If you've got questions, ask. Nothing is too personal.
I’m looking for
  • Everybody
  • Ages 18–100
  • Located anywhere
  • For new friends
You should message me if
Were you at PAX Prime 2012 or 2013? I was! If you were too, let's talk about it.

You have any questions, want to go somewhere, have an adventure, anything. Seeing as how this is a social networking site, if in doubt, message me. Get out a little. I'm pretty good about responding.